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Chapter 39

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When he went to the house, General Yu, who had just changed his clothes, walked out of the inner room and saw Mu Shi lead the people back to the house with a tired face.

Mu Shi didn’t seem to see General Yu, and turned her head to Mama Qian and said, “Alright, pawn my pair of gold dragon beard bracelets for two hundred taels of silver, and then pay Sorceress Bai.”

Mama Qian hesitated and said, “Madam, this is your dowry.”

Mu Shi sighed: “Then what can be done? Preserving the reputation of our mansion is important.”

General Yu’s brows furrowed. How come in the three years he was away, the family was dependent on pawning Mu Shi’s dowry?

Seeing that Mama Qian was about to go out, General Yu said, “Hold on!”

Mu Shi seemed to have only seen General Yu, and quickly stepped forward: “Master, you are tired from the journey, why don’t you take a break?”

General Yu snorted: “Why should I take a break? I haven’t asked you, in the long time I was gone, why did my house become like this?”

Mu Shi sighed, glanced at Mama Qian, and Mama Qian left quietly.

Mu Shi helped General Yu sit down on the grandmaster’s chair next to the window and then said: “Master, you don’t know anything. Since this Fourth Lady came through the door, our family has been stretched. I can’t help it. “

General Yu hadn’t been home for long, but this was the second time he heard the words “Fourth Lady,” and he frowned, “Who is Fourth Lady, and where did she come from?”

Mu Shi said deliberately with a look of surprise: “Master, have you forgotten? It is the daughter that the dancing girl named Yilan gave to you, whose name is Linglong.”


General Yu then remembered: “Oh, it’s her? Why did she enter the mansion?”

Mu Shi said: “Yilan died of an illness a while ago, leaving Linglong alone. She looked pitiful, and I took her into the mansion.”

Mu Shi’s brazen words erased Yu Linglong’s hard experience in returning to the Yu Mansion, and she said nothing about Yu Linglong’s harsh and cruel abuse. Instead, she pretended to be a very generous mother, as if she was treating Yu Linglong well.

Mu Shi looked at General Yu’s face and continued: “Maybe because Linglong grew up outside, she is very persistent, and she has caused a lot of trouble in the mansion recently. Let’s just say that Sorceress Bai originally just came to us to look at Feng Shui in the mansion, but I don’t know what provoked her. She couldn’t get up after being beaten by her. I left Sorceress Bai in the mansion to heal her injuries, but…”

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Mu Shi sighed deeply: “Master, think about it, this matter is not for us to take care of. What kind of person is Sorceress Bai, and how can she be humiliated like this? I had no choice but to provide food and drink for her. I got a doctor for her, hoping that she would recover from the injury, so I won’t mention this matter. Who knew that Linglong went to Sorceress Bai again today to make trouble and made Sorceress Bai so angry that I had to go over and comfort her for a long time. It’s just this trouble made the Sorceress’s injuries get worse, and she was so angry that she had to make a report. I had to promise to pay her two hundred taels of silver so that she would not talk about it. Otherwise, if she lets the outsiders know about it, the reputation of our mansion will be ruined.”


General Yu frowned, “It’s only two hundred taels of silver. Why do you want to pawn your jewelry?”

General Yu didn’t really care about Sorceress Bai being beaten by Yu Linglong, but she was a traveling goddess. If she was injured, she would ask for money and then forget about it. It wasn’t a big deal.

Mu Shi said grimly: “Last time Linglong snatched Lord Xu’s horse—”

“What!?” General Yu was surprised, “Whose horse did she steal?”

Mu Shi sighed and said, “She snatched the horse from Lord Xu. Now that horse is still being raised in our house! Fortunately, Lord Xu has a large number of them, and he didn’t pursue this matter, otherwise…”

General Yu raised his eyebrows with anger: “This girl has turned the world on its head, she even dared provoke a nobleman!?”

Mu Shi was secretly happy, but her face was still frowning: “Yes, I was terrified last time. Linglong robbed the horse and said that she wanted to live alone. I have to pay one thousand taels a month. I had enough money for the monthly payment. She said a few days ago that she had no jewelry and asked for a few sets of my headpieces. Alas, otherwise, our mansion wouldn’t reach this point—”

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When General Yu heard this, he slapped the table angrily, “Who is she, daring to ask for a monthly bill of one thousand taels of silver!? What if you don’t give it to her!?”

Seeing that the time had come, Mu Shi personally poured a cup of tea and gave it to General Yu, saying: “Master, don’t worry, drink some tea first to quench your anger.”

General Yu was about to reach out to take the tea, but Mu Shi suddenly sighed in exclamation, and the teacup fell from his hand.

“What’s the matter?” General Yu frowned, looking at Mu Shi who was holding his arm.

Mu Shi looked like she was about to cry: “Yes…I was hurt a few days ago…”

General Yu felt that something was wrong. Mu Shi was the lady of the house, so she didn’t need to carry anything. How could she get hurt?

General Yu stretched out his hand and pulled up Mu Shi’s sleeve, only to see the healing bruise on her arm. Mu Shi whispered in pain, “Master, please be gentle.”

General Yu said angrily: “How did this happen?”

Mu Shi wiped the corners of her eyes, and said with a grievance on her face: “It was… it was Linglong.” Then she said, as if terrified, “Master, don’t be angry, Linglong is still young and ignorant—“

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General Yu was furious, and stood up quickly: “Presumptuous! She even dared to beat the first wife, is this girl tired of living!? What doesn’t she understand, I think you are too spoiled for them!”

Remembering that Yu Weiyuan just refused to wait at the door to greet him because he was hungry, General Yu became even angrier. He hadn’t been home for a few years, and these children didn’t even take him seriously anymore. Where did the head of the family have status and dignity?

The more General Yu thought, the angrier he became. He immediately strode to the door and sternly shouted: “Come on, bring me that wicked girl Yu Linglong!”

In the room, Mu Shi listened to General Yu’s furious voice, and a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth.

She couldn’t manage Yu Linglong, but General Yu was not easy to provoke! She wanted to see what would happen to this concubine in the hands of General Yu!

She had endured this for so many days, just waiting for the return of General Yu. She had been brewing this drama for a long time. Now, her goal had finally been achieved.

Based on her understanding of General Yu, a mere concubine had caused so many disasters. Even if General Jade didn’t kill her, she would lose a layer of skin!

A fourteen-year-old girl, no matter how fierce, couldn’t withstand General Yu’s hard fist.

She wanted to see with her own eyes how this concubine who had oppressed her for so long would be served by General Yu’s family law

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