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Chapter 239 - Sickness (1)

Under the guidance of Yun Qi, Shen Yanxiao spent a lot of time cultivating her magic instead of studying other combination curse techniques.

Although she still hadn’t unlock the third layer of her seal yet, but with the proper guidance in the system, Shen Yanxiao was able to speed up her magic cultivation. Yun Qi only allowed her to learn the most basic single curse techniques first and exercise with them to let her flawlessly control the flow of magic and didn’t let her do combination curse techniques with higher difficulty for now. Although previously, Shen Yanxiao could only do two high-level combination curse techniques at once but gradually she’s starting to be able to do more curses.

A benefit that only the two people, Shen Yanxiao and Yun Qi knew.

While Shen Yanxiao was paying her respect to Yun Qi as her master, Yun Qi gave Shen Yanxiao a badge that had a shape of a star with 6 tips, this was the emblem of being in the Warlock Branch. Unlike the badge of the Archers and the Pharmacists that was full of glitters, the Warlock Badge was covered with dust that obscured its radiance, but still Shen Yanxiao cherished it very much.

She felt a strong sense of belonging to it.

Every night, Shen Yanxiao would go to the Warlock Branch while wearing this badge on her chest and even removing her face-changing medicine to appear in her true form.

[TL Sky: So Shen Jue - Pharmacist (Morning), Xiao Yan (Afternoon) and Shen Yanxiao - Warlock (Night). Dang woman, don’t you even sleep? Is it really that hard to be famous? XD]

When Yun Qi saw Shen Yanxiao’s action, he couldn’t help but felt pleased deep inside.

With the addition of Yun Qi’s lessons, Shen Yanxiao’s life had been more busy. In the morning, she would attend her class in the Pharmaceutical Branch, then by afternoon she would attend the class in the Archer Branch, and then by the evening she would quietly slipped out again to go to the Warlock Branch and listen to Yun Qi’s teaching.

This kind of a busy lifestyle, if it was another person, it would have probably driven them into madness.

Unlike normal people, Shen Yanxiao’s mental strength was becoming like a high-end system. She manage to keep up with these three activities everyday by dividing her day into three parts, and at each parts was a different class she would take attentively. After one part is finished she would immediately proceed with another part.

But even though Shen Yanxiao's mind can cope with it, her body couldn’t take too much.

Within just a month, Shen Yanxiao’s self-proclaimed healthy body had deteriorated and early in the morning, thanks to her fatigue, she unfortunately caught a fever.

"..." Lying on the bed, Shen Yanxiao silently looked at the ceiling, she wanted to get up but her body felt heavy.

"You should take a rest, you’re sick right now." Seeing that Shen Yanxiao was sick, Tang Nazhi also took a leave in the Pharmaceutical Branch just to take care of Shen Yanxiao and specifically guarding her beside her bed. These days, this juvenile was extremely unreliable yet he still made sure to attentively take care of her. At this moment, the upright man was holding a delicate knife in one hand while his other hand was holding a glowing red apple; he was preparing to feed it to Shen Yanxiao.

"You still insist to keep yourself busy everyday for unknown reasons when your body is actually so weak. Do you think your body is made out of iron? Tell me the truth or else I, this small grandpa [1] will beat you up until you can’t stand anymore and can only crawl.” Looking at his patient who had been trying to get off the bed even with a sick body, Tang Nazhi very bluntly cut the apple and quickly put it in her little mouth before he slap her and made her go back and rest on the top of the bed.

[TL Sky: Awww Mommy Tang Nazhi~ XD]

Seeing Tang Nazhi taking care of her, Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry, if only she had the tears to do so. She didn’t want to rest or more likely she didn’t have the time to rest. There’s only half a year’s time until the competition begin, to make sure that she’d be able to firmly win the battle she had to do a good job to prepare her three identities for the competition.

She wasn’t convinced that the current strength of her three identities could hold it together in the competition. She still need to prepare!

[1] it’s like putting oneselves above.

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