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In the blink of an eye, the news of Shen Yanxiao challenging Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao in a battle spread throughout the entire Holy Roland School. Now, almost everyone knew that the freshman who had once stepped on the Pharmaceutical Branch’s top student was back!


The students at the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch were all fired up, and the depression that had long been suppressed by Luo Fan and their group of outsiders finally broke out. Almost every Pharmacist student was quietly cheering for Shen Yanxiao.


No matter what grade the students were in, they treated Shen Yanxiao as the representative of Holy Roland School's Pharmaceutical Branch at this moment!


After putting forth the challenge, Shen Yanxiao no longer paid any attention to those two strange-looking guys. She turned away from the library and returned to the casino.


Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao also quickly left from the library after she had left. Looking at the backs of the two, they seemed to be discussing some countermeasures.


When Luo De got the news, Shen Yanxiao had already returned to the casino. As a result, Luo De's desire to personally bring the kid back failed.


Unable to catch Shen Yanxiao, Luo De was compelled to rush to the top of the library and beg Ye Qing.


"Master Ye, please persuade Shen Jue. His move this time is too risky!" Luo De couldn’t believe it after hearing the contents of Shen Yanxiao's challenge!


Making negative potions as the content of the match —this way was unique in the millennium history of Radiance Continent!


The pharmacists’ physiques were much weaker than other professions, and if they take a negative potion, the damage that would be done to the body couldn’t be predicted. Those potions were likely to damage the pharmacist's sense of smell, taste, and vision, and any damage could result in the fall of the pharmacist.


[Annoying Sky: Well luckily, SYX isn’t just your ordinary pharmacist.]


It must be known that the five senses were very important conditions for pharmacists when concocting potions.


With the pharmacists’ weak constitutions, they simply could not afford the impact of negative potions.


Luo De felt that Shen Yanxiao was insane. He could imagine that the reason why Shen Yanxiao would make such an extreme match could not be unrelated from Tang Nazhi who had been expelled from Holy Roland School not long ago.


At that time, when Tang Nazhi was framed, although Luo De had the intention to help, he really wasn’t someone who could contend with Pu Lisi. In his heart, he was quite guilty.


And now, he couldn't just helplessly watch Shen Yanxiao do something wrong because of her eagerness to take revenge.


Ye Qing's calm face couldn't be seen with any emotion. He had heard all about the match from Luo De's mouth, but he could only sigh about it, "Shen Jue, this child usually looks very kind. But in fact, he is extremely stubborn and very assertive. Now, he had issued a challenge in public, and there is absolutely no possibility to take it back."


Although his contact with Shen Yanxiao wasn't very much, Ye Qing quite understood Shen Yanxiao's temperament.


"Shen Jue is like a sleeping dragon, usually mild and harmless. But if someone touches his inverse scales, the sleeping dragon will open his eyes, soar in the sky, and retaliate to those who uncovered his inverse scales in the most extreme way." Ye Qing gazed at the sky outside the window.


"But... isn't this too risky? Moreover, Luo Fan is already a Senior Pharmacist!" Luo De was still anxious. He couldn't watch such a gifted student be destroyed.


Ye Qing shook his head and gently said, "You still haven't understood my meaning. Nevermind, after tomorrow, you will understand that your worries at this moment are just superfluous."



In the underground casino, the five people of Phantom were all gathered. Today, they put aside everything for the sake of getting together because Tang Nazhi would depart for Imperial Capital tomorrow, leaving Holy Roland School.


When Yan Yu and Yang Xi arrived, Tang Nazhi was exhausted lying on a chair with a depressed look.


Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao sat aside eating snacks.


"As soon as you came back, you became the star of Holy Roland School." Yan Yu had heard the news of Shen Yanxiao’s challenge to Luo Fan. He was very shocked about the method of the match.


Yan Yu: As soon as you came back, you became the star of Holy Roland School.

Shen Yanxiao: Of course, I even have a cheering squad now. Wann see their practice?

*Phantom went to the square*

Lin Xuan: Okay guys, just as we’ve rehearsed last time if ever Shen Jue entered another competition. Seniors, try to follow.

Freshmen Students: Go Shen Jue~ Mighty, mighty Shen Jue! He’ll defeat the enemy flawlessly like the wind!

Seniors: How do you even sing that? And what’s with that step?

Lin Xuan: Do it in the name of our School!

Seniors: G-go..Shen Jue.. M-Mighty, Mighty Shen Jue.. He'll d-defeat enemy flawlessly like the w-wind! (*ノдノ)

Phatntom: PFFT!

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