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If she remembered correctly, the class hours of the archer branch were mostly in the afternoon and the time for her pharmacist class was only in the morning. The time for the classes of both sides didn’t conflict so she can run on both branches.


At this moment, Shen Yanxiao was feeling very fortunate to have the foresight to buy a face-changing mask. With it, who in the Holy Roland School would think that “Xiao Yan” and “Shen Jue” were the same person!

“Alright, Xie Yun. If you’re done, quickly hand over the little kid to me. I still have something to tell him about the bow.” The division master was done watching the show and very bluntly, he dragged Shen Yanxiao in front of Xie Yun to one side of a  corner.

An old and a little wretched figures together had threw away Xie Yun’s generous heart at the side.

“Little fellow, it doesn’t matter to me if you can’t afford the tuition fee but you need to take out the money to pay for the bow.” The division master said as he smilingly stared at the little fox.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the sly old fox and her shy expression from before had been replaced with a mischievous smile.

“Master please be at ease, three million is a lot of money.”

The division master nodded with satisfaction and then said: “The bow in your hands is called Purple Baron. Use it well... It will definitely help you in the archer’s path.”

"Purple Baron?" Shen Yanxiao touched the purple baron in her hands and her eyes were full of smiles. She immediately remembered her purpose in coming, she asked: "Division master, I can see that the body of the purple baron has no magic nucleus, wouldn’t it be more powerful if it will be fused with a magic nucleus?" Although the purple baron is indeed amazing, but it was still a semi-finished product.

The master's face was a bit complicated. He hesitated for a moment before saying: "That's precisely why I wanted to talk with you alone, it’s to talk about that.”

The division master carefully glanced at Xie Yun who was at the shooting field. Only after he was sure he could not hear them did he whispered: "To tell you the truth, Purple Baron doesn’t need any magic nucleus.”

"Doesn’t need magic nucleus?" Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded. Although the current Purple Baron seemed to be very powerful enough already, but she still noticed that the Purple Baron's body obviously have a few grooves which was seems to be the place where the magic nucleus should be place.

"It doesn’t need any magic nucleus, what it needs is crystallic nucleus." The division master cautiously said.

"Crystallic nucleus!" Shen Yanxiao surprisingly looked at the purple baron in her hands.  Crystallic nucleus were rarely used in weapons because the crystallic nucleus’ residual dark atmosphere will erode the user's spiritual power. Only a small number of low-level crystallic nucleus was being used for practice weapons, but no one would use the crystallic nucleus in real combat weapons.

"I believe you should know the matter about the crystallic nucleus but let me tell you that purple baron is completely different from other weapons. Don’t think that I, this old man is always putting a skyrocketing price in his works, in fact, of all of my creation it’s only the Purple Baron that has a high price. But I’ll tell you right now, once you began to truly understand the strength of this Purple Baron, you’ll realize how cheap you’ve actually paid for the bow.”

“These grooves are specifically used to place the crystallic nucleus. But unlike the use of the magic nucleus as a sustainable energy source, the crystallic nucleus placed in the purple baron will be consumed by the bow depending on the number of times you use it, did you understand?”

The crystallic nucleus will be consumed by the purple baron? Shen Yanxiao was staring blankly as she listened. This is like saying that the purple baron will automatically devour the power of the crystallic nucleus and convert it to be its own power. Then that means that once the stored power of the purple baron,the power of crystallic nucleus had been completely consumed, she must then replace it with a new crystallic nucleus?

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