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Chapter 231 - Warlock Branch’s student (2)

He would just have to wait and see!


Ouyang Huanyu was satisfied with the answer he got and left the Warlock Branch.


The empty Warlock Branch was only left with the 100 light congealing crystals which emitted a little brilliance.


Yun Qi looked at the back of Ouyang Huanyu and his old face had traces of helplessness. He sighed heavily before turning to look at the slit hidden in the darkness.


"Stinking brat, don’t come out yet."


Shen Yanxiao’s heart was slightly surprised. For Ouyang Huanyu to know her position was not strange because of the perceptual magic, but how did Yun Qi knew?


Even though there were some hesitations in her heart, after all the things that happened, Shen Yanxiao could clearly feel that the lonely old man held no malice towards her, and even in front of Ouyang Huanyu, he even protected her strongly.


After pondering for a few moments, Shen Yanxiao finally came out from the darkness.


When the petite figure fell in Yun Qi’s sight, Yun Qi’s face appeared a little surprised.


The child in front of him looked like 13 to14 years old, his petite body even when compared with the children of the same age was still slightly thinner. Ouyang Huanyu had said before that the child in the previous test had casted out an Illusion technique. Yun Qi had once thought of what would be the appearance of the youth who could learn four-level combination curse in a short span of one month, but never did it occur in his mind that the kid could be so young.


"How old are you?" Yun Qi slightly frowned, the little imp before his eyes was obviously a few years younger than he had guessed. If it weren’t for him hearing the rumors about the kid from Ouyang Huanyu’s mouth, he really wouldn’t believe that this little fellow in front of him had actually learned the four-level combination curse technique.


[TL Sky: Well aren’t you both the same? Both didn’t expect the other to be a warlock.]


To be able to cast a four-level combination curses, at the very least, one must be in the level of Intermediate Warlock.


"Thirteen." Shen Yanxiao touched her nose, she didn’t feel a trace of danger from Yun Qi’s body.


"Aren’t you too young!?" Yun Qi was somehow stunned, thirteen-year-old Intermediate Warlock?


How was this possible!?


His heart was full of doubt, but he also knew that the two of them could not just stand there and talk. Who knows if Ouyang Huanyu, that old fox was just hiding somewhere to eavesdrop.


"Follow me first." Yun Qi turned around to walk towards the Warlock tower.


Shen Yanxiao didn't hesitate and directly followed him.


The Warlock tower was still the same as what in her memory, quiet and peaceful. Yun Qi, like usual, was sitting behind the desk while Shen Yanxiao stood next to a pile of books, obediently staring at Yun Qi, waiting for him to speak.


"Are you the one who took away the sheepskin book I had put on the second floor?" There was still a trace of uncertainty in Yun Qi’s heart. The child’s age was too young that it was kind of hard to associate her with the Intermediate Warlock.


Shen Yanxiao honestly nodded, she knew that Yun Qi held no malice towards her. Even in the presence of Ouyang Huanyu he indirectly acknowledged her as his student. And because of the sheepskin book that Shen Yanxiao used to practice curses, she had also treated Yun Qi as her semi-master.


Somehow, she didn’t know why, but she had a favorable impression of this old man who had been quietly staying indoors all day long, to the point that she could even let her guard down.


Yun Qi took a deep breath, restraining the strong excitement in his heart.


"Did you use the Illusion technique written in the sheepskin book in the previous class test?"


"Yes." Shen Yanxiao lowered her head, the use of the Illusion technique could be said to be her biggest flaw since her rebirth, otherwise she would not be so passive right now.

 Note: Some of you might not remember but I know there are also some who remembers.. well me, I remember Shen Feng saying she's 14 years old to the sage. In raws it's really 14 years old in that part and in this part she really said she's just 13. I don't know if this is a mistake on author's part or Shen Feng just doesn't really know the real age of Shen Yanxiao.. or if that thing was explained at all.. I don't remember. Anyway, SYX said she's 13 herself.. so she's just thirteen. xD

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