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Chapter 36

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These little girls were all eight to twelve or thirteen years old, wearing coarse cloth shirts . Their hair was casually tied with a cloth band, and their faces were wiped clean . This was probably because Liu Er’s girl was afraid that the clients wouldn’t like their appearance, so she deliberately cleaned them up .

All the girls shrank . Meeting Yu Linglong’s scrutinizing gaze, they lowered their heads, seeming to be very scared .

There was only one girl who was holding her head stubbornly and staring at Yu Linglong viciously, her eyes full of resentment .

Yu Linglong was moved and her gaze stayed on the girl’s face, and she could no longer move away .

The girl was about eleven or twelve years old, and she looked pretty, but on this small face, there were a few fresh blood stains and dirt on her face, as if she had just been injured .

What attracted Yu Linglong was not the wound on the girl’s face, but the anger . Although it was still a bit childish, it was flamboyant and full of hatred . Her white teeth bit her lower lip tightly and she made a small fist with her hand . It was tight, like a little beast about to rush out of its cage and bite .

Raising her eyebrows with a little interest, Yu Linglong stretched out her delicate hand and pointed at the girl: “You, come over and let me take a look . ”


Liu Er’s girl was taken aback for a moment, and a little hesitation appeared on her face: “Fourth Lady, this girl is very stubborn…why don’t you look at the others?”

Yu Linglong was unmoved: “It’s her, bring her here . ”

Liu Er’s girl frowned, but after all, she didn’t dare offend Yu Linglong . She walked over and dragged the girl over .

“Remove your dirty hands!” The girl’s crisp voice suddenly sounded, her slightly childish voice full of resentment, “I’m not going!”


Being scolded by a little girl in front of so many people, Liu Er’s girl immediately became angry, and raised her hand to give the girl a heavy slap: “You’re a dead girl, do you still see yourself as a young lady? Get out of here!”

With a slap, the girl’s white face instantly became red and swollen, and her dark eyes looked up at Liu Er’s girl without fear .

“I’m not going!” The girl said in a crisp voice, “I don’t want to be a slave until I die!”

“I think you are owed a beating—“ Liu Er’s girl rolled up her sleeves and wanted to teach this stubborn girl on the spot .


“Wait!” Yu Linglong said coldly, “Xuan Cao, go and bring her here . ”

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Paying no mind to her flushed face, Xuan Cao walked forward, took the girl’s hand, and said softly: “Don’t be afraid, our lady just wants to see you, nothing else . ”

The girl shook off Xuan Cao’s hand: “You are all bad guys! You are all the bad guys who killed my parents!”

Yu Linglong frowned, why did she say this?

Liu Er’s girl was shocked . Fearing what the girl said would cause trouble, she quickly explained to Yu Linglong: “Fourth Lady, don’t be angry . This girl used to be a Fuwei Biaoju lady . After Fuwei Biaoju had an accident, her father and mother were executed by the government . She was sold at a young age and escaped . ”

As she was speaking, she pushed the girl fiercely: “Crazy girl, talk nonsense again, and I’ll beat you to death!”

The girl was pushed and staggered, but when she stood firm, she raised her head unwillingly: “If my father and brother were here, I would let them chop off your hand!”

“Hahaha!” Liu Er’s girl laughed out loud, “Your father and brothers are already dead, I’d like to see who else will protect you!”


The girl’s tears were circling back and forth in her eyes, but she stubbornly refused to let them fall . Her big eyes stared at Liu Er’s girl stubbornly, as if she wanted to gouge out a piece of her flesh .

Liu Er’s girl stretched out her hand and directly brought the thin little girl over, pushed her in front of Yu Linglong, and said kindly: “Fourth Lady, although this girl is a bit stubborn, she was born well, and she can fight . If you can train her well, she would be a top maid . ”

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Yu Linglong kept looking at Liu Er’s girl coldly, and raised her eyebrows slightly after hearing this, “Oh? She can fight?”

Liu Er’s girl smiled: “She was a lady of Biaoju’s house, how can she not know how to fight . ”

Yu Linglong took a sip of her tea, obviously not believing what Liu Er’s girl was saying: “If she knows how to fight, how can she allow you to embarrass her?”

Liu Er’s girl smiled triumphantly: “You don’t know anything . I have been doing this for so many years, and I have experience . If there is a stubborn or dishonest girl, I can just lock her up for a few days and deprive her of food . No matter how powerful she is, she will be honest!”

Yu Linglong’s gaze swept over the girl’s pale face . At this moment, she was crushed to the ground by Liu Er’s girl, but her thin body was struggling constantly, her little hand desperately grasped at Liu Er’s girl’s, and she refused to stop even for a moment .

Seeing the girl, Yu Linglong’s heart suddenly throbbed for some reason .

In a trance, it seemed that she saw herself in childhood . That day, her mother used a knife and slashed at her father . There was blood everywhere in the house . As a child, she cried loudly in a pool of blood . The neighbors next door and passersby were not willing to come and see what happened . The world seemed to have lost all its warmth, and her heart also became cold bit by bit, until freezing .

Just like this girl with a ruined family right now, her wounds were shown in front of everyone, but no one cared for or pitied her .


“Let go of her . ” Yu Linglong blew her tea and said faintly: “I bought her . ”

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Liu Er’s girl was overwhelmed with joy, and she immediately kicked the girl in the crook of the leg: “Hurry up and kneel down and kowtow to your new master!”

Before she finished speaking, only a slap was heard . A deep blood mark appeared on her forehead . Liu Er’s girl was startled, and then she felt a sharp pain and suddenly screamed .

She really didn’t understand what she had done wrong . She was hit hard by Yu Linglong’s tea bowl . Although her forehead hurt, she knelt down subconsciously: “Fourth Lady…”

“I said I bought her, she is my person, what qualifications do you have to teach her again!?” Yu Linglong’s pretty face was frosty and her voice was cold, “Get your silver and get out!”

Liu Er’s girl did not dare to speak anymore . She covered the wound on her head and took the group of girls away .

The girl who was bought stared blankly at what was happening in front of her . She didn’t seem to understand that her destiny had been completely changed . Xuan Cao came forward slightly distressed and wiped the dust off her face, and said softly: “Does it still hurt?”

The girl’s blank gaze fell on Yu Linglong, and finally got into focus: “You…you hit her for me?”

Yu Linglong got up and didn’t answer her words: “Xuan Cao, take her down, wash her up, and come back . ”

The girl came back to her senses and fell to her knees with a plop . After being beaten for a long time, her head was always high, and it finally slowly dropped: “Miss…”

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