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Aside from this fellow who had never treated money as money, there probably wouldn’t be a second person who would make such a crazy move.


Shen Yanxiao closely followed behind those people while her presence was cleverly concealed. With a moonlight necklace, nevermind those people clad in black, even if Ouyang Huanyu, this Great Magister, were to take their place, perceiving Shen Yanxiao’s presence would still be absolutely impossible.


With a way to hide her breath coupled with Shen Yanxiao's skills, avoiding these people’s sight was just a simple matter.


The main leader was rather cautious. He had halted four or five times in more than ten minutes to see if anyone was following them, and they didn’t move on until security was determined.


What a pity that their detection methods were at kindergarten level when it came to Shen Yanxiao. There was not the slightest pressure at all.


Shen Yanxiao watched them as they rushed to the top of Mount Ku Luo. The jungle was filled with a red mist which was condensed by fire all around. Suddenly, the group of people stopped and hid in the edge of the jungle.


And right in front of them, a huge cave in the midst of the jungle appeared. Inside this huge cave, a steady stream of fire was spreading outward.


Her breathing under the surging fire elements made her think of the same scene on that day when she had first entered the cavern where Vermillion Bird had been in a deep slumber.


It was there. That must be the Phoenix's nest!


Shen Yanxiao's eyes lit up at this moment. She had seen that at the entrance of the Phoenix's nest, a few red Inflammation Grass were fluttering with the wind!


This was the real goal of her trip!


If not because she had qualms about the presence of more than ten people in black, Shen Yanxiao would have long slipped into the edge of Phoenix’s nest and stuffed her hands with a few Inflammation Grass.


Only, what were these guys doing squatting here?


Was their goal still the Phoenix after all?


Shen Yan Xiao slightly frowned. Those people in black didn’t move any further, and it seemed that they were waiting for something.


Shortly after Shen Yanxiao’s observations, a series of footsteps sounded not far away.


The mercenary corps at the foremost of the formation had been howling to attack as they moved closer to the border of the Phoenix's nest. And before they arrived, all of them had summoned their magical beasts.


Thousands of magical beasts along their master's side had proceeded towards the summit of the mountain. When added up, the number of these humans and beasts together was enough to reach more than 2000. They directly brought noise to the calm and quiet Mount Ku Luo.


This was the first time Shen Yanxiao had seen such a large number of magical beasts. If not for today, she feared that she had forgotten that in the world she was now in, every person possessed a beast of their own.


In Holy Roland School, there was a rule that prohibited any student and mentor to summon their magical beast inside the school premises. This was for the students to exercise their own abilities rather than rely on their magical beasts.


But now, she was seeing thousands of magical beasts at such a close distance, and it was such a spectacular sight.


For the Radiance Continent's people, when they became teenagers, they would get a beast that they could establish a contract with. All of these beasts were either captured or purchased by their family headmasters.


However, the family background of mercenaries was generally not good. Otherwise, they wouldn't have chosen such a high-risk occupation. They didn't have a powerful family to do the backing, thus, there would be no chance for them to gain a powerful magical beast in their youth.



The magical beasts could be said to be the second fighting force of these mercenaries, so they summoned their magical beasts before the fight began.


In a blink of an eye, thousands of troops and thousands of magical beasts rushed to the Phoenix’s nest.


It wasn’t fear and tension that was plastered in each mercenaries’ face. It was rather excitement stirring up their emotion.


For them, although a high level magical beast was a very difficult target, they outnumbered it so much this time. With their large force, wouldn’t it be an easy matter to fight against a rank eight magical beast?


Several mercenary heads were already impatient to put their own team to the forefront, strike at the Phoenix and get a good piece of share.



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