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Chapter 1079 - Undying Fire Cloak

“Ninth Grade Sovereign…”

Shocked gazes covered the plaza and they were all focused on Nine Nether with disbelief. Shouldn’t Nine Nether King’s strength only be at the Sixth or Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm? Why was her cultivation so powerful now?

The veteran Kings were all completely shocked, since they understood Nine Nether better than anyone else. Before she left, her strength was pretty decently ranked as the third or fourth. But right now, she had stepped into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, which not even the Asura King had achieved.

“Did she use some sort of secret technique to temporarily raise her cultivation?”

“Impossible! Forcefully rising one’s cultivation through a secret technique would cause the Spiritual Energy to be hard to control. But judging from the Spiritual Energy being emitted from the Nine Nether King, there aren’t any signs of disorder, so that Spiritual Energy must belong to herself!”

“How is it possible that she managed to raise her cultivation so high in less than a year?!”

An uproar exploded, the Kings also had shock written on their faces, but in the end, they could only shake their heads, since they had no idea what Nine Nether experienced in the past year to allow her to rise so quickly.

Oldman Ku was also looking at Nine Nether with disbelief on the stage. But no matter what, he was still an experienced old hand, so the shock swiftly retracted from his face. There wasn’t any more contempt on his face when he looked at Nine Nether. Instead, it was replaced with a dense solemn.

From the Spiritual Energy that emanated from Nine Nether, even he felt threatened.

Nine Nether was fundamentally a Divine Beast from the Nine Netherbird Clan. So even if both of them were at the Initial Phase of the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, he wasn’t confident in the fight.

He understood the confidence coming from Mu Chen at this moment. It turned out that Nine Nether had stepped into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, qualifying to vie for the Emperor title.

“This old man has truly misjudged you. Since that’s the case, then I will experience your skills today.” Oldman Ku deeply looked at Nine Nether and his muddled eyes shone as he slowly balled his fists.


Spiritual Energy also burst out from his skinny figure that was leaning towards grey. Even the ground had gradually wilted from the unique characteristics in his Spiritual Energy.

None of those famous characters that were at Ninth Grade Sovereign were simple.

Before they even fought, the massive pressure that was brought from the clash of their Spiritual Energy had already made everyone here feel their scalps going numb.

The lustre in the eyes of Oldman Ku became eye-piercing as he strode forth. Streaks of grey beams whistled down and swept towards Nine Nether in every direction, emitting a draining aura that even caused space to deteriorate in its path.

“If one is struck by Oldman Ku’s corrosive Spiritual Energy, it would immediately cause the physical body to dry up. It is so much so that even the Spiritual Energy in the body would be contaminated, causing deterioration.” Looking at those grey beams, fear projected on the faces of many, since even they would be heavily injured by those beams the moment he came in contact with them.

It would probably take an instant for there to be a sea of dead bodies if Oldman Ku had the intention of directing that attack towards them.

Under the fearful gazes, Nine Nether calmly faced the grandiose attack and pushed down with her slender hand.


Boundless Spiritual Energy whistled out like a myriad-foot high ocean, emitting a terrifyingly high temperature that even caused the atmosphere to be burning.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Two massive surges of Spiritual Energy clashed together, but there wasn’t any of the ear-deafening noise that everyone had expected. That’s because in the clash, the two forces were constantly trying to corrode each other, which left cracks in space in the process.

The grey beams descended like comets, but no matter how powerful they were, the beams couldn’t get within a thousand feet of Nine Nether.

Oldman Ku’s Spiritual Energy was extraordinary, but Nine Nether’s Spiritual Energy wasn’t ordinary either. Under the guidance of the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign, she managed to cultivate the genuine Undying Flames, which granted her a huge transformation in her own Spiritual Energy.

The Undying Flames possessed the power of life and death, to begin with, so it was even more domineering than Oldman Ku’s Spiritual Energy, from a certain angle. Thus, it was evidently impossible for the latter’s Spiritual Energy to contaminate Nine Nether’s Spiritual Energy.

No matter how Oldman Ku tried to attack, his attacks couldn’t get within a thousand feet of Nine Nether, which caused everyone’s faces to turn even more solemn.

“Oldman Ku, if this is all you have, then I’m afraid that you will not be able to obtain the Emperor title today.” Nine Nether slightly smiled. Oldman Ku’s attacks might seem boundless, but he was more or less trying to test out her strength.

Oldman Ku’s gaze turned stern, before he softly nodded his head. His mummified hands suddenly joined together and a boundless Spiritual Energy swept out like a tornado, projecting an image of Spiritual Energy behind him.

The Spiritual Energy projection was extremely peculiar. Despite the humanoid form, it was covered with dried tree branches, akin to an ancient towering tree. The tree was emitting a corrosive aura that swiftly weakened the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth.

“That is the Sovereign Celestial Body of Oldman Ku, the Wilting Celestial Body!” Looking at that Sovereign Celestial Body, everyone’s eyelids twitched.

The Sovereign Celestial Body that Oldman Ku had cultivated was extremely miraculous, ranked 61st of the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies. The requirement to cultivate this Sovereign Celestial Body required the absorption of numerous corrosive powers between the heavens and earth. Even Oldman Ku had been cultivating for years in the Wilting Desolate Land before he managed to form the Wilting Celestial Body.

It was a domineering Sovereign Celestial Body, filled with corrosive characteristics and the moment it invaded the body, it would cause damage to the body.

This was usually Oldman Ku’s trump card, so no one expected that Oldman Ku would bring it out the moment he fought with Nine Nether. Evidently, through the probing that he had previously done, he knew that it was futile to use any ordinary means on Nine Nether.

Oldman Ku’s body slowly rose, before he stood on the ancient tree and looked down at Nine Nether. His hoarse voice resounded, “If Nine Nether King can defeat my corrosive powers, then this old man will admit defeat.”

Nine Nether raised her face and looked at the ancient tree. She wasn’t startled by the corrosive prowess of the tree. Her face was filled with a smile. “If Senior Ku can break my fire cloak, then I will admit defeat.”

Boundless Spiritual Energy started to condense above Nine Nether, which formed into a blackbird that covered the sky with its unfolded wings.

The bird also let out a sharp cry as it opened its mouth, spewing flames that seemed to be transparent.

“Undying Fire Cloak!”

Nine Nether’s voice gently rung out from her heart as flames gushed out, forming into a cloak that enveloped the Wilting Celestial Body. Space was distorting from the high temperature.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

When the transparent flaming cloak enveloped him, Oldman Ku’s face trembled, “Aren’t you a little too confident? How can this cloak of flames obstruct this old man?”

Sneering in his heart, his gaze grew stern and his seals changed. The ancient tree beneath his feet started to sway with tens of thousands of grey beams sweeping out.

“Wilting Willow Hand!”

The grey beams condensed into a massive and dried-up hand, emitting a corrosive prowess that had actually seemed to cause the sky to turn dark.

Everyone felt their scalps numbing when they recognised that this was Oldman Ku’s famous move that could even kill an Eighth Grade Sovereign on the spot.

Facing Nine Nether, Oldman Ku was somewhat fearful despite him sounding unyielding, since he feared that he might miserably fail today.


The hand that brushed across the horizon seemed to be weightless. But the power contained in it could make everyone here feel fearful.

The cloak rippled the moment the huge hand struck the flames. Flames circulated on the cloak with transparent flames spewing out, clashing with the dried-up hand.

Boom! Boom!

The horrifying temperature wreaked havoc, which caused a drastic change in Oldman Ku’s expression. It’s as if his attack had met his nemesis, the grey hand burnt up like a dried-up tree when it was swept by the flames.

“What overbearing flames!” Watching this scene, countless experts on the plaza had their faces twitching as they exclaimed.

The eyes of the Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor had also contracted at this moment, even they felt greatly threatened by the transparent flames.

“These… these are the genuine Undying Flames?!”

Oldman Ku shrieked out with aghast in his eyes. The Wilting Celestial Body that he had cultivated was done through the corrosive energy, so such Yin energy feared such Yang energy the most. The Undying Flames were practically the nemesis of his nemesis. No matter how his corrosive energy tried, it was impossible to extract the vitality of the Undying Flames, which, as the name implied, was undying.

Nine Nether smiled as she looked at the drastic change of expression on Oldman Ku’s face. The Undying Fire Cloak was taught to her by the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign. If it was spread out, it couldn’t heavily injure Oldman Ku, but trapping him was more than enough.

“Senior Ku, you can try again if you wish,” said Nine Nether.

Oldman Ku’s face alternated between green and white, before he bitterly smiled and shook his head. “Nine Nether King is truly blessed with talent. This old man admits defeat for this match.”

An uproar exploded. No one expected Oldman Ku to lose in this manner. Probably only the latter knew that the fire cloak was his nemesis. Although he could forcefully break it if he wanted to, it would take too much time. Furthermore, Nine Nether could also build up her strength while he was breaking it. So even if he managed to break free, it was another thing for him to win.

Since that’s the case, he would rather just admit defeat and not make any futile efforts.

“Thanks for letting me win.” Nine Nether gently smiled, before waving her hand and retracted the transparent flames, absorbing them through her mouth and the temperature between the heavens and earth swiftly returned to normal.

Oldman Ku’s silhouette exited the stage and landed beside the Dragon Arm Sovereign. Casting a glance at the latter, he spoke in a soft tone, “The Nine Nether King is not simple. I believe that King Mu won’t be easy to deal with as well.”

“He’s just trying to decisive others.” The Dragon Arm Sovereign’s gaze flickered as he coldly looked at Mu Chen before facing Oldman Ku. “Nine Nether is a Divine Beast, to begin with, possessing the Undying Flames. So she isn’t an easy opponent to deal with. But I don’t believe that as a human, Mu Chen could also possess strength equivalent to a Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm in just one year!”

He coldly snorted, then stomped his feet and appeared on a massive stage as he looked at Mu Chen with a ferocious gaze and said in an indifferent voice, “King Mu, if you want to seize the Emperor title from me, then let me see if you’re capable of doing that!”

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