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Chapter 240 - Sickness (2)

It was precisely because of this that she didn’t want to neglect her study whether it was the Pharmaceutical, Archer, or Warlock.

That day when Yun Qi’s face was filled with sorrow and grief had been lingering in Shen Yanxiao’s mind. Even though she doesn't have any ambition and hadn’t felt any sense of belonging in this world, that didn’t mean she didn’t cherish the care and love that she had never received before.

Whether it was Shen Feng, Shen Siyu or Yun Qi, Shen Yanxiao felt the love and unreserved care they had for her. As a thief, she had seen how the warm world had turned cold; she had seen a lot of people seek fame and money at the expense of their own families and eventually turning into enemies. Yet these three people’s care for her was different. What they have was a pure concern towards her. That’s why she couldn't wait to pay them back and protect them.

Although thieves were cunning and selfish, there was still a part of their hearts that remained pure.

And those three people were inside that part of her heart.

Therefore she wanted to help Yun Qi to achieve his wishes while at the same time complete the task that Xiu gave her.

"I’m fine." Shen Yanxiao spit out the apple with difficulty, she was rather getting a headache because of Tang Nazhi.

"Haha." Tang Nazhi laughed as he tried to catch the apple while ignoring Shen Yanxiao's resistance. This time, with his knife, he patiently cut the apple into pieces and shove it into her mouth.

"..." Although she was a patient right now, that didn’t mean he could ignore her wishes, ah!

"Our young master of the Black Tortoise Clan is still a decent person to know how to take care of a person." A slightly lazy voice sounded in front of the door.

Qi Xia lazily leaned against the doorframe, this smiling fox was watching the warm scenario inside the room. Behind Qi Xia was Yan Yu and Yang Xi who also arrived together with him but unlike Qi Xia, they were very kind enough that they didn’t comment on this slightly eccentric scene.

"How come you guys are free today?" Tang Nazhi ignored Qi Xia’s ridicule and just continued on feeding Shen Yanxiao.

"Today, before class started, I saw your little roommate and learned that little Jue is sick, so we came together to give our condolences." Qi Xia shrugged and walked in.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless. If she remembered correctly, their class should be starting already. These few people have big guts to skip out their class, wouldn't they get in trouble?

"Little Jue is truly fragile, your skinny body wasn't properly raised." Qi Xia sat on Shen Yanxiao's bed and unceremoniously lay down on the side of Shen Yanxiao. His peerless handsome face was almost affixed to Shen Yanxiao's nose.

And seeing such a handsome face at close so suddenly had really made Shen Yanxiao suck in a mouthful of air to the point that she almost choke herself with the apple in her mouth.

"Let me check you up." Yan Yu's pale face had a faint smile as he walked to Shen Yanxiao's side. He checked the condition of Shen Yanxiao.

"Yu came from the White Tiger Clan, that’s why he’s much more reliable than the school nurse." Qi Xia smilingly said.

"Thank you..." Shen Yanxiao nodded to Yan Yu and thanked him.

Yan Yu chuckled and said:"No harm, it's just a fatigue and you're only feeling weak right now. I have a few Xuan Jiu pills here, you'll soon feel better once you had eaten some."

Although Xuan Jiu pills were not that precious but it was also worth hundreds of gold coins. Yan Yu directly giving Shen Yanxiao a bottle of it was rather generous of him.

The three people stayed at Shen Yanxiao's dorm for a while and left only when it was lunch time. Tang Nazhi knew how to take advantage of them though and asked Qi Xia to come back and bring some food as he waited in the room.

[TL Sky: Bastard Tang Nazhi XD]

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