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All of the mercenary corps here were also ranked high in Black City. If this matter was spread out in the future, they feared that when someone wanted to hire them that time, that person would surely consider their stains on this mission. Credibility was a key to mercenaries.

However, did they really want them to enter Mount Ku Luo?

The main leader seemed to be mocking them, making the complexion of these mercenary heads turn black. Knowing that they were now hesitant, he immediately sneered in his heart, then said, "Although Mount Ku Luo is known to be a terrible place outside, during that time, the mercenary corps who had a narrow escape only had a hundred of people all together. Having no knowledge about Mount Ku Luo and underestimating the enemies led to them being nearly annihilated. But who doesn't know the situation in Mount Ku Luo at present? Who would dare to underestimate the enemies? What's more, we have more than 1000 people in this team; even if the demons in Mount Ku Luo are thinking of making a move on us, they still have to worry about their ability to fight our army of a thousand people.”

First taunt them, stirring up the indignation of these mercenary heads, then followed by an analysis of the present situation, making these several mercenary heads understand that their number and size far exceeded the mercenary corps in the rumors.

Employing these two methods would truly shaken these several mercenary heads up.

Shen Yanxiao laughed in her heart. The employer really wasn’t simple; just a few words from him could actually affect these mercenary heads’ minds. His grasp of the human mind was truly near the point of perfection.

First, he imposed the mercenaries’ honor and reputation on these mercenary corps. And he believed that by the time when he talked about the analysis of their own strengths, the minds of these mercenary heads would have already been shaken up.

The main leader's idea was the same as Du Lang’s thoughts before. Both people thought that this task wasn’t impossible to complete.

But the disparity lay in the Phoenix’s real rank.

Du Lang felt that it was possible because the target was a rank eight Phoenix. Sizing up the situation, there was a chance of success with more than a thousand of them.

However, Shen Yanxiao and the main leader knew that the Phoenix in Mount Ku Luo was a rank twelve Mythological Beast. With this immediate team, they weren’t possibly enough to fill in the gap between its teeth.

Du Lang said it with all truth, but the main leader was clearly luring the masses into their own deaths.

And sure enough, when the main leader had spoken twice, these mercenary heads were all shaken up.

Since they could become mercenary heads, naturally they weren’t fools. They understood that with the scale of their team, it was absolutely impossible for them to end up having a narrow escape in Mount Ku Luo; nevertheless, the danger still existed, and they couldn’t help but be concerned.

But at this crucial moment, the main leader seemed to have anticipated the general mood of the crowd, so he said astonishingly, "I promise you that I will triple the original commission as long as you can finish this task."

Triple the original commission?

Everyone sucked in cold air. The commission of this task was already higher than the other tasks, and now it was directly tripled. The reward for this mission was enough to cover their usual food for ten tasks.

Have to say, these mercenary heads were tempted by this.

In the face of more gold coins, they found it hard to think twice.

Immediately afterwards, one mercenary head had compromised and promised to continue the task. Although they held some worries in their hearts, but they was simply nothing compared to the huge remuneration.

Although Mount Ku Luo was dangerous, they also had many people, and so they should encounter less danger.

However, no one knew that their greed this time would let their team of more than a thousand people be almost unable to go out of Mount Ku Luo forever.

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