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Chapter 90: 90
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 90 – Whatever it takes to Become Strong(2)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

There was a reaction immediately after Frey’s blood dripped onto the ground.


A whirlwind of demonic energy blew fiercely in the clearing. 

Snow took a few steps back and frowned.

‘Such dreadful energy.’

Elves, especially High Elves who were particularly sensitive to energy, would have trouble withstanding such energy.

As an Ice Elf, Snow was able to handle it a little, but it still made her very uncomfortable.


Asura appeared from the summoning circle 

He was smaller than when Oydin had summoned him, being only two times larger than a human at best.

However, the aura he exuded was just as powerful.

Frey looked up at him.

“Asura, I summoned you to sign the contract.”

[Right. You summoned me faster than I expected.]

Asura nodded before he suddenly frowned.

[…such concentrated divine power. Is there a Demigod nearby?]

Frey was amazed.

Riki was currently in his cabin, and because the space inside the hut was distorted by Riki’s ability, it could be said that it was in a separate section of space from the forest. 

Frey, who was extremely sensitive to divine power, could not even feel a hint of it till Riki opened the door and stepped out. 

However, Asura had instantly realised that there was a Demigod around.

‘Is it because he’s an Archduke?’

An Archduke of the Demon World and the Ruler of the Slaughter Hell. 

It seems he was truly not inferior to Demigods when it came to ability.

“That’s right. There’s a Demigod nearby.”

[Hmm. You want to sign a contract with me now in case you have to fight him?]

“No. For now, there won’t be any fights with Demigods.”

[I see.]

He didn’t find it necessary to tell him about the alliance with Riki, and Asura did not question him further.

His attitude showed that he didn’t care whether they had to fight or not.

Only an avatar was brought to Middle Earth anyway.

Although it came with extremely limited power, death or injury had no significant effect on his real body as a result.

If Frey asked him to fight against Riki, then he would do so to the best of his ability.

Even though the Demons, as a race, had no hostility toward the Demigods.

[The contract has already been completed.]


[Right. Your blood was transferred to my main body in the Demon World by the summoning circle.]


He’d signed a contract with a Demon Archduke, yet he felt like nothing had changed.

As Frey inspected himself, Asura added.

[You won’t find any significant changes because the contract I signed with you was not normal.]

“…is it because I lack talent?”

[In the first place, a person with your talent could never become my Contractor.]

He understood.

The ‘talent’ that the Demon was talking about was a completely different field from the magic he was good at.

And Demons were able to see a Contractor’s talent with just a glance.

He didn’t know the standard, but Frey believed that his talent was ‘underqualified’ in the eyes of the Archduke Asura.

[Anyway, keep in mind that the contract can never be terminated unless you do it yourself.]

[I look forward to the next time you summon me. Of course, you’ll need to use mana.]

He smiled in a strangely bright way.

[Your talent is definitely lacking. but your mana is really amazing. The density and purity of your mana has probably not been seen in over a thousand years… if Lilith learned about you, she’d probably get jealous.]

“Lilith…you mean the Succubus Queen?”

[Right. Hmph… vulgar Demon slut.]

Asura’s voice was filled with contempt.

Frey knew that Lilith was also an Archduke of the Demon World like Asura, but Frey didn’t focus on her.

“If mana is required for your contract, how did Oydin summon you?”

Then Asura spoke in his deep voice.

[Divine power and mana are both just lumps of energy to me. When they’re sent to the Demon World, everything is converted to demonic energy.]


[If you have nothing else to say, I’m leaving.]

Asura’s body was sucked into the summoning circle, and it disappeared together with the demonic energy.

Frey then approached Snow, who was standing a distance away.

“…it’s not even enough to call you amazing anymore. I can’t believe you signed a contract with a Demon Archduke after only a couple words.”

It was not strange that she felt that way.

For Frey, the contract with Asura was due to an agreement they made 4,000 years ago, but in the eyes of Snow, a third party, he was a monster who signed a contract with a Great Demon without even having a proper conversation.

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Frey didn’t correct her misconception. 

He started preparing to spend the night near the hut.

He found a relatively flat piece of land, made a bonfire and took out a sleeping bag.

Snow noticed this and came over to the bonfire.

Frey handed her some jerky from his bag. Snow said thanks before biting into it.

Just like Syax, she didn’t really behave like an Elf.

They looked up at the starlit sky. 

Frey fell asleep while looking at the sky.

* * *

“It’s done.”

Frey received the glass bottle from Riki with a strange expression on his face.

“Some of the effect was lost in the process of refining the elixir, but there isn’t that much of a difference.”

“You refined it yourself?”

“That’s right.”


“If you’re done here, then leave. I have work to do.”

Frey left the hut at Riki’s prompting.

Snow stretched and said.

“Then shall we go back home?”

Frey once again used Warp to take them to the entrance of the Great Forest.

Then he followed Snow into Lilund and went directly to the basement below Hruhiral. 

It had only taken them half a day to return, and the sight he saw was the same as when they left.

Ivan was still sweating profusely and moaning in pain as his mana spread messily around him.

Magic Warriors usually had no knowledge of how to make fine adjustments with their mana, and it seemed Ivan was no different.

Frey walked over to him and placed his palms on his back.



Ivan stiffened up for a moment before he relaxed as he realised it was Frey.

Frey infused his mana into him and helped calm the wild mana, causing Ivan’s expression to become more relaxed.

Frey then removed his palms and turned to Snow.

“I’m going to take the elixir that Riki made for me now. It’ll take between three days and a week for me to absorb it. This place is very isolated, so I want to absorb the mana here.”

“Do whatever you like. I’ll get some food and water for when you and Ivan wake up.”

Things to eat.

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Frey turned to look at Ivan and found an arrangement of salads at his side. 

Snow let out a laugh.

“It’s the perfect payback for that savage.”

“If Ivan sees that, he might collapse in despair.”

“Ahaha. That sounds wonderful.”

Snow playfully waved her hands before taking her leave.

Frey then picked a spot near Ivan and sat down before taking out the elixir he got from Riki.

‘Let’s leave Hruhiral’s fruit alone for now.’

The elixir alone was enough to let him reach 8 stars, so he decided not to waste the fruit.

Frey’s expression became a bit strange.

Just by looking at the elixir, he could tell just how much mana it contained.

‘If I just measure the quantity of my mana, I will soon surpass my past life.’

Frozen River, Torkunta’s heart and now Indra’s crystal.

It was natural that this would happen as he’d consumed those three items that were worth more than their weight in gold.

But real his problems would start now as he could no longer increase his strength with the help of elixirs.

It would take a completely different process for him to reach 9 stars instead of simply increasing his mana control and capacity.

Frey shook his head.

“That’s something to think about later.”

He took the elixir.

* * *

“You called for me, Your Majesty.”

Syax bowed her head. It was a very humble and polite greeting.

Snow smiled gently, inwardly feeling sad at her attitude.

“I called you because I’d like to ask something.”

“Ask me something?”

The Queen of the Great Forest shared her consciousness with Hruhiral, and the knowledge of every successive Queen was stored in Hruhiral to be shared with the next generation of Queens.

In others, as the Queen, Snow had immediately become one of the most knowledgeable Elves in the forest.

“Right. It’s about Magical Science. You are the best Wizard in all of Lilund.”

“I see.”

Syax nodded. Certainly, if it was about magic, it wasn’t a surprise that the Queen didn’t know about it.

“Do you know that Frey is a 7 star Wizard?”

“I do.”

“To put in simple terms, how strong is he really?”

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Syax went silent for a moment before slowly opening her mouth. 

“…I have wandered the continent for decades.”

She’d recently been staying in Pillat, but in fact, she had traveled all over the continent.

The memories of her travels had remained imprinted in her mind.

“It was an opportunity to broaden my horizons. I’ve been to almost every region, and I’ve met a lot of people. Among them were 7 star Wizards who were praised as great Archmages.”

Syax remembered the scene of Frey fighting against the Bone Dragon.

At that time, Syax was probably the only person who accurately understood the power Frey displayed.

“They are 7 star Wizards like Frey. But their skills aren’t on the same level. Frey is far better than any Archmage I’ve ever encountered.”

“…better? In some aspects?”

“In every way.”

Syax was certain.

“His mana capacity, casting speed, the strength of his spells, his mental ability and his situational awareness are all perfect. To be honest, his true strength is not something I dare to guess. Frey is the strongest Wizard I’ve ever met.”


Snow felt that she had to agree with Syax’s words.

The power he’d shown in their fight against the Dragon was extraordinary. 

He used triple casting as easy as breathing, and his situational awareness made one wonder if he had a third eye in the sky.

‘He’s an expert.’

Snow only had a superficial knowledge about Magical Science. However, she could see that he was very skilled at fighting.

‘I can’t see the limits of his power.’

After thinking for a while, Snow finally spoke.

“What exactly is the difference between 7 stars and 8 stars?”

“Spatial control.”



There was a moment of silence as Syax tried to organize her thoughts before speaking.

“8 star Wizards are able to project their mana rooms in the space around their body.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

It was a bit of an esoteric theory to explain to someone who wasn’t a wizard, but Syax tried to explain to Snow who had a confused expression on her face.

“Every Wizard has a mana room, and they are able to control the mana stored there at will.”

“…then if they were to project it out…”

“Exactly. Although the scope would be limited, they would be able to take control of the space that embodies their mana room. In other words…”

Syax’s eyes shined.

“At least within that space, no one else would be able to use mana.”

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