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Chapter 303 - Deceitful Competition (2)

To find at least ten different types of medicinal herbs within these 3000 or so medicinal herbs was simply a joke. Even if they were given half a day, they were afraid that they still wouldn’t be able to make it, much less half an hour!

However, the mentor’s next words made them even more mad.

"There are only 3690 different kinds of medicinal herbs in there; in other words, each herb is one of a kind, hence once you take a herb, you won’t find that kind of herb in there again.”

There were more than 3000 medicinal herbs in there, and yet they were all different kinds?

At present, a lot of participants felt grief; they almost fainted at that point.

There were more than 100 people participating in this competition. No one could guarantee that there wouldn’t be any conflict between the medicinal herbs needed by the participants. After all, there were several kinds of medicinal herbs that were widely used and needed a lot in concocting potions. Moreover, almost all of these 100 participants were in the same grade and class.


Hence, it could be said that they had been exposed to the same potion, especially when it came to intermediate level potions.

Wouldn’t that mean that they would face a situation where dozens of students would rob medicinal herbs from one another?!

Everyone wanted to vomit blood - this was simply deceitful!

But no one dared to say anything; the Pharmaceutical Branch’s competition had always been abnormal. If anyone dared to question the content of the competition, they would be immediately eliminated and would no longer be able to participate in any competition next year.

Although every participants were depressed, they could still strictly control their mouth.

After the teacher had seen how the students participating in the competition behaved after hearing the competition’s rules, he nodded, feeling satisfied as he continued, “After you find the medicinal herbs that you’ll need, you’ll be given ten minutes to refine the herbs in your hands. But since there are only 10 sets of medicine refining wares available, only the first ten participating students who have collected all the herbs they need can pass to the next stage.”

Ten sets of medicine refining wares?

Wouldn’t it mean that from the first stage, only ten people could proceed to the second stage?

Everyone glanced at each other. This one-out-of-thirteen probability of being chosen in this stage struck fear in everyone's heart.

[TL Sky: Okay, so with the help of YJTC, we were able to get why it was 1 out of 13, since there were 137 students, and chances are only 10 might get in the next stage, then that means that roughly 1 student from 13 students can pass it. XD]

The mentor continued, "Then after ten minutes, you’ll have to concoct your potion. You’ll be given three hours, and then after three hours, if none of the ten students succeed in concocting a potion, other participants can snatch the medicine refining wares. And the students who’d be  unable to concoct the potion won’t be allowed to participate in the Pharmaceutical Branch Competition for the next three months.”

The mentor’s words surprised a lot of people who had felt they were lucky at first.

Many of them were very direct in their thoughts. Since a lot of them only joined this competition to earn the 100,000 gold coins that Tang Nazhi had promised, they were ready to take a few herbs in this stage to seize the medicine refining wares. As long as they seized all the 10 medicine refining wares before Shen Yanxiao could finish collecting the herbs, they would win, and the money would naturally be handed to their hands.

But now with this new rule, the tricky plan they thought out was blown away. If they just casually collected some medicinal herbs, yet failed to concoct any potion, simply not being able to participate the next competition was just a small thing, but they were afraid that if they failed, every mentor in the Pharmaceutical Branch might look down on their skills and give them lower grades after this.

Three hours of concocting a potion was already very plentiful. Unless they just started studying pharmaceutics, there shouldn’t be any problem concocting a low level potion within three hours.    

What's more, except for Shen Yanxiao, the rest were all junior or senior students.

Even if it was an intermediate level potion, three hours was still enough to concoct one.

[Tl Sky: Editors, is this chapter understandable? It’s either my head hurt so much that I don’t have any idea what I’m putting or this isn’t clear. I hope you can manage it, comment if you can’t ping >.<]

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