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So much so that many things that hadn’t occurred to them, she was capable of thinking.


Everyone's eyes fell onto Shen Yanxiao’s body. Although she didn’t think that this group of people would be idiots to court their own deaths like those groups of fools, for precautionary measures, she decided to say more.


"If they find a low-level magical beast that they think they can easily kill, but that magical beast was one step ahead of them and immediately ran away, or it escaped into the depths of the woods after it was injured, do you think that group of brainless idiots will give up such a piece of pork in the mouth? If they chase it all the way and unconsciously strayed too far from the camp, who knows what would happen?


People’s hearts were greedy in nature. Sneaking out in the middle of a mission to earn extra money, which one of those people was not greedy?


Once you had greed, you would miss out on a lot of details, and often tragedy was the result.


Shen Yanxiao’s words made the seven wolves lost in thought. It was as she had said. If it were them, and they found a magical beast which was very easy to handle together with their companions, in a place where they felt very safe, they would naturally be chasing it until the end. At that time, they would not notice that they had gradually moved away from the safe area, with only a single-minded intent to kill the immediate magical beast.


Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps thought that Mount Ku Luo wasn’t as safe as it seemed, but those mercenaries who had left might not think so. They were now afraid to relax their vigilance as accidents were likely to happen at any time.


Thinking of all of this, the seven men couldn’t help but burst into cold sweat. They felt that even though Shen Yanxiao's words were pointing about the greed in people's hearts, but thinking more carefully, her words rather implied that they were in danger being here in Mount Ku Luo.


What could she be thinking of?


In fact, apart from the rank twelve Mythological Beast Phoenix, Shen Yanxiao was totally ignorant of the other creatures that were residing in Mount Ku Luo. She had only talked about the experiences accumulated in her past life. Besides, Du Lang had also once said that the middle demons and mid-level magical beasts had a certain intelligence. Who knew if there was a trap waiting for them to taste their own medicine. When that time came, neither heaven nor earth could  help them get out of it.


Du Lang made sure that he made it clearer to his mercenaries that they must be well-behaved and honestly stay close to the campsite. Whatever Shen Yanxiao meant, they must stay careful at all times.


Seeing that everyone’s expression was profound, Shen Yanxiao also didn’t say anything more. In fact, at this moment, she wasn’t thinking about the group of idiot mercenaries, but those demons who were hiding in Mount Ku Luo.


She really wanted to meet with this group of guys that were regarded as a nightmare by the Radiance Continent but were considered as delicious food by Xiu. After all, Xiu once said that in six months after she had won the game, she could go to the barren land to obtain a city. Then, this fellow would force her to capture demons for him ah!


So no matter what, she would have to see what the demons looked like first.


If Du Lang and the others knew that Shen Yanxiao, who had despised those groups of mercenaries for acting recklessly just a moment ago, was now ready to sneak into the forest herself, they would probably jump right up and push the reckless little brat into the tent.


Unfortunately, no one knew what intentions Shen Yanxiao had in her mind. After midnight, the mercenaries who remained in the camp had already gone to sleep.


Shen Yanxiao took advantage of this time to quietly leave the camp and walk towards the dark jungle.

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