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Uncle Jiu said, "Based on the reaction of the four mercenaries, they should know you, and you should have known what this team of mercenaries had encountered before. But now, it's not important. That night, the people who attacked them are the villagers in this village. But believe me, those are not their own wills."


"They are all bunch of poor people who had been orphans and were brought back by those people in the Sun Graveyard later on. Those people had done some experiment on these orphans, fusing the blood of other races into their bodies."


Uncle Jiu’s  words were like a heavy bomb that blew open Shen Yanxiao's head.


Fusing the blood of other races into humans?


This was simply unbelievable.


This world and the world from Shen Yanxiao's past life were completely different. Aside from humans, there were other powerful races here. Not counting the fallen God Race and the long-lost Demon Race, in this world, there was a powerful Dragon Race, aloof and lofty Elves, eerie Undeads, clever Dwarves and Mermaids living in the sea.


Every race in this world had its own unique characteristics.


And now, Uncle Jiu actually said that there were people trying to combine these totally different races into human beings. It was simply unbelievable.


"Uncle Jiu, what you have said is true?" Even Shen Yanxiao who was usually calm was caught by surprise because of Uncle Jiu's words.


Although she was not a person of this world, she also knew how big the differences between races in this world were.


Each race had its own weaknesses and strengths, which were inherent and forever unchangeable.


If one could arbitrarily combine two different races, it was very likely that the two races would compensate each other and create an extremely frightening existence.


The God Race abhorred the dark elements, and the Demon Race feared the light elements.


If these two was combined, not only it could produce an existence with a powerful divine power and unparalleled dark power, but also an existence which no longer feared the light and darkness.


Just thinking of the combination of these two strongest races made people shudder.


Uncle Jiu helplessly nodded.


"I know that everything I said is hard for you to believe. In fact, you only need to look at Little Ke and Old Ba, you should be able to understand."


"You mean, Little Ke and Old Ba are also..." Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes and remembered how easy it was for Old Ba to carry her and Vermillion Bird.


"The blood of Dragon Race was fused into Old Ba's body, so his strength is ten times higher than an average person, and Little Ke's body has been added with the blood of Elves, his speed and accuracy are far more than normal people."


"So the rest of the village is the same?" Shen Yanxiao asked.


Uncle Jiu answered, "That's right."


Shen Yanxiao frowned. If that group of people was really as Uncle Jiu said, conducting a research about the fusion of the different races in the Sun Graveyard, then that would explain why Vermillion Bird had felt the Demon Race's breath and the might of the Dragon Race's in this youth.


"He is, too?" Shen Yanxiao pointed to the handsome youth who remained unconscious on the bed.


Uncle Jiu’s eyes flashed a trace of heaviness, looking at the sleeping handsome youth, he said with a wry smile, "Little Feng and the villagers are not the same."


"The villagers in this village are in fact the failed products after the experiments of their research, but Little Feng... he is a perfect product."


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