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Chapter 23

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Looking at the anger on Lu Tianba's face, Qin Yi shrugs his shoulders innocently and says: “Because I don’t have another martial art except Overlord-boxing . ”

As for Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, it is impossible for Qin Yi to expose it so quickly . That is his ace in the hole .

As soon as Qin Yi’s words come out, there is a sudden uproar under the ring . There is a rumor in Lingyumen: when an outer disciple picked out a martial arts book on the first floor of the Pavilion, his choice was a book that could not be cultivated . Mow it seems that the rumor is true .

And that disciple is Qin Yi on the ring!

“Haha, you only have the most basic Overlord-boxing, and you want to enter the top 5? You’re just indulging in a wishful thinking!

“Lu Tianba, beat him up, this guy is too ridiculous . He actually uses Overlord-boxing to make a perfunctory effort on the Assembly . Does he think that he performs well?

Under the ring, much noise is made by the crowd . Looking at the innocent face of Qin Yi on the ring, many disciples feel both funny and angry .

The situation on the No .  six ring attracts attention of the disciples from other groups .

“It's interesting . You actually use the most basic Overlord-boxing to fight .  Humph, boy, I'm going to see, how capable you are . ”

Guo Wuchen looks over here with a faint smile from the referee seat .

Last time when Qin Yi entered the first floor of the Pavilion to select martial arts books, Guo Wuchen had faintly felt Qin Yi’s uniqueness . Now he wants to see if he feels right .

“Well, well, Overlord-boxing, I will take a good look at it . ”

Lu Tianba's face is as sullen as a puddle of water .  That Qin Yi uses Overlord-boxing to fight with him is obviously an insult to him .

“Yin Yin Palm!”

With great anger, Lu Tianba’s palm shoots towards Qin Yi fiercely at the extreme stage, one palm followed by another continuously, and a strong gust wind is howling .

Such a stunning performance touches off a great cry from the audience .

His move is really powerful!

People under the ring even feel that Lu Tianba ’s palms are just the hands of a fatal ghost, and the roaring palm wind is more like a gust of wind blowing from hell, which makes people feel numb .

The strength of Lu Tianba is actually more prominent than that of most of the young disciples, and his “Yin Yin Palm” is a relatively advanced martial art which is known for its fierceness and weirdness . The wind of it is cold and the offensive is like storms .

However, facing Lu Tianba's strength, Qin Yi always feels at ease .


The simple and unadorned punch is just unremarkable, but at the same time it seems to be integrated into the natural rules without any vulnerabilities .

“It's no more than Overlord-boxing! Is he just looking for a bitter loss?”

“Well, he does well in Overlord-boxing, but it is ridiculous to use it in such a competition . ”

“Compared with “Yin Yin Palm”, his Overlord-boxing is just a piece of garbage, this guy will be defeated soon!”

The disciples who watch the competition on the sixth stage all blink their eyes with disbelief, and their sneer spreads out slowly .

Listening to all kinds of words from the audience, Qin Yi shrugs his shoulders, and the smile on his face becomes more and more bitter . Of course, he also wants to use other martial arts to fight, and makes other people surprised by his gorgeous moves .

But he really can't!

“Boy, you’re really insulting me, you are so arrogant! Get down—"

In Lu Tianba's eyes, there is an outburst of anger, and the continuous palms make the entire rings full of cold wind .

That endless palm directly wraps Qin Yi up .

“The lethality is quite good . As for Qin Yi, I'm afraid that he will be defeated . ”

“His palms are strong and skillful, and he can also motivate continuous attacks, which can confirm that he has already mastered the true essence of Yin Yin Palm . ”

Some senior masters of Lingyumen, who watch the competition afar and when they find Lu Tianba performing quite well, nod in praise . Even Guo Wuchen, who has always been optimistic about Qin Yi, has a touch of worry on his face .



Qin Yi shouts lightly, and his voice is not loud, but it is quite powerful .

The simple Overlord-boxing is punched out by him . It looks normal, but it seems to be able to break everything, then it easily intercepts Lu Tianba's coming palms .

A strong boxing punch hits Lu Tianba's palms fiercely and violently shakes him away .  His obese body slumps back uncontrollably by a few big steps, and his arms become paralytic for a while .


The sneer under the ring immediately stops, and so is the praise of Lu Tianba expressed by the referees, and everyone is in shock .

Overlord-boxing actually breaks Yin Yin Palm easily!

What just happened?

Qin Yi stands there motionlessly like a javelin, as if to say: Shut up you guys!


Lu Tianba is also shocked .

He believes that once his "Yin Yin Palm" breaks out, and he can easily knock Qin Yi down, and then he is able to stand proudly on the ring to accept the admiration or worship from everyone .

Surprisingly, Qin Yi beats him down easily with this ordinary Overlord-boxing .

It’s impossible, how can this guy break my palms? It must be a coincidence!

“Get down!”

Lu Tianba snarls, and once again uses the power of “Yin Yin Palm” to go through both palms . His palms even turn black for a moment, as if they are a pair of ghost hands from hell .

Black palms are endless and deadly!

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The bleak wind has made the ring a place like hell!


Qin Yi is restless, and he still uses the most basic martial art of Lingyumen to hit with a single punch!

This is the only thing he can do!


Their fists bump into each other again, and their powerful strength bounces off Lu Tianba again . Lu Tianba's fat body is pushed back, and he is pushed to the edge of the ring .

“How could this be?”

Lu Tianba is suffocated by Qin Yi ’s boxing . He covers his chest with a horrified look . Qin Yi’s Overlord-boxing, which is disdained by any disciple in Lingyumen has suppressed his palms with the slightest effort!  

“I can’t believe it!”

Lu Tianba suddenly opens his eyes and shouts loudly like a bloodthirsty beast, and he madly attacks the young man in the middle of the ring again . His dark palms seem to contain monstrous grievances and anger .



The boy, who stands straight like a javelin, punches calmly, and his punches contain the true meaning of the boxing, and the huge boxing power spreads vigorously .

Even if Lu Tianba's body is five times obese, it may be impossible for him to compete with Qin Yi's boxing power . He once again backs out .

“It’s impossible!”

Lu Tianba attacks again . He is unwilling, and his grievances and anger have climbed to the peak .

Qin Yi speaks nothing, but just performs the most basic boxing of Lingyumen as usual in practice, while Lu Tianba is bounced away by Qin Yi's punch .

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Under the ring, all the audience open their mouths in shock without saying a word .

No one makes it clear that what is going on!

When Lu Tianba spits blood and cannot get up to attack from the ring, everyone on the ground is very quiet, and everyone looks at this scene with astonishment .

Don’t people say that Qin Yi will be defeated disastrously?

How come, Lu Tianba is beaten on the ring and cannot even get up?

Qin Yi glances at his fist . He feels a slight joy in his mind . He has never expected that Lu Tianba will be defeated by him without his entering the ethereal state .

This result gives him more confidence in this Assembly .

“No . 132 wins!”

After being lost in thoughts, Guo Wuchen suddenly announces the result loudly . He is just as excited as if he defeats Lu Tianba on the ring . His feel is right at the beginning . This boy is extraordinary!

With Guo Wuchen's announcement, there is an uproar under the ring .

“He defeated Lu Tianba's Yin Yin Palm by the basic martial arts . Is that true?”

Many disciples feel as if they are dreaming .

“Qin Yi's fighting consciousness and experience are far better than that of Lu Tianba and that should be the real reason for the victory . ” Says a senior master with uncertainty .

Such a statement cannot get everyone's approval .

After watching the competition, Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan are shocked for a while, and both of them show a strong joy on their faces . Wu Xianlan says happily: “It looks like that my son is kind of powerful . ”

“Of course, he is my son . ” Qin Mu holds his chest up subconsciously and says .

“Humph . You really like to pose! I hope you can fight for the top five in the group so that we can meet in the knockout match . At that time, I will see how you can pretend in front of me . " Says Chang Jingxue on the other side, who has been watching the entire competition . He is very dismissive and twitches his mouth .

The knockout match is not at the same level as the trial .

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