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Chapter 209 - Chapter 209: Archer Branch (1)

This was like the legendary battery!!!

Shen Yanxiao was inwardly speechless.

"But you don’t have to worry. The power of the crystallic nucleus that was converted by the Purple Baron will not cause any damage to you. You’ll know about it once you try it." The division master was afraid that the little fox would be shocked with the side effects of the crystallic nucleus so he hastened to add.

(TL Sky: I wonder how the hell does this master knows what’s he’s talking about when he can’t even use it himself.)

"I understand." Shen Yanxiao was determined to use the Purple Baron, but then, she’s afraid that she’ll need a lot of crystallic nucleus. Fortunately, she had requested the Qilin auction house before to help her in collecting crystallic nucleus. And the first batch of those crystallic nucleus should be arriving soon.

"Seeing that you and Purple Baron had a great affinity with each others, I'll send you a hundred gray spirit arrows [1]." The price of gray spirit arrow was as high as one gold coin each. The division master was a generous one.

But Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and her mind became active again.

"100 is too little. You’re also aware that the price of your bow is not cheap. I spent three million so how about you send me 300 of it. You see, I still have to buy a lot of crystallic nucleus and that will be a big expense, ah.”

The division master was stupefied and he cursed this little fox.

“Fine, let’s settle with that, little brat.”

The conversation between an old man and a little guy ended. Shen Yanxiao put the 300 gray spirit arrows into her storage ring then bid her farewell to Xie Yun and the division master after. She then followed the shop assistant of the gold-smelting weapon shop to the bank and then deposited all her gold coins to convert it into a crystal card.

When the bank counted the money, only then did Shen Yanxiao knew the exact amount of gold coins she had plundered from the state treasury.

There are more than 10 million and even when the 3 million price of the Purple Baron was deducted, Shen Yanxiao still carried more than 10 million gold coins.

And according to the number of gold coins she had deposited, the bank directly given her a gold crystal card.


The shop assistant standing at the side had long been stupefied. He secretly noted the appearance of Shen Yanxiao in his heart and warned himself that the next time this low-key local tyrant visited their shop again, he must offer him delicious foods and drinks.

This super big cash cow [2] ah!

Shen Yanxiao put the Purple Baron inside her ring and marked the end of today's trip in the Black City.

The next morning, Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi went to their pharmacist class together. And after that at noon, Shen Yanxiao looked for an excuse to get rid of Tang Nazhi, this piece of sticky candy. Then, once she found a deserted place, she put on yesterday’s outfit then walked towards the archer branch.

There’s no classes during morning in the archer branch. Most of the students were either practicing in the shooting field or sleeping in the dormitory. It was only when the afternoon classes was about to start that there would be students walking around the branch to go to their respective classes.

Halfway to the archer branch, Shen Yanxiao grabbed an archer student and asked where she could find Xie yun.

Xie Yun saw Shen Yanxiao arrived as scheduled and his face had a trace of smile. He was really afraid that this little guy would suddenly back out.

“Since you’ve entered the school midway, I’ll give you some excuses. Just tell the others that you have passed the entrance exam before but because of your illness you were not able to participate in the collective test of all branches at the beginning of this school year and can only start learning at the red class of first grade.” Xie Yun gave Shen Yanxiao a set of red clothes and a badge of the archer branch. After Shen Yanxiao had changed clothes, she was led to the direction where the red class was.

Although Shen Yanxiao's talent was good, she had never been formally exposed to the archer’s knowledge, therefore she need to learn from scratch, starting off from the most basic in the red class.

"Although generally the level of red class is not high, but I believe that as long as you learn, you can quickly rush up to the higher classes [3].”

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