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Under the innumerable love-struck gazes, Shen Yanxiao, with two young and one old fellows broke through the siege and found a modest inn to stay.

Shen Yanxiao rented a total of four rooms, properly arranging one person per room.

After resting for a moment, Shen Yanxiao felt her stomach hungry. Yun Qi had been sleeping, Lan Fengli and Vermillion Bird would arouse too much attention outside, and it was already late, the innkeeper could not take out anything for her to eat at this time.

Shen Yanxiao could only slip out on her own and tried to find something to eat in the shops on the roadsides.

The night in Snow Blowing City was enough to be compared with that of Black City, but here was bigger and there were more people.

Just as she walked out not far from the inn, Shen Yanxiao heard a loud bang noise along with noisy voices. She saw a group of people surrounding the street, sound of applause coming from their mouths.

Shen Yanxiao bought a few steamed buns from the store at the side. Holding the paper bag with a dozen buns inside, she walked towards those gathered people.

With a petite body and agile speed, Shen Yanxiao had squeezed into the crowd's innermost in the blink of an eye.

However, when she saw the scene inside, the steamed bun that she was biting in her mouth fell directly into the paper bag.

In the center of the crowd, the two slender figures were intertwined.

Snow Blowing City was worthy of being called the Battle City, everywhere could really become a temporary battle ring.

Even in the crowded streets, passers-by would quickly make way to create an open space for the sudden battle.

In the center of the crowd, the two figures engaged in a combat were two second-year juveniles. One of them was holding a wand in his hand while he was constantly reciting a chant, releasing dazzling spell attacks.

And the juvenile opposite the Magician was a slender and tall figure and he was holding an incomparably sharp big sword in his hand. Under the storm of attacks, the juvenile deftly escaped those intensive attacks while armed with his big sword, skillfully and easily without any trace of awkwardness.

Shen Yanxiao stared blankly at that certain figure, wondering if she was dizzy.

"These two youngsters should be students who would be participating in the school tournament, right?" The passers-by on the side started talking.

Although these two juveniles were young, their strength was very tyrannical. Whether it was the young Magician who could release a magical attack in a very short period of time or the young Swordsman who could completely evade all the attacks, both of them demonstrated such gorgeous skills.

"Young people nowadays are really incredible. At a young age, they already have such accomplishments. I can see that young Magician's strength is at least at the peak of Intermediate level, and that Swordsman must have already broken through to the level of Senior Swordsman. Otherwise, it was simply impossible to avoid the other's attacks. "

"Just how old is that Swordsman, he's already a Senior Swordsman? Which school nurtured such an aberrant being!"

A group of people at the side gossiped while intently watching every move inside the temporary ring, afraid that they would miss some good show.

Shen Yanxiao was standing among the crowd and her expression was very strange. Her clear eyes had traces of doubt, shock, and joy, as they intently staring at that young Swordsman who was holding the big sword.

"Senior Swordsman?" A bizarre smile blossomed in the corner of Shen Yanxiao's mouth. She picked up the steamed bun that she had been gnawing at before her mouth and mercilessly bit it down.


Her deep eyes were burning in malicious flames as they stared at the back of that young Swordsman.

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