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"Although many races worship the God Race and the God Race possess godly powers, the God Race had a fatal weak point. With this fatal weak point, even if the Devil Race had not marched on the ground and battled them, the God Race would still not have been able to support themselves for a long time.” 


"The God Race has a weak point?” Both of them were not fully convinced. Could it be that the race of that sole God who was enough to seal the passageway from the Underworld to the surface still had a fatal weak point? 


Ouyang Huanyu smiled and said, “The God Race is indeed strong, but their fertility is very low. Their life span is very long, but at the end of the day, they can never avoid death. More importantly, it is possible that even after a millenium, there would still be no newborn child in their race. It was as if they had lost the ability to give offspring to the next generation. As a result, even if the Devil Race had not fought with the God Race, the God Race would have still been completely extinct after ten thousand years.” 


Of the eight major races, the fertility rate of the Devil Race was the highest. In contrast, the population of the God Race had been shrinking while the Devil Race was continuously growing.


In the beginning of the battle of the devils and gods, there were millions of devil soldiers that marched onto the land while there were only thousands of gods. 


Millions against thousands; this ratio was unbelievable.


This was the real reason for the extinction of the God Race. It was not because they fought with the Devil Race, but rather it was because they were too few.


If the God Race had the same number of people as the Devil Race, then even if the Devil Race had a hundred times more courage, they would still not dare invade The Radiance Continent. 


Among all the eight races, the fighting strength of the God Race was the most fierce! 


The Devil Race only ranked second, followed by the Dragons, the Undeads, the Elves, the Merfolk, and the Dwarves. And the fighting strength of the Human Race was ranked at the end.


While Ouyang Huanyu was explaining, he examined the fusion power in the Pearl Milkstone. He tried to calculate the fusion power to know how he should distribute it. 


But soon, his face became gloomy.


"Murong Yuan!" Ouyang Huanyu shouted in a soft yet loud voice. His voice was filled with displeasure and annoyance.


The black-robed man was immediately surprised as he quickly looked at Ouyang Huanyu after hearing his name being called, "What’s the matter?"


After being acquainted with Ouyang Huanyu for a hundred years, the only time he saw him showing such a frightening expression was at the time, more than ten years ago, when the experimental body of No.1 was destroyed.


"Such a good item you bought!” Ouyang Huanyu’s palm striked the Pearl Milkstone, shattering it into dust, as he angrily stared at the innocent face of Murong Yuan. 


The item that cost them five million gold coins suddenly became dust at Ouyang Huanyu’s hand. Murong Yuan’s expression immediately froze. 


"What's the problem?" Jun Mo could also feel that something was wrong. 


"What's the problem? The fusion power in the Pearl Milkstone has already been used up. This was just a damaged stone!” Ouyang Huanyu’s breath became somewhat unsteady. 


"How could it be!" Murong Yuan stood up and looked at the pile of powder. This was truly hard to believe. For the sake of buying this thing, he had suffered a lot. When he took the Pearl Milkstone, he had placed it directly into his storage ring. There was no scrutiny at all.


Ouyang Huanyu dared to say this, so it certainly was not false.


"Idiot! This thing cannot be used anymore!" Ouyang Huanyu sullenly said. Murong Yuan was too careless. If he had checked this piece of Pearl Milkstone, he would have certainly found something wrong and then told them about it. However, this guy did not say anything, so Ouyang Huanyu thought that Murong Yuan had confirmed the fusion power inside the Pearl Milkstone and was already ready to take it for experiments. The result was that this piece of waste was empty.


Murong Yuan did not dare to talk back. He knew that he had done something bad. 

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