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Chapter 277 - A Master of Pharmaceutics (3)

If one wouldn't pay close attention to the petite figure, her existence would be easily ignored.

When Pu Lisi saw Shen Yanxiao's skinny physique and her childish little face, his brows immediately wrinkled up.

"Lou De, really! It seems the older you get, the more you're falling behind. Don’t tell me that the little one behind you is the one you're going to recommend as an assistant for me?" Pu Lisi's tone was a little unpleasant. Some of them, old fellows, were studying pharmaceutics in the library to death and rarely expressed interest in the younger generation. And the result of him expressing this was Lou De bringing a little brat to him. Wasn't this jesting him?

Lou De was suddenly in a cold sweat, he quickly explained: "Master, I don't dare to mock you! Although this student is still a freshman, his talent is very..."

Not waiting for Lou De to finish speaking, Pu Lisi immediately said with some impatience: "Freshman? Lou De, are you really telling me you're not mocking me? What can a young kid do? How long since a freshman student had started going to school? Do you think I’m blind? I'm afraid he can't even finish a low level potion by himself, yet you're incredibly bold to recommend this student to me?"

"No, Master Pu Lisi, please listen to me!" Lou De was in a hurry to explain, but Pu Lisi had impatiently waved and said to Shangguan Xiao on the side: "Shangguan Xiao, still not driving them out? Don't let me be disturbed while I’m concocting potions here."

Shangguan Xiao laughed in his heart. Although the few Holy Roland School’s Master Pharmacists had said that they wanted to find assistants among the students, it had been so long and it was still only him who had this kind of honor.

Lou De actually brought along and recommended a freshman student to a Master Pharmacist, wasn't this equally wanting to be blown away?

Shangguan Xiao was laughing in his heart, but on the surface, he very politely requested Lou De and Shen Yanxiao to leave.

Lou De was anxious and angry. Although Shen Yanxiao was just a freshman, her talent was extremely high. He believed that with her talent, it wouldn't take her long to be an Intermediate Pharmacist. A 13-year-old Intermediate Pharmacist, what a frightening existence!

But, Pu Lisi obviously wasn't interested in listening to his explanation. He didn't dare to act rashly in front of this Master Pharmacist, but it made him very anxious.

Shen Yanxiao stood at one side. She glanced at the anxious Lou De then looked at Pu Lisi who had continued to work on the potion. Her pair of clear eyes faintly moved, with the corners of her mouth hooked up, she said: "There is an enormous repulsion between the Hou Core Grass and Ice Rest Flowers. If I were you, I wouldn't put the Ice Rest Flowers immediately after mixing in the Hou Core Grass."

A soft and immature voice suddenly echoed inside the room.

Pu Lisi's hands that were concocting a genuine potion stopped. He immediately looked at Shen Yanxiao who suddenly spoke.

"You little brat! Although the Hou Core Grass and Ice Rest Flowers are repulsive, the repulsion property can be minimized as long as the quantity is mastered." Pu Lisi softly humphed.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and said: "’Minimized’ doesn’t mean it would be completely removed; the combination of those two will produce a certain amount of phagocytosis in the potion and will also decrease the purity of the potion. Moreover, it will also remove the efficacy of other medicinal herbs."

Pu Lisi coldly humphed, ignoring Shen Yanxiao's words. He continued to put the petals of the Ice Rest Flowers in the potion.

They only heard a clear crackling sound. The potion that was originally being heated up on the flames after adding the petals of the Ice Rest Flowers, immediately produced a series of blisters.

Pu Lisi frowned. It seemed that the quantity wasn't accurate!!!

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