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Chapter 230 - Warlock Branch’s student (1)

"The Dean can go back first, I still have things to talk about with the student." Yun Qi looked directly at Ouyang Huanyu, putting his guard up for his next actions.


Ouyang Huanyu smiled and said: "Rest assured, I will leave this matter in your hands.”


"Then, what else do you want?" Yun Qi didn’t dare to act rashly. He knew that the youth who had been discovered by Ouyang Huanyu was likely the same student who had took away his sheepskin book. The Warlock had withered all the way, and he would never allow anyone to hurt a child who had just set foot on the Warlock's path before his eyes.


Ouyang Huanyu thoughtfully looked at Yun Qi, and then slowly said: "After six months, Long Xuan Empire will once again hold the competition for various academies. Each branch of Holy Roland School will send one or two students to participate there and since Warlock Branch had already ushered in a student, then you must also participate.”


"You’re talking nonsense!" Yun Qi glared at Ouyang Huanyu, he just couldn’t believe his words. The Warlocks nowadays were in a situation where they couldn’t show themselves to the people of the Radiance Continent!


"You know that the people of the Radiance Continent can’t accept the Warlock..."


"Why can’t they?" Ouyang Huanyu slightly raised his eyebrows.


"It’s not a risk, it would be better to say that this is an opportunity. If your student can overcome the talents of the younger generation of the Long Xuan Empire with the power of a Warlock, then perhaps the day when Warlocks can get out of their current predicament will finally come. Instead of letting the Warlock’s path decline any further, why don’t you take this chance to get the Warlock profession back on stage again? The winner of the competition can get a permission from the Emperor to open up a territory in the barren land, and if your student can beat the demons in the barren land, based on the danger of that, don’t you think those ignorant people might reconsider the existence of the Warlocks?”


Ouyang Huanyu had left a great temptation. The reason why the people were against the Warlocks was all because of the matter in the past about the forbidden experiments. And this time, if the victorious warlock could be sent to the barren land, not only the Warlock could avoid the crowd to reduce the people's fear, but also could use the Warlock's powerful conquest of the demons to reverse the current predicament of the Warlocks.


If a Warlock could really stand in the barren land, then the Warlock Profession might really have a new future.


"Are you sure that those idiots will not going to arrest my student?" Yun Qi had subconsciously treated the teenager who had yet to uncover her face as his own disciple, and in all aspects, helping her out.


"I guarantee, in the name of the Dean of the Holy Roland School, as long as your student has the ability to stand in the competition’s arena, I will let those people accept your student’s existence, and even if he didn’t get the final victory, I will let him get back to the Holy Roland School safely." Ouyang Huanyu said, using his own reputation as a guarantee.


Yun Qi could not help but believe in those words even if just a little bit.


"If you can do what you promised, I will use my entire life to nurture the child, but I want you to promise me another thing. Before the competition begins, you are to stop investigating the child. I don’t want my disciple to be threatened in the process of his growth”.


It had been so many years, but he had never seen another Warlock to appear. The youth who had sneaked into the Warlock Branch was his only hope.


"I promise you." Ouyang Huanyu smiled, Yun Qi’s answer was undoubtedly one of the strongest guarantee.


He was looking forward as to how Yun Qi would develop a genius Warlock, and what kind of waves would this new Warlock would bring upon the Radiance Continent.

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