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Shen Yanxiao took out the three plants from the storage ring, there was a faint gray mist lingering around the three plants.


A subtle odor assaulted Fu Tu’s nose. He looked like he had eaten the finest fleshy beast. He appeared very satisfied as he narrowed his eyes and smelled the scent deeply.


"What a nostalgic smell." Fu Tu satisfyingly opened his narrowed eyes, a frenzy flashing past in them.


This smell, he had not smelled this for thousands of years, this was the dark elements that once belonged to the Demon Race’s land, and it was also the source of life of the demons.


"I didn't think that you could really get this kind of good things." Fu Tu stuck out his red tongue and licked his bright red lips.


He obviously did not eat anything, but his expression was very satisfied.


"What now?" asked Shen Yanxiao.


"Deal." Fu Tu smiled.


On the same day when they met each other for the first time, Shen Yanxiao had an agreement with Fu Tu.


If Shen Yanxiao could provide endless dark elements for Fu Tu to consume for his future, then Fu Tu would serve Shen Yanxiao.


The decisive answer of Fu Tu made Shen Yanxiao very astonished. She did not think that the dark elements were not only helpful for Xiu, but was also such a big attraction for the demons.


"The dark element is so important to the demons like you?" Shen Yanxiao curiously asked.


Fu Tu glanced at her before he stretched his head and sniffed the fragrance of the three plants, "It's very important. It's just like how human beings need air and water."


"But you didn’t have any dark elements previously, so why is that you are still alive?” If a human had not taken water and air for some time, they would die after some minutes!


"It kind of resembles but they are not the same. Even if we don’t have any dark elements, we can still rely on devouring the internal organs of humans and wild animals to survive. But, compared with the dark elements, you, humans taste like a dry hay; it is not delicious at all."




Shen Yanxiao stared off into the distance. People had always thought that demons loved to eat humans all the time, but now she actually learned that for demons, humans only taste like a hay…


Her mood was quite subtle.


"If I have these dark elements, do you think that the demons will be willing to cooperate with me?" Shen Yanxiao had to recalculate the plan of capturing the demons.


Fu Tu looked at Shen Yanxiao with a very startled expression.


"Are you kidding? Just put this thing in front of demons and they will all kneel down in minutes."


Shen Yanxiao looked at Fu Tu and then looked at the three plants in her hands.


"..." Fu Tu was speechless. Her “then why don’t you kneel” expression kind of ticked him off!


"I'm going to the Barren Land soon. You should be clearer about the situation there than I am." The Barren Land was the most evil place filled with demons within the Radiance Continent; Fu Tu should know more about this than her.


Fu Tu frowned.


"That place is just full of country bumpkins."


"..." ‘This old demon sure has such a fashionable word!’ Shen Yanxiao silently thought.


"But if you want to go there, you have to carefully look after your three plants. I think before you can show your absolute crushing power to them, the demons there will try to kill you first and grab the three plants instead of sincerely following you." That was just asking a tiger for its skin, they still needed to see if they got the strength to do that!


Fu Tu’s eyes were filled with laughter, he was increasingly curious as to what other amazing things this human being could do.

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