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Chapter 101 – Heavenly Fusion Stage

The entire temple was enshrouded by an amazing Spiritual Energy pressure. Underneath this pressure, everybody’s face changed, and they stared in horror at the grey-robed old man.

This was a Spiritual Energy pressure that surpassed a Spirit Stage powerhouse. It could only have been coming from someone who stepped into the first stage of the Three Heavens Stage, the Heavenly Fusion Stage!

The so-called Three Heavens Stage was not a single stage. Rather it referred to three separate levels. The first level was known as the Heavenly Fusion Stage, the second level was known as the Heavenly Transform Stage, and the third level was the Heavenly Completion Stage.

Right now, the Spiritual Energy Pressure emitted from the grey-robed old man was something that only a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse would possess.

Heavenly Fusion Stage!

Everybody within the temple felt their mouth stiffen. How many years had it been since a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse appeared in the Northern Spiritual Realm? A powerhouse of this level would be considered as a genuine powerhouse even within the Hundred Spirit Heavens, not to mention within the Northern Spiritual Realm!

There were no less than 10 Spirit Stage powerhouses present at the scene. However, even with this number, they were completely powerless in front of a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse.

This is because the gap between them was just too big.

Just as its name suggested, the Heavenly Fusion Stage was able to integrate with the world and manipulate a portion of the Spiritual Aura within the world. The power from simply their gestures could destroy a mountain. It was not something that an ordinary Spirit Stage powerhouse could compare with.

“He’s Liu Jingshan, the previous Territory Lord of the Liu Territory, and once the strongest person within the Northern Spiritual Realm. So he was actually still alive!”

Within the temple, numerous gazes met with a bit of dismay. They could feel a bit of unease. The Northern Spiritual Realm could only maintain the current setup because a few forces had a relatively similar strength. Nobody was able to make another submit to them completely. Therefore, the Northern Spiritual Realm, because of this, had remained peaceful for so many years. However, Liu Jingshan, who had suddenly appeared, instantly broke the balance between the forces.

A Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse would instantly increase the Liu Territory’s strength  to an exponentially terrifying extent.

Mu Feng’s gaze fixated itself onto Liu Jingshan as he clenched his fists. Beside him, Mu Chen’s face turned serious. It seemed that the news they obtained was true.

At this moment, Mu Chen turned around to look at the other Territory Lords. He discovered that their expressions were exceptionally ugly. Hint of fear emerged in their eyes, when they stared at Liu Jingshan. This reaction made Mu Chen sigh. If the 8 territories were to join forces, they wouldn’t be particularly afraid of Liu Jingshan. But unfortunately, none of them had the courage to fight against a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse.

Inside the temple, a few individuals could not breathe due to the atmosphere. As he slowly walked in, Liu Jingshan glanced at everybody. Seeing this, Liu Qingtian hurriedly handed over his seat. However, Liu Jingshan waved his hand. His eyes stared at the crowd as he said faintly: “It’s been a while since we’ve met with each other. I wonder if you still remember this old man?”

“Ohoho, Senior Liu was the strongest person within the Northern Spiritual Realm back in the days. Although you’d disappeared for 3 years, your prestige still remained. How could we forget you?” Tang Shan let out a dry cough and spoke with an unnatural, forced smile.

Liu Jingshan smiled faintly and muttered, “Since everybody remembers me, you should know my personality as well. I have endured this ‘scattered setup’ within the Northern Spiritual Realm for many years. Now it’s time to resolve it.”

Hearing this, everybody’s face changed.

“Senior Liu. We do not have much ambition within the Northern Spiritual Realm and do not wish to fight against the other large realms within the Hundred Spirit Heavens. Ohoho, isn’t it quite nice right now,” A Territory Lord asked.

Liu Jingshan glanced at him and answered, “Although you do not have much ambition, I do… From today onwards, the Liu Territory will form the Northern Spiritual Alliance, and I will bear the responsibilities of being the chieftain. As for the rest of you, it is voluntary whether you decide to join or not. However,  although I said that, there are only allies and enemies within my eyes. If you’re not willing to be my allies, then I can only treat you as my enemies.”

Numerous faces inside the temple froze. Implied in Liu Jingshan’s words was an obvious threat.

Liu Qingtian and the others smiled as they stared at everybody’s changing complexion. With a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse, the Liu Territory had surpassed all the other forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

Liu Qingtian glanced at Mu Feng, who had a calm expression, and smiled wickedly. Mu Feng, Mu Feng, there is no chance of you turning the tables this time.

“Ohoho, what Senior Liu said is correct. We cannot just occupy a corner of the land throughout our lives. My White Horse Clan is willing to join the Northern Spiritual Alliance and serve Senior as our chieftain.” The clan leader of the White Horse Clan, who spoke earlier, was the first to reply. He had a flattering expression, which made many curl their lips in disgust at him.

Although they were disgusted by his act, the situation had gone beyond many people’s expectations. Under Liu Jingshan’s indifferent gaze, the leaders of many forces did not dare to argue back. At this moment, Lie Yan was still lying down on the ground. He was a Spirit Stage powerhouse, yet he didn’t possess the strength to fight back against Liu Jingshan.

The true difference between a Spirit Stage and a Heavenly Fusion Stage had been revealed.

Thus, a few forces immediately followed the White Horse Clan and accepted the union. However, the remaining 8 territories’ Territory Lord did not present their views yet. It was evident that they were struggling unwillingly within their hearts.

Liu Jingshan watched this scene calmly. Then, his eyes turned towards the 8 Territory Lords as he said slowly: “What about you?”

The 8 Territory Lord exchanged gazes with each other. Every single one of them had an exceptionally ugly expression plastered on their face.

“Senior Liu…” Tang Shan sighed and cupped his hand, “The Tang Territory is the something that I’ve devoted my life to. Therefore, I’m afraid that I cannot accept your invitation to join this union.”

“So it seems that Territory Lord Tang Shan isn’t interested in becoming an ally of mine. if that’s the case…” Liu Jingshan smiled faintly. However, the smile gradually turned cold. The Spiritual Energy Pressure that filled the temple instantly gathered at Tang Shan’s location.

Tang Shan’s body suddenly became tense. In the next moment, dense Spiritual Energy erupted out from his body. The Spiritual Energy lights formed a golden tiger behind him, as a powerful Spiritual Energy emitted out.


The golden tiger unleashed a roar. Ferocity flashed through Tang Shan’s eyes, as he charged forward. The Spiritual Energy surged out and formed a golden claw. Then, it smashed viciously towards Liu Jingshan at lightning speed.

Tang Shan knew how powerful Liu Jingshan was. Therefore, he had to put all of his strength into his attacks. When facing a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse, he must have the mindset of going all out from the very beginning.

But against Tang Shan’s violent offense, Liu Jingshan remained motionless. A touch of ridicule flashed through his murky eyes. He extended his bony hand out and smacked casually.


The instant Liu Jingshan smacked downwards with his palm, the Spiritual Aura within the world seemed to be affected by it. It gathered at his palm at an extraordinary speed and instantly turned into a giant clump of Spiritual Energy. Afterwards, it smacked down and collided against Tang Shan’s fierce offensive.


Shockwaves of Violent Spiritual Energy spread throughout the temple. Cracks suddenly spread through the ground, and even a few pillars were smashed to pieces.


Flying through the sky, Tang Shan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The golden tiger behind his back dimmed as he flew backwards.

In just one attack, Tang Shan, who was close to being a Spirit Stage Late Phase, had been completely defeated.

“Dad!” Seeing Tang Shan gravely injured, Tang Qian’Er’s face turned pale and she urgently called out.

Liu Jingshan remained motionless with an indifferent expression. Separated by air, he let out a punch. Rampaging Spiritual Energy surged out and smashed fiercely towards Tang Shan. Judging from his appearance, it seemed that Liu Jingshan was going to land the killing blow in order to set an example.

Seeing this, Mu Feng’s eyes turned cold. He tilted his head and quickly said to Zhou Ye: “Zhou Ye, if the situation goes terribly, take Mu Chen and leave. Go hide inside the Northern Spiritual Academy!”

Zhou Ye’s face twitched. He knew that even Mu Feng did not have the slightest confidence of dealing with this crisis. To them, a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse was much too powerful. It was enough to break the balance within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

Mu Chen remained silent. However, he was clenching his fists tightly. At the same time, a hint of madness flashed through his slightly drooped eyes.

He did not enjoy watching his loved ones being killed while he escaped to a place far away, in order to get revenge a few years later. It wasn’t part of his character to just sit and watch. He would rather fight with all he’s got and seek a chance for survival amidst the near-death situation.


After Mu Feng quickly informed Zhou Ye, his body rushed out and appeared in front of Tang Shan. Spiritual Energy rushed out unreservedly from his body as he fired off a punch.


A fiery red Spiritual Energy swept out like flames. It collided heavily against the Spiritual Energy attack that was blasted out.

Again, Violent Spiritual Energy shockwaves erupted out. Mu Feng’s body shook and he quickly retreated a dozen steps. His fist was also shaking. Then, he stared solemnly at Liu Jingshan and said in a deep voice, “Senior Liu, is it necessary to act this savagely?”

“Mu Feng, huh? When you built a reputation for yourself, you were still a young boy. I never expected that you would be able to obtain the accomplishments you have today. You’re quite amazing.”

Liu Jingshan looked calmly at Mu Feng. A flash of coldness appeared within his sunken eyes as he said: “However, no matter who it is, I will personally kill them if they dare to interfere with the Liu Territory dominating the Northern Spiritual Realm today!”

“Then, I’ll want to seek guidance from Senior Liu!”

Mu Feng’s eyes turned cold. He knew that the Mu Territory and Liu Territory were enemies. Liu Jingshan would never let them go this easily. If that’s the case anyway, why not fight to the bitter end?

“Brother Mu, I’ll fight with you,” Tang Shan exclaimed. Mu Feng by himself definitely was not Liu Jingshan’s opponent. If they did not join forces during this moment, they wouldn’t have the chance to do so in the future.

“Everyone. I do not want to hand over the efforts that I have devoted half my life to, to the Liu Territory. If you’re still worrying about the consequences, the next one to be targeted will be you!” Tang Shan glanced at the other Territory Lords as he shouted out these words.

Hearing Tang Shan’s cry, the other 6 Territory Lords’ expressions changed. If they attacked, it would mean that they chose that camp. However, if they let Mu Feng and Tang Shan be defeated, they wouldn’t have another choice and could only grovel beneath the Liu Territory.

“Senior Liu. You’ve really gone overboard this time. My Hong Territory is doing fine right now. We do not want to join the Northern Spiritual Alliance!” Hong Territory’s Territory Lord, Hong Ling1, gritted her teeth and screamed out loud.

“My Luo Territory does not wish to join either!” Luo Territory’s Territory Lord also agreed.

“My Yan Territory as well!” Lie Yan, who was injured by Liu Jingshan earlier, shouted out in anger.

In a few seconds, including Mu Feng and Tang Shan, a total of 5 Territory Lords stepped forward against Liu Jingshan. The remaining 3 Territory Lords were still wavering. A Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse simply gave off far too much pressure for them.

Inside the temple, many leaders watched the scene progress. Their faces turned pale. How many years had it been since they’d seen such a formation?

“Five Territory Lords, huh, is there anyone else?” Liu Jingshan’s eyes glanced at Mu Feng and the others. He actually grinned and let out a cold smile.

“A group of ignorant fools…”

Liu Jingshan suddenly straightened up his hunched-over body. His grey robe fluttered without any winds as an amazing Spiritual Energy stormed out within the temple. In an instant, more cracks began to appear throughout the temple.


Liu Jingshan’s murky eyes turned ferocious. He took a step forward fiercely, as if he was an avalanche raining down from above. The large temple could not withstand the massive Spiritual Energy and began to collapse.

Accompanied with an amazing Spiritual Energy, Liu Jingshan’s voice, which was dripping with killing intent, resounded out through the sky.

“Since these are your decisions, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

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