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Apart from No.1 and No.2 experimental bodies, there were eight complete experimental bodies in their hands. Together with Luo Fan, the reserve one, there were a total of nine bodies. Such a large piece of pearl milkstone was enough for them to carry out the integration process.


“It’s hard to see such a big tear of Merfolks. Just what is the origin of this thing? There won’t be any problem, right?” The black-robed man murmured. He didn’t want to spend a lot of money just to buy a fake pearl.


Ouyang Huanyu said, “The tears of Merfolks are not just the things we need. During the war between gods and devils, the Devil Race used the fusion power from the tears of Merfolks in order to increase their strength. The Devil Race are powerful. They sent troops to dive into the deep sea and capture a large number of Merfolks. They then gathered the captured Merfolks and slaughtered them all. When they died, the tears they had produced were condensed together into large pieces of Pearl Milkstones. Only those Pearl Milkstones were consumed by the Devil Race and there are not many left in the world. I did not expect to actually find one this time."


Ouyang Huanyu's tone carried a hint of regret.


In the past, he regretted the loss of experimental body No.1 very much. Not only did they lose the most perfect experimental physique, they also lost the most important thing. So the experimental bodies they had created today could only integrate the power of the seven major races at most. In the end, they lacked power of the God Race.


If they had the Pearl Milkstone in their hands that time, perhaps they would not encounter that tragedy. 


"The Devil Race is indeed quite ruthless." Jun Mo sighed.


The Merfolks lived in the deep sea for a long time. With human constitutions, if they were not a Second Stage Professional, they could not withstand the pressure of the deep sea. However, the natural racial superiority of the Devil Race allowed them to resist the suppression of water pressure.


A large number of devils sneaked into the depths of the sea and captured a crowd of Merfolk. It was absolutely a picture of blood flowing into the river.


The Merfolk was a race that stood aloof from worldly affairs. If it weren’t for the Devil Race’s extreme captivity of Merfolk, then when the war between the gods and devils occured, the Merfolk would probably still be hovering on the bottom of the sea and would have not participated in that historical battle. But the Devil Race just had to stretch their claws toward them, forcing them to join the war.


Helping the gods with the ocean’s power, they had completely swallowed up the devils in the coastal zone.


"A fierce race such as the Devil Race had actually been forced to return to the Underworld. It's hard to believe." Jun Mo had a certain fanaticism for the Devil Race; he advocated the strong.


The black-robed man said, "The gods had the help of Human Race, Merfolk, Dragon Race, Elves, and Dwarves, and the only ally of the Devil Race was the Undead; even though the gods repelled the devils, they also ended up being annihilated. Imagine how terrifying the fighting power of the Devil Race was!"


The alliance of the six races was actually a match for only two races. Just the manpower was already incredible.


Although the Devil Race was repelled, none of them really believed that the gods were stronger than the devils, otherwise, why did the Devil Race survive? Why was it that the God Race had been the first one to fall?


Ouyang Huanyu watched the two people that were full of admiration towards the Devil Race and chuckled, "You only know partial information.”


“What?” The two looked at Ouyang Huanyu in unison. In fact, they had been with this old man for a hundred years already, yet they still could not find out Ouyang Huanyu’s real strength and identity. The only thing they knew was that Ouyang Huanyu knew everything that happened in the Radiance Continent.


Ouyang Huanyu caressed the smooth Pearl Milkstone and said lightly, "The reason why the gods fell first was because their number was scarce. The reason why the Devil Race could survive was because they were more numerous." 

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