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Chapter 61: 61
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 61 – Trowman Rings (6)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

“Did Frey leave the village last night?”

“Yes . I think he left right after speaking with Master Beniang . I thought you knew…”

“…I see . ”

Beniang sighed with a gloomy expression on her face .

Did he really leave without saying anything?

He didn’t seem to be that type of person, but she couldn’t deny what had happened .

There was a magic array in the forest, but for a Wizard at Frey’s level, it would not be difficult for him to leave it .

“The timing was not good . ”

Beniang agreed with Gisellan .

As soon as he’d arrived, he’d witnessed their artifacts being taken by the Basilisk Tails .

They had shown the worst possible appearance to a guest who was prepared to see the best they had to offer .

Beniang forced a smile to negate the sour atmosphere .

After experiencing so many troubles, it became second nature for her to make such an expression .

“Hey . Don’t give up! We’ve been doing great so far on our own . ”

“You’re right . ”

Gisellan and Fianne bowed their heads .

They both noticed Beniang’s forced smile, but they did not comment on it .

It was then .

“Master Beniang . ”

“Ah . ”

A sudden voice made Beniang turn around .

Frey was standing there .

Gisellan, who was a Magic Warrior, was especially surprised .  

This was because even with his superior senses, he did not notice Frey’s presence before he spoke .

“F-, Frey? Didn’t you leave already?”

Frey tilted his head as if he’d heard something strange .

“I wouldn’t just leave without saying anything . I just had some business to take care of . ”


Gisellan was puzzled .


Could he have business in this area?

The only things of note in this region were the headquarters of a few circles .

“Now that I think about it, I didn’t inform you before I left . Sorry . I was in a rush . ”

“N-, no . It’s fine!”

Frey looked at Beniang before speaking in a quiet tone .

“…I’d like to speak with Master Beniang for a moment . Is that okay?”

“Yes . That’s fine . Then shall we go to my house?”

“Yes . And I hope that Honor Fianne and Honor Gisellan can join us . ” (TL: Frey can’t take a hint…)

They nodded at the same time .

“That’s alright with us . ”

When they arrived at Beniang’s house, Frey sat at one end of a large table, facing them, and he looked at them with calm eyes .

Gisellan swallowed his saliva .

He didn’t know why, but whenever he looked into Frey’s eyes, it felt like he was looking at the previous Circle Master Osel Argento .

No, it wasn’t just Osel .  

The faces of the Circle Masters of the Three Great Circles flashed in his mind .

“Honor Fianne, your story was truly impressive . ”

“Yes? Ah . Yes . ”

Recalling the conversation they had in front of the statue, Fianne nodded his head dazedly .


Frey started, looking at the three before him .

“Intend to erase Demigods from this world . ”

“W-, what…”

It was an unexpected statement .

Beniang started in surprise, but when she caught Frey’s eye, she subconsciously closed her mouth again .

Frey slowly continued .

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“It’s impossible to do it alone . So I need allies . But I can’t rely on the Circle . ”

“What do you mean you can’t rely on it?”

“With the way it is divided and the fact that the circles always try to keep each other in check, there is no way that it will triumph . ”

To become one .

The first steps to defeating the Demigods could only happen after that was achieved .

However, the expressions of Beniang and the other executives were stiff .  

This was because they knew just how impossible Frey’s words were .

It was impossible to tell just how many years had passed since the Circle had become the way it was .

At least, in the records left behind by their ancestors, there was no mention of the Circle ever having been a singular entity .

“It will be difficult . ”

Beniang also spoke in a serious tone .

It was hard to say if it was possible, and it was too much to call it truly impossible .  

In fact, had it been anyone else from the Circle instead of Beniang, they would have already called Frey crazy .

Frey took note of that .

Even though he was saying such absurd things, Beniang was still taking him seriously .

This was very important as it could become an advantage in the future .

“I know . ”

“Won’t you bend in the end?”

“My aim will never change . ”


A strange emotion seemed to swirl within Beniang, Gisellan and Fianne when they heard those words .

No matter how they looked at it, those words were not something they expected to hear from a young man just over twenty years old .

Nevertheless, instead of feeling awkward, it felt natural .

“The Trowman Rings . I’m considering using this circle as the center . ”

“The center…?”

“That’s right . The center of the Circle . To stand above not only the small and medium circles, but even the Three Great Circles . ”

“Th-, that…”

Gisellan was in a state of disbelief .

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What he was saying was impossible even when the Trowman Rings were at their peak .

Even when Circle Master Osel was still alive, they had only managed to match the Three Great Circles .

Step over them and stand at the top of the Circle?

That was nothing more than a fanciful dream at the moment!

“It will be difficult enough to describe it as hell . We will need to work till we are worn down to our bones . It will truly be a miserable task . But you need to be prepared for it . ”

Frey took out his bag and poured its contents on the table .


“Th-, this…!”

“I don’t believe it…”

They couldn’t hide their amazement .

The items that he had just poured out of his bag were all the artifacts that they had lost to the other circles .

No, it wasn’t just their artifacts .

There were also things that they had never seen before .

“I’ll take care of that part . ”

“So the reason you left last night…”

Frey nodded .

“I’ve subdued the six small and medium circles in the area . They will no longer pressure or even be hostile toward the Trowman Rings . ”

Then he turned to the artifacts .

“I’ll return these artifacts to you . ”

“…are there any conditions for your help?”

Frey shook his head .

“No . This is just a small repayment . ”

“A small repayment…we haven’t done much for you . ”

“Then take it as a favor . ”


“I’m making it clear . I don’t want you to feel pressured . It wasn’t difficult for me to do this, and I don’t have much use for these artifacts . ”

It was an arrogant statement .  

How many people in the Circle could say such words without hesitation?

Yet Frey remained calm since he was only telling the truth .  

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It wasn’t that he was bragging after completing a hard task or lying even though he coveted these items .

These were his actual thoughts .


Frey calmly spoke again .

“I will give you a day to think about it . I don’t have a lot of time to waste . ”

“W-, wait . ”

Beniang stopped Frey as he was about to get up from his seat and asked with a serious expression .

“…Frey, you understand that what you just said is hard to believe, right?”

“Of course . That is why I’m giving you time to organize your thoughts . ”

“…I don’t need time . Please answer one question . ”

Beniang took a deep breath before looking at Frey with determination in her eyes .

“Can it really be done?”

That question seemed to contain all her emotions .  

Of all the people in the Circle, how many of them truly believed that they could defeat the Demigods?

Beniang recalled that even her father, Osel, had a slightly apprehensive expression whenever he talked about them .

It wasn’t just Osel .

The circle executes had an even worse expression whenever a Demigod was mentioned, including the Circle Masters .

This was the first time that she’d ever encountered someone who could speak about the Demigods with such determination .

A 7 star Wizard who had yet to meet the peak no less .

While they might appear to be monsters to the other small and medium sized circles, they were only executives in the large ones .

However, it did not feel like Frey was a frog in the well who had overestimated his own power .

Yes, Beniang might consider him crazy, but she was truly fascinated by what Frey had said .

She wanted to walk that path with him .

This was the same for Gisellan and Fianne as well .

If it was a trick then they would have been able to notice it immediately .

But how could it be a trick when his eyes and tone were clearly filled with unyielding determination .

“I will bet everything to achieve it . ”

Beniang made up her mind then .

It was the day that the Trowman Rings’ struggle for freedom truly began .

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