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Shen Yanxiao felt that her body was constantly falling down. She was stimulated by the glare of the strong light just now and her sight was lost for a time. The inexplicable fall stunned her silly for a moment, she quickly cast a single curse technique on her body that would slow down her fall.


Shen Yanxiao slowly landed and her sight was gradually restored.


When everything before her was printed in her eyes, she sucked in a breath of cold air.


In front of her was no longer the desolate Sun Graveyard. Shen Yanxiao didn't know when had she been transferred to such a huge palace. White stones covered the entire palace, the pure white walls were engraved with dazzling golden murals, twelve golden pillars were orderly arranged on both sides of the palace hall, supporting the space between the top and the ground, and at the top of the palace hall, above the seven-layered white jade staircase, a throne made of golden stone was inlaid with a Silver Moonstone.


A huge golden sun sculpture behind the throne traversed the entire wall.


The whole palace revealed an astonishing holiness.


In this empty palace, a small gray flower was growing quietly on the side of the throne.


"Skeleton Flower!" Shen Yanxiao saw the gray flower and her eyes immediately lit up.


The Skeleton Flower she was seeking for a long time was actually growing in such a completely enclosed palace!


"Xiu, what is this place?" Shen Yanxiao walked over to the Skeleton Flower and cautiously took the precious plant. Looking at this magnificent palace, Shen Yanxiao's heart was full of questions.


'This is the main palace of the Sun Temple.' Xiu's cold voice was mingled with a trace of doubt, he seemed to have never imagined that they would actually enter the Sun Temple, moreover, the main palace was actually intact!


"The main palace? The Sun Temple has not been destroyed? There is no sign of attack at all." Shen Yanxiao looked around, she did not find any exit in this palace. Nevermind a door, even a window could not be seen. This was a completely enclosed palace without any access to the outside world.


"How did we get here?" She clearly remembered that she was still in the Sun Graveyard just a while ago.


Could it be, that glare of light was the reason?


Xiu did not immediately reply to Shen Yanxiao's question, he was thinking of the possibilities.


'Just now, in that light, I sense the God of Sun's breath, but he had already fallen. It is also rumored that all the palaces of the Sun Temple have been destroyed by the Demon Race, but now we are here, there must be something we are not aware of. ' After a pause, he continued:


'Perhaps before the God of Sun had fallen, he had launched a magic array in the main palace and seal the entire main palace. The place where you just stood is the location where the main palace of the Sun Temple is located. The light of the sunrise is the purest, it is likely that the sunlight triggered the magic array, placing you in the real main palace.'


"Hold on, but in this way, the main palace of the Sun Temple would be easy to find. The sunrise starts every day, so it is impossible that no one else had ever come here." Shen Yanxiao could see something wrong with Xiu's words.


If the sunlight could start the magic array, then in the war between the Demons and Gods, the Demon Race would have certainly found it the next day.


Xiu was silent for a moment before he slowly opened his  mouth:


'To start this magic array, you still need something other than sunlight.'


"What is it?" Shen Yanxiao asked.



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