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Chapter 21

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In the room, Qin Yi sits down on his knees and takes out the Breath Condensing Elixir and Blood Cohering Elixir that are purchased from Donghuang Pharmacy . Without saying a word, he takes all of these .

Soon, the two kinds of elixirs form two heat fluxes and move around Qin Yi's body .

“The efficacy is so powerful . ”

Qin Yi is a little surprised . Little does he think about that the heat flow from these two kinds of elixirs is so strong . Now in his body, the two fluxes are like two burning stoves .

He does not dare to neglect it, and hurriedly motivates his left hand, then a hint of ancient mystery, which bursts out from the left hand, has suppressed and reconciled the two powerful fluxes .

The two fluxes soon soften, and Qin Yi's body once again seems to be a devil, absorbing the two fluxes .

After an hour, the two fluxes have been absorbed completely .

“Papapa . . . ”

There is a burst of slight sound coming from his body, which is the sound produced by the transformation of bones and physique after reaching saturation .

At this time, Qin Yi feels that his blood and momentum have reached an unprecedented peak .

“It feels great . ”

Feeling the surge of blood in his body, Qin Yi smiles with satisfaction .

Immediately, he spits out a little breath, stays calm, and draws the faint internal force again . At the same time, he transfers the two martial arts Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King to practice together .

Only Qin Yi, who has an extremely powerful physique, dares to do so . If he is just an ordinary disciple, he will explode in an instant for he cannot bear the power .

The internal force wanders cheerfully in the strong blood of Qin Yi with a gradual growth .

Seeing this scene, Qin Yi is relieved, and a touch of joy appears between his eyebrows . He is breaking the rules and creating miracles!

Before that, he has never heard that a Domephase Man of the third level can cultivate internal force . Since ancient times, the internal force is something that can only be felt by Domephase Scholars above the fourth level . However, the rule is broken today .

Everything comes from this mysterious left hand!

Qin Yi sits on his knees, and the whole person is motionless like an old monk . However, that is nothing but an appearance . In his body, the majestic blood is surging up like waves, nourishing the internal force .

(Sound of breath)

On the third day, Qin Yi finally opens his eyes slowly and withdraws from the cultivation state . A powerful internal force suddenly leaks from his body and sweeps around .

He waves his hand at will, then there is a faint airflow around his arm, as if he has entered the natural void .

“I made it!”

Qin Yi is pleased and feels that his whole body has reached an unprecedented full state . With this state, he has a little more confidence in the Assembly .

There are still seven days left .

“Get the top five and get the qualification to enter the third floor of the Pavilion!”

In Yi clenches his fists secretly, and his handsome face is full of anticipation .

He does not stop practicing, but continues to cultivate the martial arts such as Kua Fu’s Steps, Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King and Qi Recover Spell, hoping that in only a few days he can make another breakthrough .

His room is completely silent . His parents know that their son is making a final sprint for the Assembly, so they don’t want to disturb him .

With the approach of the Assembly, the atmosphere of the whole Lingyumen also becomes more serious . The disciples participating in the martial arts are all madly practicing at this last moment, hoping to make another breakthrough .

This kind of scene is exactly what the senior masters of Lingyumen want to see, for inspiring  disciples to step forward is the original intention of the Assembly .

As time goes by, the atmosphere of Lingyumen becomes more intense . On weekdays, the whole Lingyumen is full of various disciples, and now they have completely disappeared . Those disciples either gather on the training ground for practicing, or hide at home .

Finally, here comes the last day before the Assembly .

That night . . .

In a luxurious house in Lingyumen, a tall figure slowly comes out from a secret room, and the young and handsome face is full of strong self-confidence .

“Judging by your self-confidence, my son, you must cultivate The Sky Splitting Sword to the highest level . In such a young age, you can have such a level of cultivation, you didn’t make me disappointed . ” Says a middle-aged Domephase Scholar with satisfaction .

"Yes, I will defeat Qin Yi and prove to Rou Qinn that she has chosen me correctly . "

The tall young man nods, his eyes trembling with a warlike spirit .

The young man is Chang Jingxue and the middle-aged Domephase Scholar his father, Chang Fengyang, an elder master of Lingyumen .

Hearing his words, Chang Fengyang, however, sighs lightly: “you can't limit vision to an outer disciple, my son, you should put it on the ranking of the entire Assembly . Don't forget, how much effort have I taken to make you the training target of Lingyumen? You should bring me and Lingyumen honor by entering the top 10 .

“You are right, father!”

Chang Jingxue is stunned and then turns his chest up: “It is not difficult to enter the top 10 this time!” 

At the same time, in another luxurious mansion, Qiu Shaoxian stands in the middle of the lobby calmly .

A middle-aged man in a gray robe looks at Qiu Shaoxian and nods contentedly . He is the head of Lingyumen gate, Cang Songyi .

“As the chief disciple, will you be defeated by other disciples?” Although Cang Songyi is satisfied, he still asks Qiu Shaoxian with a smile .

“There is absolutely no one who can shake my position . ” Qiu Shaoxian smiles lightly with a strong self-confidence .

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“That's good . ”

Cang Songyi nods with satisfaction . “So, you are qualified to enter the third floor of the Pavilion . What kind of existence is there? Actually, I have never even entered it . ”

“Haven't you even entered?” Qiu Shaoxian is slightly surprised . “What is on the third floor of the Pavilion? It is desirable . ”

“Yes, it's really desirable . ”

Cang Songyi smiles mysteriously and says, “Shaoxian, I actually know a little bit about the third floor of the Pavilion, and it doesn’t contain a high-level martial art as the rumors go . Now let me tell you something . In fact, the third floor is actually a layer of Floating World Tower lost by an ancient emperor . ”

“Floating World Tower lost by an ancient emperor?”

Qiu Shaoxian, who has always been calm, is also stunned . This information is really appalling .

The third floor of the Pavilion hides such a big secret!

“It is lost by an ancient emperor, and no one knows that what treasure will be hidden there . ” Cang Song says, “so, Shaoxian, your ranking of the first must not be changed!”

“Yes, my father!” Qiu Shaoxian nods affirmatively .

Thinking of the Floating World Tower, he feels his fighting blood is boiling .

In another house, Pu Chang, ranked second, also stands by a middle-aged man in a white robe .

"Pu Chang, how do you feel about the Assembly?” The middle-aged man asks amiably with a smile .

Pu Chang's momentum is even stronger than Qiu Shaoxian, and his body is very burly . However, his temperament is not in harmony with his momentum and body . He responds at will, “Qiu Shaoxian is too powerful to defeat . However, it is impossible for other disciples to beat me . ”

“Well, that's good!”

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The middle-aged man in the white robe nods with satisfaction, then he says, “Let me share a little information with you . It is said that this time the top 5 disciples are eligible to enter the third floor of the Pavilion, in which a Floating World Tower exists . ”

Pu Chang is stunned for a long while, and rubs his hands with excitement: “It seems that this year's Assembly is full of expectations . ”

“Shiqi, as a popular disciple of Lingyumen, what ranking are you sure that you will reach in the Assembly? You are still young, although you are a well-known, you needn’t push yourself too hard . ”

In a delicate pavilion, a beautiful and gentle woman asks Yang Shiqi, who has a charming look .

“Master, don’t worry, I promise to enter the top 10 easily . ” Yang Shiqi's amber eyes are full of brilliance, which reveal a sense of easiness and confidence .

“Good . ”

The beautiful gentle woman nods slowly and says, “well, did you get anything from Qin Yi? That disciple is quite extraordinary, and even I can't understand thoroughly . ”

In Yang Shiqi’s mind, the appearance of Qin Yi slowly appears, and the girl's sight softens: “Master, I will definitely get what we want from him . ”


Qin Yi opens his eyes slowly, and a smile of self-confidence appears on his juvenile face .

In the past few days, his mysterious breath power has broken through again, and he has already entered the middle of the third level .

In addition, he has cultivated Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King to big success, and his body is full of powerful blood .

Kua Fu’s Steps and Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill have also been further improved .

As for the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon and the internal force, he can master them more skillfully than before .

“Martial arts Assembly, I'm coming!”

Qin Yi rises up from the ground, and his slightly weak figure is faintly revealing a perfect breath, which has clearly broken through the middle stage of the third level .

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