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Chapter 22

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On this day, on the large training ground, a total of six rings are constructed whose momentum is really rare .

Each session of Lingyumen’s Assembly can actually be divided into three stages, and the first stage is the selection contest of outer disciples . In accordance with the rules of Lingyumen, hundreds of outer disciples are in selection but only 30 of them are able to be the inner disciples .

In other words, each of the six rings is a group, and only the top 5 disciples in each group are eligible to be selected as inner disciples .

In order to keep the schedule from getting cluttered, each referee on the rings will usually combine the disciples of the group, and select five disciples to be challenged by other disciples .

If the selected disciple is defeated, the disciple who defeats him will take his place and continue to accept the challenges of other disciples .

The last five disciples standing on the ring will be the top five in the group .

After the trial, the Assembly will enter the second stage, the knockout match .  The selected thirty disciples will compete with the original inner disciples in the knockout match to compete for the top twenty .

After the knockout match, the Assembly will enter the final stage of the ranking match . The ranking match here is, of course, the competition for the top five .

Each ranking match will be the most exciting and enthusiastic stage of the whole Assembly .  The disciple who is able to stand on the ring to have the ranking match is much more powerful than average .

Especially this year’s ranking match, under the temptation of being eligible to enter the third floor of the Pavilion, no one can imagine how exciting the fight will be .

Almost everyone in Lingyumen is full of expectation for the final ranking match of this year .

Over time, more and more disciples have gathered here, both outer and inner disciples, and even many families of disciples have come here to watch the ranking match, such as Qin Yi’s parents Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan .

“Don’t push yourself too much, anyway, as long as you are qualified to participate in this Assembly, you will not be repatriated to Qingshui Town . If you can enter the top one hundred, your father and I will be quite satisfied . ”

Wu Xianlan’s gentle face is full of relief, for her son is qualified to participate in such a grand Assembly, and she feels extremely proud of her son .

Into the top one hundred?

Qin Yi is a little stunned and shakes his head secretly . It seems that his parents have even less confidence in him than Yang Shiqi .

“Qin Yi . ”

The pulchritudinous Yang Shiqi appears behind Qin Yi, with a sweet smile on her little face, and the white long dress makes her look like a charming fairy .

“Senior apprentice Yang . ” Qin Yi nods with a smile .

Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan beside Qin Yi have a strong joy on their faces . In their minds, Yang Shiqi has been their daughter-in-law to be .

“Shiqi, you are getting more and more beautiful, come and sit down, please . ” Qi Xianlan enthusiastically holds Yang Shiqi and seats her beside .

Seeing this scene, Qin Yi sighs bitterly . At present, he just wants to cultivate himself . As for their relationship, he has not enough time for consideration .

Realizing the bitterness on Qin Yi’s face, Yang Shiqi suddenly feels a kind of prank joy .

After making faces playfully, Yang Shiqi says: “Qin Yi, Auntie is right, do not push yourself too much and try your best . There are many superiors among the outer students, such as Fu Yu who is Number one and Shaozheng Qixiao Number two . They are both very talented .  Besides them, there are still many powerful disciples . ”

After listening to her, Qin Yi has remembered that although Yang Shiqi is a popular disciple, she is only ranked third among the outer disciples .

However, a girl who is only fifteen years old can rank third among hundreds of outer disciples is also very remarkable .

Qin Yi's eyes slowly look somewhere, and he finds Fu Yu, the number one who is of ordinary build and medium height, is faintly exuding a breath of perfection with no flaw .

He is much stronger than Guang Yonggao’s brother, Guang Fei!

Qin Yi turns his sight to another place, and finds the second-ranked Shaozheng Qixiao, who is a red-haired boy with a thin figure and a dark look . Qin Yi has found that he is a ruthless man at first glance .

He is also very strong!

Qin Yi gives such an evaluation .

He knows very well that in order to reach the top five, he must be stronger than these two people . There is still a certain gap between the outer and the inner disciples .

(Beat of drums…)

The cymbals and drums suddenly sound, which means the beginning of the first stage . The selection of outer disciples is going to start .

With the sound of the drums, everyone on the martial arts ground becomes enthusiastic and eagle-eyed . No one would be apathetic on such a splendid scene .

The deafening sound stops suddenly, and a loud voice then sweeps the ground .

“Today is the day of the martial art Assembly of Lingyumen . The following match will be a selection contest of outer disciples . Among the there hundred and twenty-nine outer disciples, thirty disciples will be selected to become the inner disciple . And I am the referee on the sixth ring and also the referee of the whole Assembly, now let me announce that the trials now begin—”

Qin Yi looks toward the place where the sound is from, then he feels astonished slightly . The only person he finds is Guo Wuchen, who is in charge of the Pavilion .

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And Guo Wuchen, who wears a white robe, actually intentionally or unintentionally glances at Qin Yi after his announcement of the game . It seems that he even raises a smile with a hint of encouragement .

“What does he mean, Master Guo would encourage me?”

After a while of confusion, Qin Yi stops thinking about it and turns to say goodbye to his parents, before going to the ring with Yang Shiqi .

According to the token number, Qin Yi is on the sixth ring, while Yang Shiqi is on the third ring . A total of three hundred and twenty-nine outer disciples are evenly distributed to the six rings . Each ring has more than 50 disciples, and these disciples are going to compete for the top 5 . It will be easy to find how exciting the fight will be in such a competition .

“No . 186 vs . No . 75!”

“No . 134 vs . No . 168!”

“No . 28 vs . No . 305!”

The competition on the rings is proceeding in an orderly manner . Some disciples show great strength, while some disciples are just so so .

Qin Yi watches under the ring carefully to analyze their moves, and he finds that most of these moves are unremarkable . Compared with the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, they are too ordinary .

“No . 132 vs . No . 34!”

Finally Qin Yi's number is called .

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Qin Yi jumps lightly onto the ring . His frail body is like a javelin when he stands on the ring .

“My name is Lu Tianba, you have a good momentum, but I don't know about your strength” No . 34 is a fat man of the same size as Guang Yonggao, and he smiles arrogantly at Qin Yi .

“Yin Yin Palm!”

The next moment, the fat man suddenly bursts out and his right palm quickly cuts toward Qin Yi . The palm of his hand forms a cold wind, as if the palm is cut from hell, which makes people horrible .

“So powerful, but so weird!”

Feeling the overcast wind from Lu Tianba’s palm, all the disciples in the audience exclaim!

When Lu Tianba’s palm rushes towards him, Qin Yi couldn't help shuddering .

Really weird!

Qin Yi dares not to be careless . He motivates the mysterious breath energy in his body a little to fill his limbs and bones, and he suddenly dodges to avoid Lu Tianba's striking palm .

Now Qin Yi has not entered the ethereal state contained in his left hand . The Assembly has just begun, and he doesn't want to expose his true strength too much, and who knows what will happen to him later .


Qin Yi fights back with the most basic move, which proves unremarkable and ordinary .


Lu Tianba is a little surprised, and then an annoyance appears on his face: “Qin Yi, what do you mean, on such a grand division Assembly, you actually use the most basic ‘Overlordboxing’, are you insulting me?”

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