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Chapter 80

Proofread by Peter Gong

Sakura Emperor deserves to be the ruler of Xuandao world . The first move of Nine Moves of Magic Knife used by King of Jiuzhou only makes her take a big step back .

While the three-thousand-meter-long Magic Knife of the King of Jiuzhou has been broken into pieces and finally turned into a magic cloud, dissipating away .

There is no doubt that the King of Jiuzhou is at a disadvantage in this battle!

What happened? The Jiuzhou Magic Knife has been broken into pieces, dissipating away!

Qin Yi, who is watching the battle in Hongmeng Era, opens his mouth in astonishment and blinks his eyes in disbelief . The legendary number one lethal weapon was broken by one slash of the golden sword like this!

It seems that the legendary number one lethal weapon is not that good!

"Does . . . do my eyes get dazed?" The Dragon Emperor blinks his two huge eyes and says in disbelief with his tongue being a bit attached to the mouth .

It’s unbelievable that the Jiuzhou Magic Knife was broken .

"Your eyes are not dazed, the Jiuzhou Magic Knife has indeed broken!" The Sword Emperor is confused with her eyebrows frown slightly .

Even the Space-Time Emperor is quite puzzled by the broken of Jiuzhou Magic Sword: "How could it be? How could the Magic Knife forged for hundred thousand years by the madman with the warrior souls of Jiuzhou Mainland be so vulnerable?"

"The nine warrior souls of Jiuzhou Mainland are the souls of Jiuzhou Mainland . If they were really offered as sacrifice to the Jiuzhou Magic Knife by the King of Jiuzhou, then the souls of Jiuzhou Mainland will become the Jiuzhou Magic Knife . Now, the Jiuzhou Magic Knife was broken, it is means that the soul of Jiuzhou Mainland were collapsed!" The Sword Emperor says slowly with her gentle voice, which is as soft as water .

Qin Yi now knows everything . It turns out that before the Hongmeng Era, the soul of the Jiuzhou Mainland consisted of the nine warrior souls, but he has no idea what kind of warrior souls they were .

Now, the soul of the Jiuzhou Mainland has been shattered, no one knows what the consequences will be .

In the depths of the universe of the Xuanzong world, the King of Jiuzhou and Sakura Emperor stand opposite each other .

"Hmph, the authentic meaning of the Jiuzhou Magic Knife seems to be not very powerful . " A cold snort is send from the beautiful high nose of the ruler of Xuanzong world .

"The body of the Magic Knife is just the outer form . How can the authentic meaning be performed without breaking the the outer form? For any magical weapons, no matter how hard their outer form is, their lethality is limited . Only by appreciating the authentic meaning of a magical weapon can it exert its most powerful force . "

The King of Kyushu says slowly, after finishing his words, he consciously or unconsciously turns back and casts a glance at Qin Yi who is in Hongmeng Era .

What does he mean?

Feeling the profound gaze of the King of Jiuzou, a strange feeling rises in Qin Yi's heart . It seemed that the King of Jiuzhou has said this to him, but why?

"Huh?" Sakura Emperor is puzzled with her delicate eyebrows frowned . The next moment, her charming red lips opens slightly with a look of horror in her eyes .

At this moment, all of them only to see that above the head of King of Jiuzhou, a wisp of magic knife's smoke slowly forms the shadow of the magic knife, pointing directly at the sky . It is ten times larger than the previous magic knife, which is as long as three thousand meters!

"Is . . . is this the true meaning of the Jiuzhou Magic Knife?" Sakura Emperor is very uneasy looking at the three-thousand-meter-long shadow of the Knife above the head of King of Jiuzhou .

"Exactly . " The King of Jiuzhou nods .

When the shadow of the Jiuzhou Magic Knife appears, the king of Jiuzhou enters very a strange state . His madness is replaced by an extreme and unfathomable calmness .

His behavior is different from before, as if he were not the same person!

"How can the Magic Knife be infinitely strong without breaking the outer form of the Magic Knife? How deep you feel its authentic meaning, then how much you can use its power . " The King of Jiuzhou says somewhat impersonally .

Sakura Emperor is tunned . After a while, she couldn't help but nods in admiration: “King of Jiuzhou, I have never admired anyone, you are the first one! Come on, let me see the authentic meaning of the Jiuzhou Magic Knife, don’t disappoint me . "

The King of Jiuzhou stops talking nonsense, he steps forward and shouts coldly: "Nine Moves of Magic Knife---the second move!"

As his words fades away, thousand-meter-long shadow of the Magic Knife above his head slashes out silently .

"Boom!" The three-thousand-meter-long shadow of the Magic Knife slashes on Sakura Emperor's three hundred thousand-meter-high body, and her graceful curve body directly flies hundreds of meters away .

The Jiuzhou Magic Knife with the outer form only hits Sakura Emperor a big step back, but the Jiuzhou Magic Sword without outer form hits Sakura Emperor hundreds of feet away .

Although a distance of several hundred feet is not a big deal for the the hundred thousand-meter-high body, and the difference is obvious .

"Puff . . . " As the finish of first move of the Nine Move of the Magic Knife, the King of Jiuzhou couldn't help but vomit a mouthful of blood .

What is even more bizarre is that his body seems to become a little weak and transparent .

"King of Jiuzhou!" Qin Yi, who is in Hongmeng Era, and the other three couldn't help but exclaim . They are extremely confused . He would actually be injured by the first move, and even his body would become weak and transparent!

Sakura Emperor rushes back, and seeing the appearance of King of Jiuzhou, she figures out something instantly, and she exclaims: "The source of life! You injected the source of life into the Magic Knife to draw forth its authentic meaning, King of Jiuzhou, you are really the most madman in the world!"

"At this moment, the Magic Knife is me, and I am the Magic Knife!"

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The voice of the King of Jiuhzou has become extremely aloof, as if it has been frozen for ten thousand years . Above his head, the third shadow of the magic knife has slowly formed, which is as high as fifty thousand meters, and it is about to break the sky . The endless demoniac breath surges up wildly, as if a shocking magic light rushing out of hell .

"Life is endless . Once the source of life is drawn forth, it cannot be stopped until the life is ended . So, the true meaning of the magic knife drawn from the source of life also cannot be stopped, until . . . the man who uses the true meaning of the Magic Knife died! King of Jiuzhou, are you killing yourself?" Sakura Emperor yells with a trace of annoyance between her clear eyebrows .

Nine Moves of Magic Knife can only be used with the help of its authentic meaning, which cannot be stopped once it is started, and the next move will automatically be formed every time when the former one is finished .

Once the authentic meaning of magic knife are brewed to the peak, the nine moves will be  released automatically, which is irreversible and will press forward with an indomitable will!

"The third move of Nine Moves of Magic Knife!" The King of Jiuzhou shouts coldly .

The fifteen-thousand-meter-long shadow of the Magic Knife slashes out silently .

"Boom!" Sakura Emperor flies thousands of meters away!

With the finish of the third move, the King of Jiuzhou couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood again . He could clearly feel that his life is passing fast while using continuously the Nine Moves of Magic Knife . The body also becomes weaker and more transparent than before .

As the finish of the third move, over his head, the authentic meaning of the fourth move is slowly formed .

As long as the first move is finished, it can no longer stop .

High above the sky, the knife shadow condensed by the authentic meaning is already as high as ten thousand meters long . No word in the world can be used to describe the mighty power of this ferocious weapon!

"King of Jiuzhou, don't you know that these moves of the Magic Knife will send you to the road of perdition? After all the moves are finished, your soul will perished!"

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Looking at the shadow of the Magic Knife above the head of King of Jiuzhou, Sakura Emperor Ying couldn't calm down any more . She has withstood three moves and is in a tight corner .

Nine Moves of Magic Knife is extremely domineering . Every time one move is finished, the power of the follow move will increase tenfold . Although she is powerful enough, she really does not have the confidence to withstand nine consecutive moves .

"Nine Moves of Magic Knife! I win, or I perish! Now, the authentic meaning of the Magic Knife is out of my control . Sakura Emperor, accept my challenge!"

The King of Jiuzhou is extremely indifferent, as if he is not a human being, but the personification of the Magic Knife .

Immediately afterwards, the shadow of the Magic Knife condensed by its authentic meaning slashes out silently, and Sakura Emperor is hit and flies tens of thousands of feet away .

The white robe of Sakura Emperor has been dyed red by her blood, but her fighting spirit is still very high, and she rushes back with her golden sword .

At this time, the fifth move of the authentic meaning of the Magic Knife is slowly formed over the head of the King of Jiuzhou, which is a full fifteen thousand meters high!

King of Jiuzhou, the most madman in the world!

Jiuzhou Magic Knife, the first magic knife in the world!

The Nine Moves of Magic Knife condensed by the authentic meaning of the Magic Knife is the most pernicious and domineering knife method in the world that can only be draw forth by the source of life . Once the knife method is drew forth, the user can only move forward until to the end of his life .

At this moment, Qin Yi, the Space-Time Emperor, thre Sword Emperor and the Dragon Emperor who watch the battle from Hongmeng Era could not find any words to describe the shock in their hearts .

They can only open their mouths wide with their eyes opened in astonishment, staring blankly at the King of Jiuzhou in the depths of the universe of Xuanzong world . Over his head, hang the one hundred and fifty thousand meters long shadow of the Magic Knife .

"Boom!" The fifth move of Nine Moves of Magic Knife is slashed out, and Sakura Emperor’s graceful and exquisite body directly flies out and crashes straight through a star .

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