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Lin Xuan was speaking very properly. Suddenly seeing that Shen Yanxiao had returned, the tone of his voice immediately relaxed, "Shen Jue, you’re back?”


With Lin Xuan's exclamation, the two men standing in the dorm also turned their heads around. These two people were Shen Yanxiao’s acquaintances- her brother Shen Siyu and fifth uncle Shen Ling.


Shen Siyu looked at Shen Yanxiao who was wearing a face-changing mask, and on his face was a trace of smile as gentle as jade, "Back?”


For a moment, Shen Yanxiao looked slightly distracted. She did not think that Shen Siyu and Shen Ling would go to school to find her.


"Big brother Siyu, fifth uncle." Shen Yanxiao called out in a well-behaved manner. In her head was a series of question marks. They rushed to school so suddenly, could it be that Shen Feng had some matters to tell her? And he asked them to convey the message?


She thought of the two Phoenixes that she had sent in the Lava Valley before and Shen Yanxiao more or less understood.


"Hm." Shen Ling nodded with a taut face. He himself had nothing to be happy about Shen Yanxiao or something to be angry about her. Regarding Shen Yanxiao's existence, he was relatively neutral.


"The clan head let me send something over, and also take this opportunity to see how you’re doing." Shen Siyu’s treatment towards Shen Yanxiao was gentle as usual.


Lin Xuan’s face had a meaningful look. Seeing that the three people seemed to have something to talk about, he consciously found an excuse to slip away, giving the dorm room to the three people of the Shen family.


After Lin Xuan had gone, Shen Siyu stepped forward looking at Shen Yanxiao. He raised his hand and rubbed her little head.


"Just a few months away from home, and you become a lot thinner. It must be very tough in here." Shen Siyu's voice was very gentle. Hearing his loving tone also made people feel a spring breeze.


Shen Yanxiao touched her nose.


"Not that bad. Grandfather asked you to send me something? How come he asked Big brother Siyu and fifth uncle to come? He can just casually send someone else over." In the Shen household, Shen Siyu would just disappear without leaving a shadow. He was often sent outside by Shen Feng and was rarely seen at home. And Shen Ling was in charge of Vermillion Bird Clan’s family guards and could also hardly go outside. For Shen Feng  to let them both come together, the thing he wanted to send was absolutely not just something else.


"It’s not very important, but grandfather has a letter that I must personally hand over to you." Shen Siyu smiled, then he took a sealed letter from his storage ring and handed it to Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Ling did not utter a word and turned around. He seemed to be avoiding doing anything that might arouse suspicion.


Shen Siyu also turned around, as if to appreciate the furnishings in the dorm room.


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow. After knowing that the main purpose of the two people’s arrival was to send a letter, she also did not delay, directly opening the letter and taking a closer look at it.


Shen Feng’s handwriting was vigorous and strong. The beginning of the letter had mentioned the things about the Phoenixes.


Regarding the Phoenixes’ arrival, Shen Feng felt extremely overwhelmed because they had a letter with Shen Yanxiao's handwriting that they had passed on. Also, with accordance to Shen Yanxiao's request, he ordered the Vermillion Bird Clan’s members not to enter the Lava Valley without permissions. However, as to why the Phoenixes went to Lava Valley, Shen Feng did not ask much. He just warned Shen Yanxiao repeatedly to take good care of herself, and not to mistreat herself while in school.


Just a short piece of paper but it actually conveyed an elder’s thick concern. Shen Yanxiao’s nose was somewhat sore, it was the first time that she had ever received a letter from home in her two lifetimes. The feeling of having someone being concerned about you was really not bad.


After reading Shen Feng's letter, Shen Yanxiao decisively set the letter on flames, and burned it thoroughly. In the entire Vermillion Bird Clan, except for them, the pair of grandfather and granddaughter, no one knew the existence of the Phoenixes. Even Shen Siyu and Shen Ling who had sent the letter were not clear about this thing.


[Raz-P: Shen Siyu knows. Lels. XDXD]

[Sky: Shhh, you spoilerator! Maybe I can take this chance to beep you out like what you did to me? (゚ペ)?]

[Raz-P: You forgetful Loli, that’s not a spoiler. Remember Shen Siyu went to mount Ku Luo last time to meet the Phoenixes? Hmmp.]

[Annoying Sky: :(]


The two Phoenixes, were Vermillion Bird Clan’s hidden card.

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