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Chapter 38

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General Yu turned and got off his horse. He glanced majestically at the approaching children, frowning slightly: “Where is everyone?”

Mu Shi secretly gritted her teeth, wasn’t she important?

Although she was silently cursing, Mu Shi laughed and said, “Qianjiao and Qianfang are both sick, so I didn’t let them come out. After a few days, they will recover. I will ask them to greet the master.”

General Yu’s gaze fell on Concubine Dong, and suddenly he remembered someone: “Where is Yuan’er?”

Mu Shi carelessly said: “The boy Yuan is still young. He waited in the wind for most of the day, and he just went to eat.”

General Yu snorted with dissatisfaction. He hadn’t been home for three years, but Yu Weiyuan, his son, refused to wait a while. Is there something more important than welcoming his father?

When Mu Shi heard General Yu’s cold snort, the smile at the corner of her mouth raised a little, while Concubine Dong stood cowering behind Mu Shi, not daring to say a word. Of course, she didn’t dare say that Yu Weiyuan was allowed to go eat. Besides, even if he did, Yu Weiyuan was nothing more than a son of a concubine.

At this moment, Yu Weide, who was standing on the side, stepped forward and bowed respectfully: “The son has seen his father.”

Seeing the other concubine’s son, General Yu looked a little better: “I haven’t seen you in a few years, but you have grown a lot taller. How are your studies going now?”

Yu Weide replied: “I don’t dare forget my lessons. I’ve just read the Spring and Autumn Annals.”

General Yu nodded in recognition, and asked casually: “Why didn’t your aunt come out, is she sick again?”

Yu Weide’s body trembled slightly, and his face instantly became pale: “My aunt, she…”

Mu Shi didn’t seem to notice Yu Weide’s abnormality and finished: “Master, Aunt Lan fell ill after you left. I hired the best doctor for her, who knows how long she’s been gone…”

General Yu paused and turned to look at Mu Shi: “What? Lan’er is gone?”

Mu Shi sighed with regret: “Yes, it’s unfortunate that she was young but had tuberculosis, so she just left us.”

While she was talking, he lowered his head, took out a kerchief, and wiped the corners of his eyes.

General Yu was silent for a moment and said, “Fine.”

No one noticed, but Yu Weide on the side bit his lip tightly.

The group of people surrounding General Jade were deep in thought. Just as they were about to enter the door, they only heard a delicate voice behind them: “Master.”

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Mu Shi couldn’t help frowning, but she reached out in a flash and turned around together with General Yu.

They saw the black canopy carriage that came with General Yu had already parked in front of the gate, and a little maid jumped out of the car and jumped off the footstool quickly, and the curtains were raised: “Aunt, slow down.”

Speaking to the concubine, Mu Shi and Concubine Dong changed their expressions. Their eyes were like knives, and they looked sharply at the carriage.

A white hand stretched out from the carriage and reached towards the little maid. Just by looking at this hand that slightly pointed a finger, you could imagine how charming the person in the carriage was. Sure enough, a beautiful face like spring flowers appeared. She then exposed her lips slightly, and said softly to General Yu, “Master, where should we put my carriage?”

After Mu Shi heard this, the fingers hidden in her sleeves suddenly clenched.

It was clear that she was the mistress of the house. This woman surnamed Mei entered the mansion for the first time. Not only did she not get out of the car to pay respects, but she only talked to General Yu, of course, as if she didn’t see her. With this attitude, how would she treat the lady in charge!?

Of course, General Yu wouldn’t consider Mu’s feelings. As he looked at that charming little face, the lines on his face softened a bit, and the feet that had just stepped on the threshold were also retracted, and he walked towards the carriage.

“Mei’er, you’re tired. Go and get some rest first. As for your things, we will soon put them in order.”

Concubine Mei smiled: “Master, I’ll still bring the things in.”

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General Yu then turned his head and asked Mu Shi: “Where is the courtyard I asked you to tidy up?”

The smile on Mu Shi’s face was a little stiff: “There is no empty yard in the house, but there is a yard facing the street in the backyard, and I have ordered someone to clean it up.”

General Yu frowned upon hearing this: “How can someone live there? There isn’t a decent yard in such a big mansion?”

After listening to Mu Shi’s words, Concubine Mei showed a little grievance on her face, and said softly, “Master—”

Mu Shi was so angry that she grit her teeth, and glanced at Mama Cui. Mama Cui immediately retreated to the door and waved towards the courtyard.

Mu Shi reluctantly smiled and said, “Master, don’t worry. Originally, after Aunt Lan died, Pinlan Garden was vacant, but—”

Before she finished talking, a little maid rushed over and shouted anxiously: “Madam, madam, it’s not good!”

Everyone’s attention immediately shifted. The little maid ran over holding the corner of her skirt, and she didn’t care to salute the master, and said repeatedly: “Madam, please go and see, the Fourth Lady is looking for the Sorceress Bai again!”

Mu Shi was deliberately turned pale with fright: “What? How did she leave again?”

General Yu frowned: “What’s the matter? What is the Fourth Lady?”

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Mu Shi sighed and said, “Master, you just came back. You shouldn’t be bothered by these things. Alas, it’s unfortunate.”

Mu Shi was so touched with anguish that a few genuine tears fell: “Master, please have a rest. I will bring someone over to take a look.”

With that said, Mu Shi hurriedly walked towards the inner courtyard with Yu Qianliu and overtly left General Yu and Concubine Mei at the gate.

Concubine Mei chuckled and said softly, “Master, what will you do about me?”

She was not stupid. Of course, she could see that Mu Shi was deliberately giving her the cold shoulder, but she could obviously not tell General Yu this, otherwise, she would be charged with being disrespectful to the mistress before she even entered.

General Yu waved his hand carelessly: “Go to the backyard first, and I will see you after you have settled.”

Concubine Mei was taken aback, but before she could say anything, General Yu had already entered the gate mightily with a few of his children.

Mama Cui came forward and said without a smile, “I’ll take the girl to the backyard. Girl, come this way.”

Concubine Mei’s white face was flushed. Mama Cui called her a girl without being polite, she didn’t pay respects to her, and she did not call herself a maid, which meant she clearly did not recognize the concubine’s status.

But on this street, she couldn’t make a scene, let alone become hostile with Mama Cui. Otherwise, once Mama Cui was gone, she would be unfamiliar with her and it was entirely possible she would be thrown on the street.

This was the initial show of strength that Mu Shi gave her.

Concubine Mei gritted her teeth and she lowered the curtain: “Go!”

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