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Shen Yanxiao obediently nodded. If she did end up making a move in order to deal with these three rhinoceros horned beasts, then she would seriously urge Du Lang and the others to leave before they confront the Phoenix.


In the midst of this chaotic camp, one pitiful wail was heard. The mercenaries, who had finally reacted began to resist, but they had already been scattered around. Even if each head of the various corps were to summon their mercenaries to mobilize them, it was difficult to do so in such a chaotic scene.


At this moment, the toughness of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ immediately manifested.


Under Du Lang’s leadership, dozens of mercenaries had launched a siege on the three rhinoceros horned beasts, and the Senior Professions led by the seven wolves also started to fight.


Some mercenaries, who were still running around, finally breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps dispatch their troops.


With Du Lang’s orderly commands, the three rhinoceros horned beasts were soon under their control, and the rest of the mercenary corps were also able to breathe out, gradually organizing themselves and joining the fray.


With the three mid-sized magical beasts’ strength, it was impossible to fight against such a thousand people’s army. It didn’t take a long time before the three rhinoceros horned beasts were taken down by the mercenaries, and the three magic nucleus also fell into the hands of three mercenary corps.


Du Lang only took one magic nucleus. He simply didn't care about the other two which were the result of fishing in troubled waters.


However, after this sudden attack, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was able to show their strength which had far exceeded the others’.


After the battle had subsided, a group of mercenary heads’ complexions were extremely unsightly.


They were all mid-sized mercenary corps, but the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps at the time of crisis were unruffled and organized. On the other hand, their own group of mercenaries were covering their heads and sneaking away like rats under the attacks of the three rhinoceros horned beasts, unable to show their real strength at all.


While the employers were watching at one side, they had actually displayed such performance which was unbearable to look at. This really made them unable to look straight ahead.


A lot of mercenaries felt a bit scared and jealous as they looked at the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.


But they had no choice but to face this big disparity.


Shen Yanxiao had discovered a line of sight in the crowd, and that line of sight wasn’t directed at Du Lang, but herself.


This made her feel a little curious, so she couldn’t help but look for that line of sight.



And it turned out that it was a head of a certain mercenary corps. That mercenary head had been staring at her since the beginning of the fray, making Shen Yanxiao very speechless. She thought that she had tried hard enough to reduce her presence, so how could she still draw others’ attention.


However, the next second when Shen Yanxiao noticed more than ten shoulder-wounded mercenaries behind that mercenary head, everything became clear to her.


Those mercenaries were the same people whom she had pinned to the tree last night. At this moment, those several mercenaries looked sluggish standing behind their own head while muttering something. When they found that Shen Yanxiao had looked toward their side, the few big, brawny men immediately resembled trembling quails in their nest. They lowered their heads at the same time, not daring to look straight into Shen Yanxiao’s eyes.


Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows. Noncommittally, she turned around.


But on that side, the mercenary head who had been staring thoughtfully at Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned. He asked the few mercenaries behind him, "Are you sure you’re not dazzled? Is that brat really the one who injured the lot of you yesterday?"


Those mercenaries immediately nodded. Being wounded by such a young kid was simply insulting to them. If it was really not true, how could they have joked about their own reputations?


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