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Yun Qi shook his head.


"No. I don’t want you to appear in front of Ouyang Huanyu for the time being. That old fox was being easy to speak with this time, I think he's plotting something." Allowing Warlocks to participate in the school tournament and allowing them to repeatedly postpone their time was not something Ouyang Huanyu would do.


Shen Yanxiao secretly praised Yun Qi in her heart. Yun Qi's alertness was very accurate. Back then in the Dean's Room, Shen Yanxiao had heard the dialogue between Ouyang Huanyu and the black-clad man. Most likely, Ouyang Huanyu having this generosity was because of her.


She did not want to be too exposed if it was not necessary.


"But..." Not wanting to be exposed was one thing, but if they would not go to see Ouyang Huanyu, how would they participate in this competition?


Yun Qi smiled and said, "Don't worry. In the previous school tournaments, it always began by having all the branches of each school compete with the corresponding branches of other schools. The Magician against a Magician, Swordsman to Swordsman, and finally the winner from each profession would take part in the finals. Right now, only Holy Roland School has a Warlock Branch in the entire Long Xuan Empire, so you can wait until the finals to appear, before that, you don't have anything to worry about."


"Is that really okay?" She did not even need to participate in the preliminary round and could wait for the finals directly! Shen Yanxiao really did not know if she should be happy for her good luck, or be lonely for the misfortune of Warlocks.


"Why not? Before the finals, we'd rather go to see the matches of other professions, which will also give you some knowledge of other professions so that in the finals you won't be too passive." Yun Qi said.


After determining that they did not have to report this early in the competition, Shen Yanxiao was no longer anxious. Anyway, they had already arrived in Snow Blowing City, why would she still be afraid of being unable to participate in the tournament?


After a group of four people decided not to look for the team of Holy Roland School, they walked directly into Snow Blowing City and looked for a place to stay in.


Before their departure, Shen Yanxiao found Lan Fengli and Vermillion Bird. She was really uneasy about putting these two mortal enemies together.


So she simply took them along. Yun Qi, for the emergence of these two little guys, did not ask too much.


In a manner as if completely raising children, he complied with Shen Yanxiao to bring them along.


Definitely the best master in history.


Lan Fengli had been tugging on Shen Yanxiao’s clothes. He was not too glued to her but did not also want to stay too far away from her. He did not know that on the other side of Shen Yanxiao, Vermillion Bird was glaring at him with eyes that would soon spray out a fire.


The night in Snow Blowing City was still extraordinarily lively. The dazzling lineup of merchandise of the shops on both sides of the road would dazzle people. Most of these shops were selling weapons and potions.


In such a place where everywhere could become a battle ring, the hand weapons and healing potions were definitely a good thing that supply could fall short of demand.


Shen Yanxiao and the others were wearing very simple clothing that when they stood among the crowd, they were not too noticeable.


Her face was also covered with a face-changing mask, so there would be no one looking at her at all, and Yun Qi's old face could not attract the attention of others.


It was the exquisite and handsome Lang Fengli and Vermillion Bird that attracted a lot of women's eyes.


"That two little guys are so cute."


"I really want to pinch them!"


Before the burning gazes of those hungry wolves, Lan Fengli could only shrink his neck and subconsciously seized Shen Yanxiao's clothes. He went behind Shen Yanxiao nervously, trying to use Shen Yanxiao's petite body to block himself from others.


Vermillion Bird had an unpleasant expression, the most annoying thing in his life were carriages and women!


Otherwise, he would not turn furious when Shen Yanxiao threatened to kiss him.

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