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Shangguan Xiao was laughing in his heart. His previous defeat against Shen Yanxiao was the biggest regret in his life, but now, he could finally make a comeback. The negative potion that Pu Lisi had taught him last night was poisonous, which needed 23 highly toxic herbs and three kinds of mild herbs.  Not only could this potion deal certain damage to the pharmacist's five senses, but more importantly, once this kind of potion was mixed with Luo Fan’s potion, it would give the user a lifetime wound that was hard to recover from!



All of this could completely destroy any Pharmacist, completely putting an end to their Pharmacist’s road.



Shen Jue actually dared to challenge both of them yesterday. He was simply courting death. He should know that he was going to face more than just an Intermediate Pharmacist and a Senior Pharmacist, but also the Master Pharmacist behind the two of them, Pu Lisi. Even if Shen Jue had some ability, it was absolutely impossible for his potions to contend with the potions of a Master Pharmacist.



Not only did he finally drive that trash Tang Nazhi away from the Pharmaceutical Branch, but he could also remove Shen Jue from Pharmaceutical Branch altogether!



Shangguan Xiao was thinking about his upcoming victory while carefully handling the medicinal herbs in his hands. These herbs would be the key in destroying Shen Yanxiao!



Compared to Shangguan Xiao’s heart’s ecstasy, Luo Fan was much calmer. He really never saw Shen Yanxiao as an opponent. His reasons for this match against Shen Yanxiao were first, to do Pu Lisi a favor, and second, to display his talents before Ye Qing. So, his every step was very cautious. He want to make sure that his most perfect side would be shown while concocting potions to get Ye Qing's acknowledgement.



[Annoying Sky: Seriously? You’ve never once considered what if Ye Qing favored that disciple of his and would hate him for hurting HIS DISCIPLE?]



Shen Yanxiao was merely an Intermediate Pharmacist, and she simply wasn’t enough to contend with him.



Normally, such a person would just be ignored by him.



Luo Fan never thought he would lose. In his world, there was only winning and nothing else!



Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had finished refining the herbs and began to enter the concoction process of the potion.



At this time, Shen Yanxiao had just begun to refine the medicinal herbs in her hands. Her actions were one step slower than theirs.



But she wasn’t worried at all as she did the process step by step in a methodical manner.



All three were busy with the things in their own hands. The students watching the competition glanced back and forth across the three people.



The students of Holy Roland School were cheering for Shen Yanxiao. They no longer wanted to lose; they were not willing to lose any more.



However, when they saw that the time difference between Shen Yanxiao, and Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan gradually widened, everyone's heart was like being pressed by a huge boulder.



The selection and refinement of medicinal herbs was not a challenge for Pharmacists. But Shen Yanxiao was already one step slower than the other two. How could this make them believe she could win?



Moreover, Shen Yanxiao must concoct two bottles of potions for this match respectively for Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan to take.



At the same time, she also needed to drink two kinds of negative potions prepared by Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan.



Drinking two kinds of negative potions at the same time would cause much harm to the human body which almost no one could predict. Only at this moment did they realize that Shen Yanxiao was desperate, using her life to conduct a competition.



There had been countless matches between Pharmacists before, but no one dared to use such an extreme way.




Regardless of the results of this competition, they would remember the brave and fearless Pharmaceutical Branch’s freshman.



She was giving everything she had and was even risking her life to challenge the strong that they dared not challenge. Her guts were enough for everyone to admire.



After an hour had passed, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan completed their negative potions at almost the same time. The two poisonous snakes stood beside their finished potions and looked at the potion that Shen Yanxiao was concocting.



"Shangguan Xiao concocted a Concealed Poisonous Potion, while Luo Fan…” Ye Qing pensively looked at the two bottles of potions, and his face didn’t look good.



"That potion in his hands seems to be a Chaos Potion.”



"The Chaos Potion?” After Luo De heard it, he turned pale with fright.




Ye Qing: That's a Chaos Potion.

Luo Fan: As expected of my future Master!

Ye QIng: *raises his eyebrow* Future Master? Me?

Lou Fan: *nods enthusiastically*

Ye Qing: Boy, this old man only accepts a Main Character as my disciple. Come back when you have your own novel.

Shen Yanxiao: (* ̄▽ ̄)d

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