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Chapter 278 - A Master Pharmacist’s Challenge (1)

Shen Yanxiao folded her arms on her chest. Looking at Pu Lisi’s depressed expression, she smiled and said: "You might as well put a speck of stamen and pistil of Huan Yun Flower first before adding the Ice Rest Flowers."

Pu Lisi gazed at Shen Yanxiao and unhappily said: "Do you even understand? Huan Yun Flower has a certain slow property. This will completely reduce the efficacy of the Huo Core Grass."

It was such a joke that a freshman student dared to point a finger at a Master Pharmacist.

Shen Yanxiao curled the corner of her lips. She looked at Pu Lisi from head to toe and said: "The reason for this result is because you cannot fully grasp the right quantity of Huan Yun Flower and Huo Core Grass."

It wasn't a problem with the herbs, but with Pu Lisi’s lack of ability.

Since Pu Lisi had been promoted to the Master Pharmacist level, no one dared to question his practice. Today, the boy not only denied his own pharmaceutical process but also hinted that his ability was insufficient!

Pu Lisi's face immediately turned green.

Lou De at the side was completely in cold sweat. He didn't think that Shen Yanxiao would suddenly jump out and pointed out Master Pu Lisi’s shortcomings. Although Shen Yanxiao had certain talents in pharmaceutics, in the end, she was still a freshman. How could she be compared to Pu Lisi, who was a Master of Pharmaceutics?

Lou De wanted to cry but had no tears. The group of Master Pharmacists in the Pharmaceutical Branch library hadn’t been teaching any students for a decade now. This time, Ouyang Huanyu had personally asked a few of them to give some pointers to some gifted students at the Pharmaceutical Branch while concocting potions.

This was a once-in-lifetime opportunity. The pharmacist mentors had brought more than ten gifted students around, but in the end, only Shangguan Xiao had reluctantly passed and managed to remain and stay here.

After witnessing Shen Yanxiao's amazing talent, Lou De's heart was moved. The previous Breath Concealing Potion was to test Shen Yanxiao if she had the qualifications to be recommended. Although he was certain that Shen Yanxiao's talent was far above Shangguan Xiao’s, Shen Yanxiao's experience and age were too small that it was no wonder Master Pu Lisi would display such attitude.

He thought that if it didn’t work this time, he would try to find the other masters next time. If there was a master that would be willing to give Shen Yanxiao a chance, then he was sure that Shen Yanxiao's talent would frighten everyone.

Unfortunately, Pu Lisi didn't give her a chance.

He could only plan again.

But who would've thought that the silent Shen Yanxiao would make a surprising move at this time.

Just by looking at Pu Lisi’s pale complexion, Lou De knew that the situation wasn't good.

"Master Pu Lisi, please forgive Shen Jue's rudeness." Lou De wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead while trying to soothe Pu Lisi’s mood.

"Hmph!" Pu Lisi coldly humphed. His anger at this moment was evident with his knitted brows.

To be taught by a freshman student, where could he put his face as a master?

Lou De was nervous. Shangguan Xiao, on the other, was quietly watching the show.

He was the only one who had been recognized by a master, and it was a great advantage for him to be able to stay here and give Master Pu Lisi a hand. The student that had been brought this time didn't look like a skillful man. This average student was a joke compared to him.

Did Lou De really think that this student could be put in here?

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