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And she had also eaten very cheerfully using the same chopsticks!


So, didn't that mean she had also eaten a certain Great Master’s saliva...


Thinking about that, Shen Yanxiao's distorted mentality suddenly calmed down a lot.


In any case, it was just some mere "saliva". It wouldn't affect her healthy mentality, so Shen Yanxiao simply sat up straight.


Since I have also used the chopsticks with that Great Master’s saliva, they should already be equal, right?


Furthermore, that Great Master did not flip the table in rage on the spot, so he should not be angry about it.


Shen Yanxiao exhaled and said in her heart, "It’s nothing, nothing, nothing..."


Immediately afterwards, there was a knock on the door of her room.


"Shen Jue, this is Long Xueyao. Are you free right now? I have something to say to you." Long Xueyao's voice rang out from behind the door.


Shen Yanxiao, who was tangled up one second ago because of the issue of letting the Great Master use the chopsticks with her saliva, immediately became spirited in the next second after she realized that she had also used the same chopsticks with the Great Master’s saliva. She quickly stood up and picked up her face-changing mask from the edge of the tub before putting it on her face. She then sprinted and sat back before the table.


"Come in." Shen Yanxiao fixed herself in one go, and she had also put on her shoes that were thrown aside.


Once her voice fell on the ground, Long Xueyao pushed the door open.


After the grooming process was completed, Long Xueyao, who had changed to a neat outfit, did not look travel-worn anymore. The simple and generous dress made her maiden and graceful figure stand out. Her hands held a brocade box made of mahogany as she walked in with a smile on her face.


However, when Long Xueyao saw the empty plates on the table, she was really stunned.


"You have worked hard in the past few days." Long Xueyao quickly recovered from her shock, but there was a hint of laughter in her eyes. On their journey back, Shen Yanxiao usually did not eat with them. She only knew that at first glance he was two years younger than herself. Yet to think that his appetite was actually so big.


“Not really.” Shen Yanxiao’s eyes moved. When Long Xueyao was not paying attention, she hid the pair of chopsticks that had almost troubled her in her sleeves, and then opened the ring and stuffed them in.


Those things used by the Great Master Xiu, it was not good to let them remain in this world!


"I’m afraid that if I say too much, you will feel annoyed. All I want to say is thank you. This is the compensation that Uncle Fang promised to give you. Once you see it, you will surely be satisfied." Long Xueyao smiled and put the box she was holding on the table.


Shen Yanxiao was also polite. She opened the box and looked inside.


A large number of gold coins was there, needless to say. Shen Yanxiao only glanced at it and already knew that the gold coins in this box numbered no less than 10,000.


For common mercenaries, this amount was almost impossible to get at once. The reason Shen Yanxiao could get so much was because above and beyond escorting them back, she had saved Long Xueyao’s life.


However, this seemingly rich amount of gold coins could really do nothing for Shen Yanxiao, who owned billions of gold coins.


The two magic nuclei placed in the box were of good quality, and were at the very least rank six or seven.


Hence for her, the value of these two magic nuclei was much higher than that of these gold coins.


"These two magic nuclei are my father's thank you gift. I think you have been using crystallic nuclei on that bow you brought out before. Crystallic nuclei, after all, have a lot of side effects. You can change them to these magic nuclei and it would be better," Long Xueyao said with a smile on her mouth. She had noticed that Shen Yanxiao’s Purple Baron was not embedded with magic nuclei. She mentioned it to her father, and the pair of father and daughter, who had a common understanding, decided to send Shen Yanxiao some magic nuclei as a gift.


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