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Chapter 62

Proofread by Peter Gong

Qin Yi comes back to himself, and finds that the person in white robe is Guo Wuchen .

Thinking of the great trouble mentioned by Shao Qiuxian, Qin Yi couldn't help frowning and a bad feeling arises in his heart: “Guo Wuchen comes to me now, there must be something bad!”

Qin Yi has always had a good impression of Guo Wuchen, so he asks with respect, "Elder Guo, what can I do for you?"

At the same time, an idea has already come to Qin Yi’s mind: “The most severe punishment for me is to expel me from Lingyuemen . If so, I would go to Xianshizong to find Ji Shixuan, through whom maybe I can go to the Asterism City and enter the superior Celestial Star Mansion . ”

With this idea, Qin Yi immediately calms down .

Guo Wuchen's face looks not very good, and he sighs slightly and says: "Qin Yi, you are in trouble, now the head master and several elders suspect that you have betrayed the Lingyumen and surrendered to other martial school?"

Surrendered to other forces?

Qin Yi is slightly stunned . He wonders where this bizarre statement comes from? It's really ridiculous!

"Elder Guo, I think you must have made a mistake . It must be someone else who is jealous of
Qin Yi's recent performance, and they want to frame him up?" Before Qin Yi speaks, Yang Shiqi speaks with a shade of anger between her comely eyebrows .

"Actually, I also think so, but the head master and other elders agree that Qin Yi is very likely to have turned to other martial school, and I’m a lonely voice .   . "

Guo Wuchen shakes his head bitterly and says, "Now the head master let me take Qin Yi to confront with them in the main hall, if it is true . . . "

"If it is true, and really happened, I will be expelled me from Lingyumen, right?" Qin Yi laughs and says, "I will go with you, Elder Guo, to the main hall . "

Seeing Qin Yi's magnanimity and calmness, Guo Wuchen is shocked secretly, and he has never expected Qin Yi can even laugh calmly encountering such a serious matter, whose morale is not something that ordinary people can have . This boy is really extraordinary .

The main hall of Lingyumen is quite spacious and bright, and the decoration inside is also in line with the style of the noble and famous Lingyumen .  It can be described with four words --- gorgeous, sumptuous, splendid and magnificent .

Qin Yi enters the main hall with Guo Wuchen, and the head of Lingyu Gate, Cang Songyi, and the other twelve elders are also there .

"Qin Yi, at the previous martial art Assembly, everyone saw the power of your palm directly condensed into a giant golden palm print, which suppressed Tang Hangan deadly all the time, making him unable to fight back .  But, there is no such martial art at all in our Lingyumen, so from which school did you learn this martial art?"

As soon as Qin Yi enters the main hall, the head master Cang Songyi asks him gravely, and the eyes of the thirteen elders, including Guo Wuchen, also look at him .

Qin Yi smiles faintly and says without panicking: "It's very simple, I have an adventure in Mountain of Magical Wind . "

"What adventure?" Deacon Elder Chang Fengyang suddenly asks sharply .

What adventure?

Facing Chang Fengyang's sharp eyes, Qin Yi slowly turns his head and smiles faintly: "In fact, it's nothing . I met three people who wanted to assassinate me . I killed them in the fight and got  advanced martial arts Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo from them .

"You encountered an assassination in Mountain of Magical Wind?"

Guo Wuchen and the other elders are all shocked and puzzled: Qin Yi is just a young disciple of Lingyumen . How could anyone want to assassinate him?

"What, you killed the three of them, how is this possible?"

Chang Fengyang is also shocked, his face looking frightened and angry .  He looks like a hungry wolf that will jump on Qin Yi at any time .

"Elder Chang, why are you over-reacting, could it be that the three people who assassinated me were sent by you?" Qin Yi's mouth lifts slightly, looking at Chang Fengyang meaningfully .  


Hearing what Qin Yi said, Cang Songyi, Guo Wuchen and the other Elders all look at Chang FengYang .

If someone gangs up with outsiders to kill the disciples of Lingyumen, the punishment will be not as simple as eviction from there, for the martial art cultivation should be deprived at least .

Feeling the sharp eyes of everyone, Chang Fengyang shakes again, and there is instant cold sweat on his back when he recovers to himself, and he thinks to himself: “Damn, I am almost fooled by Qin Yi, the little bastard . ”

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"Qin Yi, don't talk nonsense, how could I secretly collude with outsiders to assassinate you?" Chang Fenggang is sweating but he makes a quick response, "I mean, How can you kill three killers on your own, since they dare to assassinate you, I think their cultivation will not be very low . "

"Do you want to know? Well, I can tell you how I killed them . "

Qin Yi's fixed eyes on Chang Fengyang make the latter a little trembling in his heart . Then Qin Yi leisurely tells him how he killed the three killers .  Of course, Qin Yi lied when he told the truth of how he killed the two disciples whose cultivation was at the initial of the fifth level of Domephase with one punch, for he doesn’t want them to know the real power of his Overlord’s Kill .  He only tells that he killed them by the clever use of the spirit beasts .

"It's really thrilling . . . "

After listening to Qin Yi's "thrilling" narration, Guo Wuchen and other Elders sigh profoundly, for they even may not be able to do it .  Deep in the Mountain of Magical Wind, Qin Yi not only dealt with the powerful enemies, but also cleverly drew the advanced spirit beasts to kill the enemies .

"Ge Fengren and the other two were really dead . They were killed by the advanced spirit beast drew by Qin Yi, little basterd . . . "

Chang Fengyang is dumbfounded for a while, and his heart is so wretched with sadness and anger .

"Elder Chang, why do you look so pale?" A faint voice comes slowly .

Chang Fengyang is shocked but he recovers to himself, only to see Qin Yi staring at him motionlessly . There is a hint of cunning in Qin Yi’s eyes, while the others look at him coldly with confusion .

This little bastard is so vicious!

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Chang Fengyang is shocked again with cold sweat, and his body is even trembling obviously . Now, he regrets to insist confronting with Qin Yi, for his secret might be revealed by Qin Yi .

"It's nothing, I am just stunned by the thrilling scene . But Qin Yi, even if you got Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo from the assassins, how would you explain your boxing in the fight against Tang Hangan on the ring? It seems that there is no such a domineering Boxing in our Lingyumen .  If you didn't learn this set of boxing techniques from other martial art school, you must get it from the  assassins, right? "

Fearing that Qin Yi would reveal his secret, Chang Fengyang dares not to get entangled in the original question, so he asks about the boxing with a grave tone .  

He knows very well that Ge Fengren and the other two people absolutely could not have such a domineering boxing .

"Yes, that domineering punch seems to contain the essence of all the punches in the world . "

"Well, indeed, I was shocked by the punch . Frankly speaking, I have never seen such a stunning punch . "

"That punch is obviously not from our Lingyumen, it should be the advanced martial art of other martial art school . "

The elders whisper, and Cang Songyi and Guo Wuchen look at Qin Yi in surprise . Apparently they were struck by Qin Yi's punch at the Assembly .

"Tell us, Qin Yi, from which martial school did you learn this punch, and which martial school   did you turn to? Tell us honestly!" Hearing the whispering of the elders, Chang Feng Yang is happy secretly and asks with a grave tone .

It seems that the secret of Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill cannot be hidden anymore .

Qin Yi sighs secretly .

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