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"Well, since things are clear now, I will not stay any longer. But be sure to send the Pharmacist as soon as possible. I’ll now take my leave." After the person in black cloak was done with his affair, he got up and left.


The black figure disappeared in the night outside the door.


Ouyang Huanyu breathed out. Sitting on the chair, the corner of his mouth hanging a hint of playful smile, and all the helpless expression earlier had disappeared without a trace.


A few moments later, Ouyang Huanyu got up and turned toward the bookcase.


Shen Yanxiao quietly watched Ouyang Huanyu’s every move. He saw him suddenly rotated a glass vase on the bookcase, then the huge bookcase silently opened up and a dark corridor appeared in the room.


Ouyang Huanyu held the lamp and went inside the dark corridor. After he entered, the bookcase closed once again.


Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes. That person in black cloak and Ouyang Huanyu’s words made her felt very uneasy. They not only included her two masters, but also herself.


Sure enough, Ouyang Huanyu wasn’t a good person. Only, she didn’t know what that person in black cloak was up to. Listening to what he had just said, it seemed he was very familiar with Yun Qi. Also, what do they want the Pharmacist to do? And they were actually extending their power into Lan Yue Dynasty?


Shen Yanxiao’s heart began to harbour various doubts. But the dialogue between the two was very short and there was no further deep talk, making her not know where to start.


And where does that corridor lead to? Shen Yanxiao was very curious. She felt that Ouyang Huanyu was not being one hundred percent honest towards that person in black cloak. The Dean was really deeply hidden.


Right now, Shen Yanxiao did not dare to easily explore the inside of the Dean’s room. And she also had a hunch that Ouyang Huanyu would absolutely never put anything here that could be used against him. If she wanted to know more, she feared she could only enter that corridor.


But everything stopped here. Shen Yanxiao was very cautious and didn’t continued to follow. She gently jumped down from the beam quietly and tiptoed without a trace of sound.


A fleeing figure directly left from the Dean's room.


Shen Yanxiao was preoccupied when she got back to the dormitory. Everything that she had heard tonight were of great importance. Ye Qing’s side was still fine, but Ouyang Huanyu and that person in black cloak apparently wanted to house arrest Yun Qi.


Yun Qi’s current situation was not very optimistic. Although she did not know why they had to house arrest Yun Qi, their purpose was definitely not as simple as it seemed on the surface.


A sleepless night. Shen Yanxiao had been tossed about by these matters on the bed. She got up very early in the morning, tidied up herself and went to the library.


Ye Qing was still fighting to death with the incomplete Blood Feast Potion formula. Shen Yanxiao was now very sure that Ye Qing and Ouyang Huanyu was not on the same side.


Even so, she still wouldn’t easily hand the real formula out. She couldn’t completely tell Ye Qing that Ouyang Huanyu harbored ill intentions, deliberately giving him an incomplete formula. She feared that even if she said it, with Ye Qing’s upright character, he still might not believe her.


Shen Yanxiao could only temporarily endure all this. She would wait until she had entered that corridor to make plans again.


The morning time passed. Shen Yanxiao bid farewell to Ye Qing and were now ready to go back to the dormitory to grab a meal. It was also time for her to start going to the Archer Branch again. If she didn’t make a trip now, it was estimated that Xie Yun would start panicking.


Having just returned to the dormitory, Shen Yanxiao saw Lin Xuan nervously standing at the doorway. In their room, two slender figures had their backs facing the door, and it seemed that they were saying something to Lin Xuan.



Lin Xuan was speaking very properly. Suddenly seeing that Shen Yanxiao had returned, the tone of his voice immediately relaxed, "Shen Jue, you’re back?”


With Lin Xuan's exclamation, the two men standing in the dorm also turned their heads around. These two people were Shen Yanxiao’s acquaintances- her ******* **** **** and ***** ***** **** ****.


**** **** looked at Shen Yanxiao who was wearing a face-changing mask, and on his face was a trace of smile as gentle as jade, "Back?”


For a moment, Shen Yanxiao looked slightly distracted. She did not think that **** **** and **** **** would go to school and find her.



Sky: Upupupu~ We can’t let you know who they are this time -where’s the fun to it? Just guess them upupupu~

Raz: Well this two are opposite, if the other one always leave the Shen Household then the other one seldomly leaves it.

Sky: Raz! Don’t ruin it! (>_<)

Raz: Actually, I have a brilliant idea, rather than asterisk.. Just do it like this.


These two people were Shen Yanxiao’s acquaintances- her idol Raz and Sky the loli.


Raz looked at Shen Yanxiao who was wearing a face-changing mask, and on his face was a trace of smile as gentle as jade, "Back?”


For a moment, Shen Yanxiao looked slightly distracted. She did not think that her idol raz and the loli Sky would go to school and find her.


[Sky: Approved]

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