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Xiu took the chopsticks and held them in his hand, but there was a slight hesitation in his eyes. He looked up at Shen Yanxiao’s big eyes and slowly reached out his chopsticks to pick up a vegetable and put it in his mouth to chew.


Shen Yanxiao gazed at Xiu.


It turned out that he could truly eat!


Xiu was eating neither fast nor slow, and his movements were graceful and his sight was fixed downwards.


His slender fingers held the chopsticks, smoothly gripping the dishes before his eyes, and then slowly bringing it into his enchanting thin lips.


For the first time, Shen Yanxiao knew that someone could give people the feeling of looking at a painting by simply eating.


Xiu didn’t eat much, basically only having one taste of each dish, and he also didn’t voice out any opinion. After a round of trials ended, he reached out his hand and put the chopsticks back in front of Shen Yanxiao.


"You're full?" Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes, he ate less food than a cat!


"It's just a taste." Xiu lightly said.


In the end, he was currently just a soul; even if there were consumption, it would be the consumption of his power. Not eating food didn’t make any difference to him.


He had not experienced hunger for a long time.


"Oh." Shen Yanxiao nodded confusedly. She was really hungry.


Shen Yanxiao resolutely grasped the chopsticks and bluntly started eating heartily.


She did not notice that when she sent the dishes to her mouth, Xiu’s eyes seemed to flash with something.


Shen Yanxiao was really hungry. The food on the table was quickly wiped out by her just like madly sweeping the falling leaves. She sat on the table contently after eating her fill; squinting her eyes, she had a very comfortable appearance.


Xiu’s eyes moved slightly, and his figure instantly turned into a dark mist before it quickly integrated into Shen Yanxiao’s body.


"..." Before Shen Yanxiao could react, there was no longer a shadow of someone in front of her.


"You come and go in a hurry, what’s your problem?" Shen Yanxiao was speechless. She still didn't understand why Xiu suddenly appeared, and then suddenly left.  In a depressed mood, she knocked her chopsticks on the empty plate.  


Suddenly, the sound of a lightbulb lighting up reverberated in the room, Shen Yanxiao's eyes randomly glanced around, but in the next second, her whole person was stunned.


She slightly opened her mouth and looked fiercely at the pair of chopsticks in her hand as if she wanted to burn them with her eyes.


If she remembered correctly, before she handed the chopsticks to Xiu, apparently... it seemed… as if... 


Her mouth had already touched the chopsticks...




Shen Yanxiao hit her head on the tabletop!


What the hell was she doing?


She actually let the Great Master Xiu use the chopsticks contaminated with her own saliva! Ah ah ah!!!


No wonder there was a slight hesitation in his eyes before Xiu ate the meal!!!


He must have been displeased because of her saliva!!


Shen Yanxiao couldn’t wait to kill herself. Did that count as her showing blasphemy upon the sacred and inviolable Great Master?!


Wuwu. She dared to swear on the light that she never did it on purpose!


If she knew that Xiu would really eat, she would have given him a pair of clean chopsticks that had not been used yet!


Shen Yanxiao coughed up blood as she knocked her forehead on the table. She really felt stupid.


But another thought crawled into her mind again.


Long Fei only prepared a pair of chopsticks for her. Although she gave the chopsticks that had been contaminated by her own saliva to a certain Great Master to use, the same chopsticks also seemed to have returned to her own hands.


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