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"Is there really such a thing? Then didn’t that mean that the other demons could also evolve?” Shen Yanxiao’s eyes sparkled with delight. If this was true, then would this not be extremely great? 


There were more than 40,000 lower demons and at least several thousands of middle demons in her hands. If they all evolved into higher demons... 


Shen Yanxiao swallowed her saliva quietly. If such a number of higher demons were pulled out, it would absolutely scare people to death.


"Yes," Xiu answered. 


Shen Yanxiao began to feel excited. 


She could almost imagine the scene of her tens of thousands of higher demons charging violently around the Radiance Continent. What Broken Star Palace? What Warlocks of the Forbidden Technique Research? In front of these tens of thousands of higher demons, what were they?  


If they would engage in a wheel war[1] those people would be the ones dying. 



Shen Yanxiao was lost in her infinite, wild, and fanciful thoughts.  


"How long does a lower demon need to absorb enough dark elements to successfully evolve into a higher demon?” Shen Yanxiao asked. 


Xiu only faintly said, “At least a few decades to a century.” 


"..." Shen Yanxiao felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured on her.  


Decades… to a century... 


Shen Yanxiao needed a lot of time to accomplish her goal, however the Broken Star Palace could in any minute come into The Rising Sun City. Forget about a decade, even if it was just two years, she already felt worried. 


Her blood that was just boiling with excitement a few seconds ago immediately went back to normal. Shen Yanxiao could only quietly go to a corner and dawdle around there. 


Xiu did not stay any longer and left. He could only maintain his corporeal body for a limited time. After solving Shen Yanxiao’s problem, the Great Master instantly left the cave to return to the training field. 


Little Tiny’s body continued to shiver on the ground, while Vicious Wolf remained petrified at the side.  


It was not until a long time after Xiu had left that Vicious Wolf recovered from his shock. He quickly went before Shen Yanxiao, his face filled with surprise. 


"City Lord...that...that one is..." Vicious Wolf continued to have a hard time talking. Golden eyes. Was that not a feature of the legendary God Race? How powerful was their City Lord in the end, that she could even get someone from the extinct God Race! 


Was he really not dreaming? 


Shen Yanxiao looked at the horrified expression of Vicious Wolf. She narrowed her eyes and said, “You didn't see anything at all and you didn't hear anything. You must remember this." 


Vicious Wolf was stunned, however he still awkwardly nodded his head in front of Shen Yanxiao’s ferocious gaze. 


"Well, after Little Tiny completes its evolution, bring it to me.” Shen Yanxiao said before leaving the cave with her complicated thoughts. 


It was a good thing that the demons could evolve, but this evolution took a long time. It seemed that for the time being, she could not place her hope in the evolution of the demons.


Watching as Shen Yanxiao left, Vicious Wolf could not help but sigh in relief. Before they built this city, the City Lord was a pure youngster. It had not been a long time since then, so how could she become so scary now, so unlike her previous self? When Shen Yanxiao fiercely stared at him, Vicious Wolf almost forgot his own name.




Who was that beautiful man in the end? He had never seen him in The Rising Sun City. And it seemed that the demons did not like him since they all immediately left the cave after they saw his figure. 


However, something was not right with the color of his eyes. 


Vicious Wolf stroked his chin. He was truly curious regarding Xiu’s identity. And it appeared that their family’s savage City Lord had an exceptionally proper attitude before him. Such thing was truly rare.   


Unfortunately, no matter how curious he was, he dared not take this matter outside and gossip about it with anyone else. Shen Yanxiao had already told him to keep his mouth sealed, or else if he dared to go poke his nose into it...


Vicious Wolf could not help but shiver from thinking about what would happen to him.




[1] continuous sending of an army to fight by batch until one side is defeated.


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