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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:28:18 PM

Chapter 60: 60
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 60 – Trowman Rings (5)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

(TL: Before we start, the Basilisk Tails’ Circle Master is ‘Pelik’ not ‘Felix’, sorry about my previous misinterpretation)

Antoine’s face trembled as he shouted .

“Th-, this…! What kind of trick did you use?”


Frey laughed at the ridiculous statement .

“You aren’t serious . ”

“I-, if that’s not the case, then there’s no way that one of the best Wizards in our circle would just collapse without being able to do anything . ”

“You can check for yourself . Isn’t it possible to have a Relic Battle three times in one day? You guys still have one chance left . ”


Antoine realised that he had no choice but to step out himself .

He raised his staff and glared at Frey .

“I don’t know what tricks you’re using, but you won’t be able to fool this staff!”

Antoine aimed his staff, which had an eye-shaped gem at the top, at Frey .

The [Eyes of Truth] was a staff that could perfectly pierce through the veil of all kinds of illusory magic . So of course the usefulness of this staff went without saying .

Antonie glanced at the referee .

This glance made the referee swallow some saliva to help his dry throat, before shouting .

“B-, begin!”

Antoine felt something shooting towards him the moment he heard the referee’s voice .

‘I can’t block it!’

He couldn’t stop it .

Antoine realised that even with his skills, he could not block Frey’s attack, so he immediately cast the Blink spell .

Chantless Magic! (TL: this one kicked my butt)

This was a skill that only wizards at 5 stars and higher could do .

Antoine remained vigilant .

The strength that Frey had shown was far above his expectations .

“Fire Arro-…w?”

Antoine’s mouth widened involuntarily .

In front of his now slightly teary eyes, he saw a large number of Ice Arrows . The number of which easily surpassed a hundred .

“Th-, this doesn’t make sense . Was it not…Arcane Magic?”

“Arcane Magic? This?”

Frey smiled and touched one of the Ice Arrows beside him with his index finger .

“As you can see, they’re Ice Arrows . ”

“That’s impossible! I-, Ice Arrows can’t do that much dam”

“It can do enough . ”

“Besides, the Ch-, Chantless Magic…to make all of this without preparation…”

Antoine realised just how ridiculous the sight before him was .

His blank face quickly became red .

“K-, kill…! Kill him!”

When the circle members all looked at him with blank expressions, Antoine furiously shouted at them .

“What are you doing!? Are you going to let him take all of our artifacts?!”

“B-, but…”

“Follow my orders! No matter how strong he is, he can’t overcome our numbers!”

“Ye-, yes!”

“Fi-, Fireball!”

“Magma Wall!”

“Wind Cutter!”

The circle members hurriedly chanted their spells and began to attack Frey .

Dozens of spells flew towards Frey, creating a very magnificent sight .



For a moment, continuous deafening explosions sounded in the cave .

If it weren’t for the defensive arrays, the entire cave would have collapsed from the commotion .

It was incredibly devastating, yet Antoine did not feel relaxed .

Anxiety began to creep in .

Common sense dictated that it would have been impossible for anyone to survive the sheer destructive force of that magical bombardment .

And because there was a wide range of spells, it could not have been avoided or negated because several different elements had exploded at the same time .

So why was he still feeling uneasy?

Crackle .

The flames subsided, and standing there, without even a scratch, was Frey .

The only thing that had changed was the cold smile that now graced his lips .

Antoine’s heart shook .

“Can it be considered self defense from now on?”

“Th-, this doesn’t make sense . How could you survive…”

“I have no intentions of killing all of you . Go call your Circle Master . Your judgement will be decided after my conversation with him . ”

That was impossible .

Antoine bit his lip .

If Circle Master Pelik found out about this, then his position would be in jeopardy .

Now was the time when he had started flying after crawling on the floor all his life . Even if he were to die, he would not let it be taken away .

“That’s ridiculous! Do you think you’ve already defeated us? Nonsense!”

Frey pointed at Antoine .

“You’re good at inciting a group . In an emergency, you push your men forward to act as shields and only think about yourself . ”

He could only be described as scum worse than Dugenjar .

In truth, Frey didn’t think too badly of Dugenjar .

His only problems were his arrogance and not understanding just how high the sky was .

But this man was different .

He was such an ugly human that Frey hated the fact that he was considered a Wizard just like him .

“I want to kill you right now . ”

Frey shook his head .

He had to think twice before he took another Wizard’s life .

This was a request that Schweiser had made to him .

“…but I’ll reconsider it after remembering the words of my old friend . But if you open your mouth again…”

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“S-, shut up! You’re the-”

Pit .


A thin red line appeared on Antoine’s neck .

He reached up to his neck as the focus in his eyes disappeared .

And like a fruit that had been cleanly cut from a tree, his head fell to the ground .

“Ro-, Rounder Antoine!”

“This doesn’t make sense!”

A Wind Cutter had appeared from Frey’s hand and cut Antoine’s neck before anyone could realise .

Even Antoine, whose neck had been cut, did not realise how he died .

“The Circle Master…”

Call them .

Frey didn’t finish the rest of his sentence .

This was because he saw someone walking over from the far end of the cave .

It was a middle aged woman .

She was wearing a witch’s hat and her face was heavily covered in makeup .

Frey looked at her and said .

“Are you the Circle Master of the Basilisk Tails?”

The woman nodded with a stiff face .

“…that’s right . Who are you?”

Frey ignored her question and continued .

“I just had a Relic Battle with your circle . ”

Pelik, the Circle Master of the Basilisk Tails, bit her lip as she realised that she could not have a full conversation with him .

Frey turned his gaze back to the decapitated body of Antoine .

The blood from his neck had already formed a puddle .

‘Rounder Antoine so easily…’

She didn’t know who this young wizard was, but she was sure of one thing .

He was at least 7 stars .

An Archmage!

An Archmage, which was rare even in the Three Great Circles, had come to this place .

“…continue . ”

“I fought a total of three times and won every time . ”

The final battle could be considered his win since Antoine had incited his men to attack before the fight had ended .

“But that man . Rounder Antoine was it? He incited his men and tried to kill me . ”

“So he…”

“I killed him . I gave him one chance . Antoine didn’t heed my advice, and there are no second chances . I hope you aren’t the same . ”

Pelik involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva at those words .

She heard sincerity in Frey’s calm voice .

“What is your name?”

“Pelik Oviet . ”

“Master Pelik, tell me, what is the purpose of the Circle?”

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Frey looked at Pelik silently .

Stricken with fear, Pelik quickly recalled his words .

“T-, to break free of the Demigods’ clutches . ”

“Do you know what they are?”

“O-, of course . They are transcendent beings who surpass human understanding and are capable of destroying an entire city with a single finger . ”

“You know it well . Right…you know it well . ”

Frey took a step forward .

“But it seems that you lost control of yourself after becoming powerful . ”

Crack crack!

The earth beneath his feet began to freeze .

The circle members tried to move their feet to evade the ice, but it spread and froze their feet in an instant .


“I can’t move!”

Even the Circle Master Pelik was unable to escape its range .

‘Th-, this…it’s not something that we can handle . ’

After judging the situation, Pelik urgently informed her members .

“Everyone, don’t try to forcefully escape! If you make a wrong move, you might lose your flesh!”

“I don’t think you have the time to worry about other people . ”

The anger Frey held toward the Circle seemed to be exploding all at once .

When faced with a powerful enemy like the Demigods, pathetic guys like these were not only not united, but they even kept each other in check!

Their purpose wasn’t to overthrow the Demigods .

They were focused on snatching artifacts and keeping the Trowman Rings in check to boost their own power .

Their goal was obvious .

To gain power and wealth .

Boom .

Frey’s eyes were filled with anger .

His anger turned into momentum, and this momentum became pressure aimed at Pelik .


Pelik felt pressured as if someone was squeezing her heart .

Breathing became difficult, and sweat began pouring down her body .

With clattering teeth, she stared at Frey, realizing that she was the only one who hadn’t been frozen .

Making a quick judgement, she fell to her knees .

“P-, please spare us . ”


“T-, tell me what you want . I will follow your orders . So please…please don’t destroy our circle . ”

“Even if I asked you to take your own life?”


Frey’s heartless eyes stared at Pelik .

She was shocked for a moment before she nodded with determination .

“If you can promise that you will not destroy our circle after that . Gladly . ”

“M-, Master Pelik!”

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The circle members all began venting their anger loudly .

Frey slowly lifted his hand .

There, red mana began to flow and an incredibly hot flame soon appeared on his palm .


Pelik closed her eyes and waited for her end .

Instead, she heard Frey’s voice, filled with admiration .

“Excellent . ”

Pat .

At the same time, the ice that had frozen the bodies of the members quickly disappeared .

Pelik looked around, confused .

“Bring all the artifacts you took from the Trowman Rings . ”

“U-, understood . ”

After that, Pelik hurried to her home from which she brought back the artifacts and handed them to Frey .

Frey looked at them with a complex gaze .

One of them was a purple ring .

A ring that he had made .

The other was a pair of blue gloves, but this was the first time that Frey had seen them .

It was likely a relic of a hero who came after him .

“Tell me the locations of all the small and medium circles around here . Without exception . ”

“Th-, that…”

“Can’t you say it?”


It was basically stabbing the members of their alliance in the back, but Pelik shook her head .

This was not the time to hold back .

“No . ”

It couldn’t be helped .

Pelik couldn’t resist the man in front of her .

And the alliance had only been formed in pursuit of practicality .

They didn’t have much of a bond between them .

So Pelik clamped down on her weak guilt and started talking .

“Apart from us, there are a total of five medium and small circles nearby . The closest one to us is…”

Frey only asked for their locations, but Pelik told him everything she knew, their features, numbers, and points to take note of in detail .

It was a clear betrayal, but the more she explained, the more she realised .

There was no circle in this area that could resist this man .

In general, that was the status of a 7 star Wizard .

Pelik sighed .

Antoine’s death had been a major loss, but it could not be compared to what was going to happen that night .

‘I hope our circle doesn’t get any collateral damage . ’

Pelik sincerely hoped .

And as she expected, before dawn had come, the six small and medium circles, including the Basilisk Tails, had been defeated by one man .

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