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With the main leader’s incitement, the mercenaries eventually decided to stay, but at the same time they also began to let their men make preparations. After all, the place they were going to was Mount Ku Luo, where demons and magical beasts ran rampant.


After they determined this matter, almost all of the mercenary heads looked for Du Lang. Regardless of whether they had envied Du Lang before or not, they now decided to have good relations with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ head and draw him over to their side. Among this team, the mercenary corps who was the strongest was Du Lang’s corps, so in this dangerous place, they were bound to rely on him more.


Shen Yanxiao stood beside Du Lang, and looking at those mercenary heads with flattering faces, she couldn’t help but secretly sneer in her heart.


Obviously, their status as mercenary heads was all the same, yet these people had actually approached so they could hug Du Lang’s thigh.


After a short break, the team finally headed towards Mount Ku Luo.


Along the way, the power of the elements emerging beneath the ground had made the temperature of the surroundings extremely hot. Since ordinary horses simply couldn’t move forward with the power of such elements, they had to give up their carriages and their horses and walk on their feet towards Mount Ku Luo. And the carriages and other things that had been left behind were put in custody of one or two people of each mercenary corps.


"We are really going to Mount Ku Luo this time." Vicious Wolf looked at the lofty mountains not far away, his heart stirring up unceasingly.


Shen Yanxiao faintly glanced at Mount Ku Luo. Even by just standing from such a far distance, she still felt the fire elements that spread from above the mountains. Such powerful elements of fire were even more formidable than the Lava Valley’s where the Vermillion Bird had lived in.


Could it be that the level of the Phoenix in Mount Ku Luo was higher than Vermillion Bird’s?


Thinking of this, Shen Yanxiao’s consciousness immediately entered the deep part of her mind and found there the Vermillion Bird who was currently napping.


The Vermillion Bird’s petite body was curled into a ball while suspended mid-air, and his small  sleeping face was particularly lovely.


Shen Yanxiao walked over to his side, then she raised her hand to poke the sleeping Vermillion Bird with her finger.


Vermillion Bird, who was in the middle of a wonderful dream, suddenly felt the invasion of external forces. He frowned, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. His chubby body twisted, turning over to the other side, and almost immediately, his butt was facing Shen Yanxiao. Then he just continued to sleep.


Shen Yanxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while looking at a certain little guy who was sleeping soundly. If one didn’t know the true identity of this little guy, she was afraid that the person wouldn’t associate such a lovely little thing with the notorious Mythological Beast, Vermillion Bird.


Cute was cute, but she still had something she needed to ask.


Shen Yanxiao chuckled. Both of her hands immediately grasped Vermillion Bird’s shoulders, then a series of violent shakings occurred.


Vermillion Bird, who was sleeping, suddenly woke up in a daze. He sat up confusedly, rubbed his sleepy eyes with his soft white hands, and yawned with his small mouth.


That adorable appearance truly made people’s hearts tremble.


"Eh? What did you come here for?" Vermillion Bird was still a bit confused. Seeing his unscrupulous owner, his ruddy mouth habitually pouted in an instant.


What Mythological Beast! This was simply an adorable beast!


Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, "I have some things to ask you."


"What’s the matter?" Although his body habitually displayed a natural haughty and pampered aura, Vermillion Bird unusually talked properly because he wasn’t fully awake yet.


"Did you ever feel that the fire element coming out from that mountain was powerful? How is it compared to your Lava Valley?" Shen Yanxiao asked bluntly.


"What mountain?" Vermillion Bird blinked his eyes, and his face was full of confusion.



However, in the next instant, he became sober again. He looked at Shen Yanxiao surprised, then swept a look around.


"Did you just said there are very strong fire elements in that mountain? No wonder I fell asleep, I have felt that familiar fire element and thought back of the Lava Valley, so comfortably warm it made me want to sleep." It was very boring to not be able to roam outside everyday, however, it was also hard for the Mythological Beast to sleep again once they awakened. They could be around for hundreds of years even without resting, and they could also fall in a deep slumber for hundreds of years continuously without waking up. But to make the Mythological beast fall asleep, there must be elements around them that were sufficient for their needs, they would not casually find a place to sleep.


Mythological Beast's deep slumber wasn't for resting, rather, it was for cultivation. Sleeping in a place with a dense elements, even if they're deep asleep, their body would automatically absorb the elements around to cultivate their own power.


From The Royal Tutor

Vermillion Bird: Welp time for me to sleep then. Woman, don’t you dare wake me up!

Vermillion Bird: It’s hard to get the chance to sleep and be in a place abundant of fire! Finally, I could sleep peacefully~

Xiu: Oho, did you forgot that I’m also here? *smirk* *use power to make sure the Vermillion Bird can’t sleep*

Vermillion Bird: Nooooo! T_T You bully! Child abuse! I just want to sleep! ;_;

Shen Yanxiao: Child?!

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