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After experiencing a series of disturbances, The Rising Sun City had finally welcomed a period of tranquility.


Shen Yanxiao, as a City Lord, would patrol her own territory daily; from time to time, she would accompany Shen Feng to chat with him; she would also teach Nangong Mengmeng in her Warlock cultivation; and occasionally, she would go to the Oriental City to see the progress of the construction. Her life was simply comfortable.


Not long afterwards, Long Fei sent a message that Blizzard City was willing to accept the conditions of Shen Yanxiao before; they would provide Shen Yanxiao with a certain amount of medicinal herbs at the lowest price. Of course, there was a certain quota, but compared to buying in other places, the amount of money she would spend under this agreement was very favorable.


Shen Yanxiao immediately wrote a list of medicinal herbs, after which she let the people of Blizzard City take it back. On the list were all the medicinal herbs she needed.


These herbs were not particularly precious, but the quantity that Shen Yanxiao wanted was relatively large, so she could only look for Long Fei.


Long Fei’s work was also very simple. After receiving the list, the medicinal herbs were sent to The Rising Sun City in just a few days.


A team of wagons from the Blizzard City droved into The Rising Sun City, bringing a lot of medicinal herbs. Shen Yanxiao paid the money and immediately let her people move all the medicinal herbs to the City Lord Residence.


She especially made a pharmacy room in the City Lord Residence in order to facilitate the preparation of potions.


With medicinal herbs in her hands, Shen Yanxiao started a frantic rush in the pharmacy room.


Since she had already planned to turn every citizen of The Rising Sun City into a soldier, she would naturally make her people all sorts of physique-improving, dou qi and magic potions; all these potions were essential. Adding up the people in The Rising Sun City and Oriental City together, there were already several thousands of them. She must allocate these potions in the shortest possible time so that ordinary citizens could begin their cultivation as soon as possible.


Shen Yanxiao started to spend her time behind closed doors making the necessary potions.


At the same time, there were also the five members of Phantom on the other side. These five youths who had been carefree all day, after experiencing the shock from Shen Yanxiao’s advancement to the Second Stage Profession, also started to be strongly determined to succeed, putting down their usual cynicism and beginning their crazy cultivation..


Nangong Mengmeng was also cultivating. Because Shen Yanxiao was not available during this time, she could only study the curse techniques by herself, but her brain could actually keep up and there was not much difficulty.


The collective strike of the higher demons of the Demons Trade Union caused the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps to become aggravated with the all tasks. Du Lang was busy with a group of mercenaries all day; his heels could not even touch the ground at all.


Therefore, beneath the calm surface, the important members of The Rising Sun City were all busy in private.




In addition to occasionally eating a meal from the pharmacy room, Shen Yanxiao would never step out of the room; even when Xiu was to go to the underground city, he would just let the dark mist float there, after which he would form his body.


In a hurry, Shen Yanxiao buried her head in a pile of potion bottles. A series of formulas was circling in her head.


She deeply felt that with the current growth of The Rising Sun City, being the only Pharmacist would really make her unbearably busy. However, she did not feel at ease to use an outsider Pharmacist. After all, many of her own potion formulas were very rare, and there were also a lot that were privately formulated by Ye Qing. If these were cheated away by other Pharmacists, it would be too late for Shen Yanxiao to cry.


In the end, Shen Yanxiao crawled out of the pharmacy room after seven days of seclusion, and at the same time she also made a decision.


She would select a group of talents who could study pharmaceutics from the local citizens of The Rising Sun City!


Thereupon, Shen Yanxiao issued a notice in the city on the same day: ‘For the local citizens of The Rising Sun City who are below 30 and over 10 years old, if you are interested in learning pharmaceutics, you can go to Uncle Jiu’s side to report your names.’


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