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"That’s right! Who doesn’t have balls! Compare notes with him, compare notes," the other students also followed suit.


This was an honor. At first, Shen Yanxiao participated in the monthly competition as a freshman, giving glory to the group of freshman students. At this moment, Shen Yanxiao represented Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch. Everyone was looking forward to it. They were looking forward to this freshman, who had once amazed them, to earn them back a breath!


"How would you like the new method be?" Luo Fan proudly looked at Shen Yanxiao. No matter what method Shen Yanxiao would put forward for the match, he had the confidence to win.


In Pharmaceutics, there was absolutely no one of the same age having talent superior to him!


However, such a small freshman had actually challenged him. Even the Pharmacist students from other grades were not his opponents, so what more this little brat.


He would accept her challenge, and then defeat her in front of everyone, making Ye Qing know who was worthy to be his disciple!


Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled and said, "It’s very simple. Each of us will prepare a bottle of potion with a negative effect, and then the opponent will drink it. Then we’ll rely on ourselves to guess what kind of potion we drank, and concoct the antidote to relieve the negative effects of the potions in the shortest possible time.”


"Potion with negative effects?" Luo Fan watched Shen Yanxiao with surprise. He did not think that she would actually put forward such a crazy method.


Potions didn’t only consist of those with positive effects. There were also a lot of potions with strong harmful effects. Although these potions were not as poisonous as poisons that could take a life in an instant, their negative effects were even more frightening.


Luo Fan knew that some potions with negative effects could make life worse than death.


Shen Yanxiao actually laid such a method. This wasn’t simply a match, but a death match!


Who knew what kind of negative potion they would be drinking. To determine the potion without knowing the situation, and still concoct the antidote while suffering from the negative effects was simply unimaginable.


Luo fan was silent for a time.


He had never seen someone take negative potions as part of a match.


Shangguan Xiao was dumbfounded. He had never thought that Shen Yanxiao's decision would be so crazy.


The students eavesdropping at the sides were also scared when they heard everything.


"This Shen Jue is too ruthless." A student swallowed his saliva. He actually wanted to use this kind of method of damage the enemy one thousand times, yet harm oneself 800 times!


[TL Sky: Oho, as far as I remembered, that phrase, ‘ damage the enemy one thousand times, yet harm oneself 800 times’ is based from a battle where you indeed defeated the enemy but at what cost? In short, at most it’s usually useless especially when there’s other better option.]


And she was even against two people, which meant she must drink two bottles of negative potions!


A little carelessness and a person would die!


Was Shen Jue crazy?


"What? Not dare?" Shen Yanxiao folded her arms on her chest. She slightly raised her chin and looked contemptuously at the two shocked people.


This seemingly crazy match was the “thank you gift” she would give back to Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao!


Although she couldn't kill them, she could use the Pharmaceutics they were most proud of...


And destroy them!


After Luo Fan recovered from the shock, he looked at the arrogant kid in front of him and secretly gritted his teeth. Shen Yanxiao’s words just now had been heard by the students in the entire library. If they were to retreat now, wouldn’t they become a joke? Moreover, he had always been asking to compete with Shen Yanxiao before, so if he wanted to back out now, he was afraid he would lose face.


"Compete, then compete! When is the time!?" Luo Fan complied with a clenched teeth.


Shangguan Xiao was secretly startled.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes, and they flashed a hint of coldness, "Tomorrow afternoon, I will wait for you in the freshmen pharmacy room!"

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