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That mercenary head glanced at his mercenaries and then looked toward Shen Yanxiao who had walked over to Du Lang's side. He looked again and again, from top to bottom, at the little fellow who seemed too weak to stand up to the wind with disbelief. He couldn't accept that these brawny men under his supervision were actually injured by such a baby.


"Are you sure it's him? It’s not Vicious Wolf or Du Lang?" It wasn't that he didn't believe in his own men. It was just that it was too unbelievable.


Last night, he had sent several mercenaries to hunt for magical beasts. Who knew that when they had just stepped out of the camp for a few steps, they would end up being nailed uniformly onto the tree trunks. If he didn't wake up early today, go to the woods, and see this group, he was afraid that his own group of men would still be nailed onto the tree until now, fluttering in the wind.


Moreover, he couldn’t believe that these people were saying that the one who had nailed them onto the tree was the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ drag!


Don't be ridiculous. Who didn't know that that drag was only thirteen years old. With such small arms and legs, there wasn't a tad bit of combat effectiveness. Du Lang even especially assigned Vicious Wolf to protect his safety.  How could such a little brat who lacked the strength to truss up a chicken injure a few brawny adult men?


Although these mercenaries’ strength was not very strong, but dealing with a kid shouldn’t have been difficult.


But the result —not only were they unable to handle the other party; they were instead nailed onto the tree by the opposite person. It was simply a loss of face to their ancestors.


"Leader, it was really him. We absolutely did not see wrongly. We won’t lie to you. It is really that little brat we had run into last night. He is not as harmless as he seems. With just one shot, he pinned the lot of us on the tree and even threatened us not to shout, or he will shoot through our heads." The mercenaries were almost crying. This matter was an extreme lost of their faces, but their head just wouldn’t believe them and wanted them to repeatedly reiterate their humiliation. It really made people want to cry without tears.


"Wait!" The mercenary head seemed to hear a certain point. He immediately turned to look at his own men and asked cautiously, "You said he only used one shot?"


‘How can this be?’


Yesterday, he had clearly sent ten people, so even if that brat did have skill, nailing all of them onto the tree would still be impossible!


Some mercenary bitterly said, "It’s just one shot, and we don’t know what skill was that. We only saw her took out a long, dark bow and directly put ten arrows on the string. Without even a chance to react, he shot us all and once we realized what had happened we were already hanging on the trees.”


Until now, they still didn’t understand how their group were hung on the trees.


The speed of those arrows was too fast.


The head’s brows tightly locked up. He had personally removed the arrows that nailed his men. All the arrows pierced so fiercely that only the tails were left to be seen, and the rest ran through their shoulders, directly piercing the trunk. Yet, each of these arrows had avoided the most vital part of a human body. It could only hurt the flesh, but it wouldn’t leave any effects.


Initially, he thought that the one who did this was a powerful Archer who wanted to teach his own men a lesson and shot them. He didn’t think that this Archer would be the drag that the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had brought along.


But even more than that, he couldn’t fathom how such ten accurate and strong arrows were actually shot at once!



Nevermind an ordinary Archer, even for an Intermediate Archer, it would still be difficult to achieve such a terrible attack power and accuracy. Only a Senior Archer and above could do such a thing.




That drag was only thirteen years old, ah!


How could that brat be a Senior Archer?


A thirteen-year-old Senior Archer —who would believe it!


The head shook his head, not because he did not trust his own men, but he found this thing too unacceptable.



Shen Yanxiao: What? Just because I’m thirteen doesn’t mean I’m noob!

Shen Yanxiao: And that gif doesn’t help at all at depicting my current body age!

Shen Yanxiao: If anything, I say that look exactly like the Vermillion Bird!

Vermillion Bird: How dare you compare me to a lowly mortal! (╬ಠ益ಠ)

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