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Chapter 89: 89
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 89 – Whatever it takes to Become Strong(1)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

The tea had cooled down, and no more steam rose from it. However, Frey did not notice that fact.

It was possible to use both divine power and mana!

Riki had spoken with confidence, but Frey wouldn’t just believe his words so easily.

Still, the reason he did not reject the notion outright was because of a person’s voice that floated in his head at that moment.

[You’ve changed a lot. It seems you awakened. Right. You have the blood of the Blake family after all.]

[If I’ll be honest, I hoped you’d never learn to use magic.]

[It would be better to not put too much trust in the Circle.]

‘Heinz Blake.’

The second son of the Blake family and Frey’s second brother.

He seemed to know something about the Blake family, which was why he gave Frey that advice.

Frey didn’t ignore his advice, but at the same time, it couldn’t be said that he had taken it to heart.

‘I didn’t think too deeply.’


He hadn’t thought too deeply about it.

Frey raised his head and looked at Riki once more.

Riki spoke slowly, as if giving him the time to gather his thoughts.

“I looked into you. Frey Blake, the third son of the Blake family. Was considered to be desperately lacking in magical talent, so he was treated like an unwanted child from a young age before eventually being sent to the academy like he’d been expelled from the family.”

“So Isaka Blake would not have said anything to you either. He looked for you after learning that you had awakened your talent for magic, but he was unable to find you as you had hidden your whereabouts.”

“That’s right.”

The information Riki had revealed wasn’t much. 

Information about Frey’s childhood was an open fact with Pillat, and one would be able to learn it simply by asking anyone on the street.

What Frey was more curious about was the Blake family.

“What on earth is the Blake family?”

“In simple terms, it is a huge laboratory.”


That answer surpassed even his wildest imagination.

A huge laboratory?

The Blake family, which was one of the most prestigious families in the Kastkau Empire?

“Research on a way to harmonize divine power and mana has been going on for a very long time. Then, under the direction of Leyrin, one of the Apocalypses, they began research in earnest.”


It was the first time he had heard the name, but it was worth remembering since it belonged to one of the Apocalypses.

“It is said that there were thousands and tens of thousands of trials and errors. But even then, Leyrin didn’t give up. Hundreds of years can’t be considered a long time for Demigods, but given our tendency to get bored easily, her persistence is commendable. She devoted that much time to do countless experiments and research. Then.”

Riki met Frey’s gaze.

“The Blake family was born.”


Frey spoke after a heavy sigh.

“The Blake family is one of the top five within the Kastkau Empire. If even such a place is just a Demigod laboratory…”

“The Demigods’ influence in the Kastkau Empire is particularly strong compared to other countries.”

The most powerful empire in the history of humanity was actually controlled by Demigods.

He had vaguely expected it, but he was still shocked to actually hear it.

“Do you also know everything about the Circle?”

“No. Their hideouts are too numerous and scattered. Even if a few are destroyed, it doesn’t actually affect the entire organisation. Besides, those Circle Masters and Rounders have learned not to stay in any single location for too long, so it’s difficult to carry out targeted attacks.”

“But isn’t it possible to do something if you’re really determined?”

Riki’s expression changed for the first time.

“You are a member of the Circle, but you don’t seem to know much about it. The Circle is by no means an organisation that can be looked down upon. In fact, although they were only low ranking ones, the Circle has succeeded in killing a few Demigods. They’ve been a thorn in the Demigods’ side for numerous years.”


Frey had trouble agreeing with the remark that it was not an organisation that one could look down on.

The Trowman Rings and the few small circles close to it, as well as Beniang and Honors Dugengar and Lukes, had caused him to subconsciously underestimate the Circle because that was all he’d seen.

‘I can’t do that. I haven’t met any key figures yet.’

He decided not to form any opinions before seeing more in person.

Anyway, after hearing that they’d succeeded in hunting Demigods before, the confidence that Frey had in the Circle rose a bit.

“That’s all I know about the Blake family. I know nothing about the details or the processes. But I’m certain that the members of the Blake family, including you, can use both divine power and magic.”

Isaka, Mischael and Heinz. 

Frey’s expression became a bit strange.

Perhaps it was highly likely that Isaka and Mischael were subordinates of the Demigods, but Heinz’s involvement was questionable.

Heinz definitely knew the Blake family’s secret.

Perhaps, he might even know things that Riki didn’t.

Nevertheless, he was a part of the Circle.

‘Is he a traitor?’

Or a spy?

He couldn’t know.

Heinz could be classified to be on both sides, but where was he really?

“The Circle is now suspicious of the Blake family.”

Shepard had said that they knew Isaka Blake was communicating with Demigods. 

That was several months ago, so their doubts should have deepened by now. They might have even found conclusive evidence.

He was not suspicious of Heinz at the moment.

Shepard had seemed to trust him greatly, and Dugenjar was afraid of him, but he showed no hostility.

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But what if they found out that the Blake family was actually the Demigod’s laboratory? Would they have the same feelings towards him?

But now wasn’t the time to worry about him.

‘I would also be suspicious.’

Considering the fact that he’d been abandoned as a child, the suspicion towards him might not be as much as Heinz, but it would be present nonetheless.

‘It makes sense why Heinz told me not to fully trust the Circle.’

He’d given the advice because of their family history. 

“Let’s return to the reason why you’re here. Frey, will you accompany me to the Demigod’s meeting?”

“It’s not something I can decide immediately. I need time to think.”

“I understand.”

Riki expected something like that.

“But you can’t wait too long. You will need at least a month to get used to using divine power, so tell me before then.”

“It won’t take that long.”

Frey looked at him for a moment before saying,

“I will decide after I’ve reached 8 stars.”

“Go ahead.”

“But I can’t absorb this crystal in its current state… can’t it be refined into an elixir?”

There were very few people on the continent who knew how to refine the crystals. 

The only person that Frey knew was Adelia, who had unparalleled talent for alchemy.

In fact, it was not hard for him to meet her. He could even head to the Trowman Rings’ hideout right now since he had memorised the coordinates.

Of course, because of the barriers, he wouldn’t be able to enter the village directly, but if he were to call her from outside the forest, she would definitely agree to meet him.

However, the Trowman Rings were working very hard at the moment to get back on the right track, so Frey didn’t want to go back and distract them.

“Hmm. Now that you mention it, it’s probably useless to humans in this form.”

Riki picked up the crystal and rose to his feet.

“Come back at this time tomorrow. I’ll have refined it by then.”

It would only take him a day to refine the crystal.

Frey was once again forced to acknowledge the Demigods’ power.

Riki took the crystal with him as he disappeared into the void.

Frey and Snow exchanged glances for a moment before they both stood and left the hut together. (TL: I honestly forgot she was there…)(YH: Same :o)

As they stood in the warm sunlight, Snow began to speak.

“Honestly, I didn’t understand anything you two were saying.”

She had a complicated expression on her face.

“The things about the harmony of divine power and mana or a huge laboratory… but from your expressions, they should be very serious, right?”


They were very serious.

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No one could deny that the divine power the Demigods used was an extremely powerful force.

If he could truly use divine power and mana at the same time, then Frey’s strength would at least double.

“I’m thinking about spending a day here. Is that okay?”

“A day or so is fine.”


Frey then began drawing a magic circle on the ground.

Snow, who was curious, couldn’t help but ask.

“What kind of magic circle are you making now?”

“A summoning circle.”

“Huh? What are you going to summon?”


“…Asura from the Demon World? You are going to summon a Great Demon here?”


He needed to sign the contract.

Frey ignored Snow’s shocked expression as he continued his work. 

Then he looked around.

‘As expected.’

There was a light barrier around them, and it was probably Riki who made it.

It was so well hidden that even Frey had been unable to immediately notice it. 

‘This barrier should be able to conceal the aura that will be released when Asura is summoned.’

Now was the best opportunity for him to summon Asura since he couldn’t do it in Lilund.

* * *

‘It’s harder than I expected.’

She smiled awkwardly. 

Around her, many monsters kneeled with their heads bowed.

These were the ones who’d chosen to surrender.

Despite the fact that there was a large number of monsters, just as many of them had chosen to defy her.

“I’ll just have to kill them.”

Her pupils instantly lengthened like those of a predator.

However, when she blinked her eyes, they returned to normal.

It was then.


She felt someone’s presence.

She immediately flew into the night sky, her red hair fluttering behind her and leaving a fiery trail in her wake.

‘There’s someone on Drake Mountain.’

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She had an ominous feeling.

The intruder was at the top of the mountain, where the entrance of the dungeon was located. 

It was strange.

She had successfully taken control of several mountains in the area, including Drake Mountain. In short, they had become her ‘territory’.

Therefore, when someone invaded her territory, she would be able to notice it at once.

However, this person was different. It was almost as if they appeared out of thin air. 


She landed on the small island in the center of the volcanic lake and found someone standing there.

It was a woman with fascinating purple hair.

It was strange.

She was sure that this was the first time seeing this human woman, so why did she feel like she’d seen her before…


She instantly felt a strong pain in her head, causing her to bite her lip.

‘It’s not me.’


It was Torkunta’s memory. His memory was warning her.

‘This woman… came out of the dungeon as well.’

When was it? Decades ago? Centuries ago? She couldn’t tell. 

However, she was sure that this woman was extremely strong.

She was someone who had suddenly disappeared like a ghost after casually brushing off Torkunta’s breath attack.

She suppressed the headache and spoke, her voice slightly hoarse from the pain.

“Who the hell are you?”


However, the woman didn’t respond to her.

She just continued looking at the island with a blank expression. She seemed to be looking at the largest tree on the island.

The tree where the entrance to the dungeon was located.

“…I can’t believe the last room was opened.”


“It must have been something only he could solve.”

“What are you talking about?”


The woman had a complex expression on her face, and the wind began to blow heavily for a moment.


However, in the next instant, the woman had vanished.

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