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"Godhood?" Shen Yanxiao was a total stranger to this word. She did not think she would have such a thing that sounds so awesome.


'The God Race is divided into many levels according to strength. Ordinary Gods have no Godhood, only the Gods with spirit tablets can obtain Godhood. The Gods who possess spirit tablets are divided into four kinds, the Inferior God, the Middle God, the Superior God and the Ruling God. Each level of God has a different number of Godhood. The God of Sun is a Superior God and has seven kinds of Godhood. He once said that only a God who possesses Godhood has the ability to start his magic array.' Xiu explained.


"... Xiu, are you a God?" Shen Yanxiao, who was silent for a long time, finally spat out these five words.


With regards to Xiu's identity, Shen Yanxiao only had a little understanding. She only knew that Xiu was very powerful, and before, Vermillion Bird had also said that Xiu might be from the God Race. Now, even the magic array of the God of Sun had been triggered, it must have been caused by a God with Godhood, and all the spearheads pointed to Xiu.


Could it be that Xiu was really a God who had survived that war?


But Xiu did not answer Shen Yanxiao's words.


"Cough, then another question, how do we go out?" Xiu did not seem to want to talk about his own identity, and Shen Yanxiao was very clever not to continue asking.


This place was surrounded by walls in every direction, there was not even a chimney, and only ghosts knew how the God of Sun had sealed the main palace.


Skeleton Flower was already in her hands, but how would they leave ah!


'Unless you break the magic array, you can not get out.'


Xiu's answer made Shenyin thoroughly stupefied.


Break the magic array that a Superior God had set up?




It was really difficult to do even if she thought hard.


"I think it is difficult." Shen Yanxiao was extremely depressed. She just tried to contact Vermilion Bird but found that her spiritual link with Vermillion Bird had actually disappeared. Could it be that this magic array also had the ability to forcibly cut off the spiritual connection?


'It's not impossible. After thousands of years, the power of the God of Sun that remains in the magic array has significantly weakened a lot. If my strength will be restored by a bit, perhaps I can give it a try.' Xiu actually had little reaction to it.


Shen Yanxiao was immediately beaming as soon as she heard him.


If she encountered such a problem wherein she needed to upgrade her strength at other times, she was afraid she could only stare blankly. But now, all three plants were in her possession. They could now be planted together and by the dark elements they produce, Xiu could regain his strength!


Shen Yanxiao was feeling very fortunate at this moment that she was carrying the Inflammation Grass and Demon Spirit plant on her body.


She took out the three kinds of plants at once, but...


Things were all here, but how was she supposed to make it grow?


It did not look like there was soil here.


'You can use magic and duo qi as a breeding ground to temporarily plant them together.' Xiu solved Shen Yanxiao's problem very timely.


Shen Yanxiao immediately put the three plants in her both hands, and gradually urged out the dou qi in her body and wrapped the three plants in it.


The three plants quickly revealed a new vitality, a plume of an almost transparent gray mist was slowly emanating from it.


This will do!


Shen Yanxiao was beaming. She coolly asked, "Xiu, by absorbing these dark elements, about how long can you break the magic array?"


'Two or three months. '


"... ..." Shen Yanxiao felt a mouthful of blood surging in her throat. She finally realized how falling from heaven into hell was like!


Two or three months!


Long Xuan Empire's school tournament would begin in two months!!!

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