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On the other hand, Shen Yanxiao was slowly immersed in a pile of herbs. At a moderate pace, she selected several types of herbs that seemingly completely didn’t have any harmful effects.


"What is that kid Shen Jue doing? How come he is selecting some mild medicinal herbs? Isn’t he supposed to do a negative potion?" Luo De couldn’t understand the situation. The herbs that Shen Yanxiao had selected were so common that even if they were eaten raw, they would definitely not bring any damage to the human body. Even if mixed into a pot stew, these kinds of medicinal herbs would definitely serve as a tonic rather than poison.


Luo De was anxious. Shen Jue this kid was too stupid!


Obviously, the other two people were going to concoct some vicious potions. On the contrary, this kid not only did not find toxic medicinal herbs, but he also selected tonic herbs. In the end, did he even know the contents of the match!?


This wasn’t a match to give Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan some tonic ah!


Luo De could see the problem so naturally, Fang Qiu and Pu Lisi could see them as well.


They were very clear about what potions Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan were going to concoct, but they were completely confused about Shen Yanxiao’s potion.


No matter from which aspect they looked at it, Shen Yanxiao’s potion would absolutely become a positive potion if those herbs were to be used. They would not cause any damage to the human body.


"In the end, this kid is afraid to concoct any negative potion. His words before were nothing but only to look imposing." Fang Qiu was completely relieved. Looking at the three people in the match who hadn’t officially started concocting potions yet, he was sure that Shen Yanxiao would eat a defeat in this match!


And it would be an extremely miserable one.


"I said, that kind of trash can’t be Luo Fan's opponent. Luo Fan doesn’t even need to personally participate in such a competition. Any one of us can easily deal with him," the group of students of Yeats Academy remarked arrogantly.


Negative potions were far more complex than positive potions because negative potions were highly repulsive, and trying to stabilize this rejection to a certain level was definitely a challenge to the Pharmacist's level.


Although all of these people were already Intermediate Pharmacists, they could not guarantee that they could successfully concoct a negative potion.


Fang Qiu and his students had a very vocal conversation, and everything they said fell into the ears of the students of Holy Roland School.


Hearing their words, Holy Roland School’s students were secretly sweating for Shen Yanxiao.


They had already been defeated too many times by Yeats Academy, and they would be unable to bear more failure. This time, if Shen Yanxiao was defeated, the group of Holy Roland School’s students would probably never be able to lift their heads in front of the Yeats Academy again.


Almost every student of Holy Roland School was cheering at the bottom of their hearts for the freshman student of their own branch.


At the same time, they were also resentful toward Shangguan Xiao and already treated him as an enemy.


The former top student of Pharmaceutical Branch, at this moment, had become a shame in their hearts!


Minutes or so passed, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had already collected all the herbs they needed and returned to the refining table to deal with those herbs.


Some discerning students immediately discovered the effects of the herbs the two men had collected.


Almost every medicinal herbs Shangguan Xiao collected had a strong toxicity. If all these herbs were used in a potion, even if it couldn’t cause death once you drink it, it could definitely make life worse than death.


Just how much hatred did he harbored that he would make an extremely vicious potion!



Shangguan Xiao was laughing in his heart. His previous defeat against Shen Yanxiao was the biggest regret in his life, but now, he could finally make a comeback. The negative potion that Pu Lisi had taught him last night was poisonous, which needed 23 highly toxic herbs and three kinds of mild herbs.  Not only could this potion deal a certain damage to the pharmacist's five senses, but more importantly, once this kind of potion was mixed with Luo Fan’s potion, it would give the user a lifetime wound that was hard to recover from!


All of this could completely destroy any Pharmacist, completely putting an end to their Pharmacist’s road.


Shen Jue actually dared to challenge both of them yesterday. He was simply courting death. He should know that he was going to face more than just an Intermediate Pharmacist and a Senior Pharmacist, but also the Master Pharmacist behind the two of them, Pu Lisi. Even if Shen Jue had some ability, it was absolutely impossible for his potions to contend with the potions of a Master Pharmacist.


Not only did he finally drive that trash Tang Nazhi away from the Pharmaceutical Branch, but he could also remove Shen Jue from Pharmaceutical Branch altogether!



Sky: Pffft- HAHAHAHA! Raz did you see this? He thinks he can kick out our SYX! Oh man, I can’t wait for the slap!

Sky: I want to see his face of despair once he realized that the future awaits him is different from his expectations! Well that is if he can show it since he’ll be-


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