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In fact, this price is enough for her to hire a few large mercenary groups to accompany her into the Barren Land


But those people were just going for the commission, there would be no sincerity at all.


Instead of using ten million of gold coins just to buy thousands of mercenaries who might be harmonious outside but had a lot of disagreements inside, it was better to spend it in a truly worthwhile place.


And the members of the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps was worth the price!


After she built the city in the future, she would give them more and better things. But she would not tell them all of these things for the time being.


The so-called sincere treatment would certainly get a proper response.


As Shen Yanxiao promised, she handed over the money to Du Lang and gave the mercenaries of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps five days to deal with their private affairs. After that, they would start heading to the border of Long Xuan Empire.


In the afternoon of the same day, Vermillion Bird and Lan Fengli brought over Uncle Jiu.


Uncle Jiu was not surprised when he heard that Shen Yanxiao was going to the Barren Land.


After only asking a few questions, he decided to take the remaining villagers with Shen Yanxiao.


After all, these people were no longer tolerated in this world to the point that it might be more suitable for them to go to the Barren Land.


The team of Shen Yanxiao was almost fixed. The members of Uncle Jiu’s side along with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps would add up to about one hundred and twenty people. This one hundred and twenty people would be the first group of forces that would enter the Barren Land, along with their central power.


After fixing all the problem, Shen Yanxiao called Vermillion Bird to fly to Mount Ku Luo.


There was still an agreement waiting for her to settle.


As always, Mount Ku Luo was hot and unbearable.


Shen Yanxiao and the Vermillion Bird walked in the jungle and looked at the dark shadows that flashed behind the plants.


Vermillion Bird had deliberately released his Mythological Beast’s aura, hence those lower demons and magical beasts did not dare to step near them.


Unless they were tired of living and were courting death.


As they walk through the jungle, Shen Yanxiao found the purple-eyed demon— Fu Tu.


Fu Tu lazily lay down on a branch of a huge tree. There was a bone in his mouth which of unknown origin. He seemed to feel the arrival of Shen Yanxiao as he crooked his head to looked down at Shen Yanxiao who was under the tree with a demonic smile on his face.


Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow and looked at the bare legs that hung in mid-air. There was a feeling of being impatience.


Previously, when they met, it was at night time, hence she was not able to pay attention to Fu Tu’s outfit. But now that she could clearly see it, she was completely… dumbfounded!


Fu Tu was only wearing a thin garment. His whole body was only covered by this cloth. And this cloth only reached down to his thigh, further exposing his two legs. His chest was almost fully exposed. A long black belt was tightly wrapped around his waist. His outfit looked entirely like those in the ancient Greece era! Aside from the private parts, other parts were all exposed.


"Little one, I was about to think that you have forgotten the agreement between the two of us." The tyrannical voice came out from Fu Tu’s mouth. He spat out the bones in his mouth and swiftly leaped down from the tree and walked barefoot on the grass. His hands were on his waist, his two slender legs stood apart from each other, the white cloth did not have any cover effect whatsoever.


The demon’s obscene nature became more apparent.


Shen Yanxiao remembered Xiu’s previous evaluation. Looking at Fu Tu on his outfit that did not even cover his whole body, Shen Yanxiao felt that she was a female version of Liuxia Hui.


"Naturally, I will not forget." Shen Yanxiao ignored Fu Tu’s outfit and laughed.


"Oh? Then what about that thing you’ve promised?" Fu Tu’s mouth outlined a mystical arc, his purple eyes could shake one’s heart.



Shen Yanxiao took out the three plants from the storage ring, there was a faint gray mist lingering around the three plants.


A subtle odor assaulted Fu Tu’s nose. He looked like he had eaten the finest fleshy beast. He appeared very satisfied as he narrowed his eyes and smelled the scent deeply.


"What a nostalgic smell." Fu Tu satisfyingly opened his narrowed eyes, a frenzy flashing past in them.



Meanwhile, a magical beast was pooping on the rear of a nearby tree.

Shen Yanxiao: * wrinkled her brows and pinched her nose*

Fu Tu: *sniff sniff* The heck!?

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