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The family background of mercenaries was generally not good. Otherwise, they wouldn't have chosen such a high-risk occupation. They didn't have a powerful family to do the backing, thus, they had  no chance to gain a powerful magical beast in their youth.


The magical beasts could be said to be the second fighting force of these mercenaries, so they had summoned their magical beasts before the fight began.


In a blink of an eye, thousands of troops and thousands of magical beasts rushed to the Phoenix’s nest.


It wasn’t fear and tension that were plastered on each mercenary’s face. Rather, their excitement was stirring up their emotions.


For them, although a high level magical beast was a very difficult target, they outnumbered it so much this time. With their large force, wouldn’t it be an easy matter to fight against a rank eight magical beast?


Several mercenary heads were already impatient to put their own teams to the forefront, strike at the Phoenix, and get a good piece of share.


"Leader! That is the Phoenix’s nest?" a mercenary looked at the huge cave in front of them in excitement. The height of the cave was actually even higher than the Mercenary Trade Union’s building. Such height looked incomparably imposing. The fire elements which were spreading to the surroundings told them that there was a Phoenix inside.


"It should be. I didn't expect that I will get to see the Phoenix. You lot must give me the spirit from the very start of the fight, so we could completely deal with the Phoenix. And everyone of  you must be shrewd, so if you can get more good stuff then get more. Do you hear me?" The mercenary head had been telling his men to clean up the battlefield. Clearly, the Phoenix was really nothing in the eyes of this group of people.


"Leader, why is it that the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps are standing behind?” Some sharp-eyed mercenary stretched his head to look at the back of the huge troops where Du Lang and the others were located.


The mercenary head looked towards Du Lang’s direction and raised his eyebrow. He secretly felt delighted as he disapprovingly said, "You fool, stop caring about others. They actually better just squat behind and save ourselves from having the good stuff snatched off." Since the start, the performance that the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had shown had truly made the group of heads uneasy. But now Du Lang unexpectedly stood behind the group, and for the mercenary heads, this was a good news!


Du Lang, along with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, was standing behind the crowd, and a cautious look was plastered on his face as he looked at the cave before them. He could feel very powerful fire elements coming from inside the cave. They were more powerful than any of those fire magical beasts’ he had ever seen.


"It seems that Huo Xiao’s speculation isn’t unreasonable,” Du Lang said to himself.


"Leader, what did you just say? What did Huo Xiao guess? Why did you command me to go back a few moments ago? You’re not going to ask me to protect Huo Xiao right now? I can’t seem to find him anymore. He’s not lost, is he?” Vicious Wolf, who had served as a nanny the whole journey, suddenly heard Du Lang’s murmurs with a tone full of suspicions. He looked for Shen Yanxiao’s figure in the whole team but failed to find her. He had gotten used to being her nanny that he was unaccustomed not being one right now.


Du Lang glanced at Vicious Wolf and said, "You don’t need to worry about him now. You just have to remain obedient and stay here.” Shen Yanxiao didn’t give any explanation for her departure, and Du Lang knew that she had something to do, so he would not divulge her whereabouts to others.


Vicious Wolf was very depressed. He was originally not happy when he had been assigned to be someone’s nanny. The leader just one-sidedly shoved Huo Xiao to him, but now that he started to take care of him seriously, the leader incredibly told him to forget about it...


And the leader’s behavior at this time was too strange; instead of taking his brothers to the forefront, he actually let them stay at the the back instead. This wasn’t in line with their Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps normal vigorous and resolute style, ah!


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