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Chapter 304 - Deceitful Competition (3)

TL Note: To make it clear:
First Stage - Selecting and collecting herbs

Second Stage - Refining medicinal herbs(there’s only ten medicine refining wares, hence only ten can pass to the second stage)

Third Stage - Concocting the potion.

It could be said that this competition would squeeze out all the other tricks they could come up with .

They could only hope that this freshman would lose in the first stage, so that they would still have a chance to win.

But to this point, they were actually still very confident that they could win. After all, they had been exposed to medicinal herbs for a longer period of time than the freshmen students. Hence, they had learned more potion formulas than Shen Yanxiao. Even if they didn’t use any tricks, they would still be able to beat Shen Yanxiao.

After the mentor announced all the rules, the entire stadium became silent.

One must say that the content of this competition this time was wretched to the extreme, but this would definitely test the crucial parts of their pharmaceutical skills.

It was really a good opportunity to judge and see the students’ abilities.

All participating students started to prepare themselves while staring at the medicinal herbs from far away, wishing that they would be lucky enough to get all the medicinal herbs they needed.

This half an hour was very precious to them. They were not sure if they could find all the medicinal herbs they needed, nor were they sure whether their opponents would get it first.

In an instant, those students, who were playing around last time, now had a trace of alertness.

Although the presence of Shangguan Xiao made them not to expect to win the first place.

However, second or third place was still good, and winning in such a competition could increase their marks in the teachers’ minds.

Furthermore, Master Pharmacist Pu Lisi was personally here today, so they could use this chance to give him a good performance. Who knew, maybe he would be in a good mood and take them in as his apprentice!

So, the crowd was eager, excited, and nervous at the same time.

Among the participating students, the most calm were Shangguan Xiao and Shen Yanxiao .

Shangguan Xiao had been the winner for these past months, so everyone believed he would win first place again. Almost no one dared to think that they could threaten him.

Shangguan Xiao actually felt slightly surprised about this competition, but he didn’t dare to show it in his face, and instead covered it with calmness.

The selection of medicinal herbs was nothing more than testing the pharmacist’s eyesight, smell, and, familiarity with medicinal herbs. With his abilities, he wasn’t worried that someone would steal his medicinal herbs because they needed it. He made sure that the potion he would be concocting would be different from the rest.

As for the last two pages’ worth of details after that, he could just grasp it easily.

Shangguan Xiao provocatively glanced at Shen Yanxiao. He found that since the start, Shen Yanxiao had her head bowed down, and it was unknown if she had been listening to what the mentor was saying.

Shangguan Xiao coldy humphed. He estimated that this kid knew a hundred kinds of herbs, but there were more than 3,000 different kinds of herbs in here, and clearly, she hadn’t seen all of them before. Nevermind carefully selecting the right herbs, he was afraid that she didn’t even know which formula to use.

After all, this year's Pharmaceutical Branch’s freshmen had only been in the school for about two or three months.

To concoct a low level potion, one needed at least three or four kinds of medicinal herbs, let alone an intermediate potion.  

Shangguan Xiao’s eyes were fierce. Today, he would let this smelly brat, Shen Jue, have a good understanding about their gap.

And let him clearly realize that with his level and ability, he wasn’t even worthy carrying his shoes!

[TL Razpyon: He’s either stupid or blind. He had seen Shen Yanxiao successfully did something that Pu Lisi failed to do. tsk.tsk.]

Shangguan Xiao maliciously thought, and then slowly retracted his line of sight.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao looked at Shangguan Xiao, her small face was still calm, and there was a trace of smile plastered on her face.

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